Is Brazilian Waxing Worth It?

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Are you one of those who simply wished they could be smooth down there for more than a little while!? Shaving and managing your privates is a pain.

However, most who do it will agree that they only feel as smooth as they want to be for about a day or two until they feel bumps or the hair growing again. 

Brazilian waxing is a better alternative for longer-lasting smoothness when it comes to hair removal. But is Brazilian waxing worth it?

We all know that it has a reputation for being painful, expensive, and embarrassing. You may question yourself if it is really worth getting. 

That is a difficult question to answer directly because, for some people, Brazilian waxing is absolutely worth it. But for others, it isn’t worth it at all. Let’s help you decide that for yourself by telling you more about the different opinions people have about it. 


Is Brazilian Waxing Worth The Price?

Let’s first talk about prices. Are you afraid of getting Brazilian waxing sessions regularly because it will hurt not just your body, but also your pocket?

Well, that would depend on the salon you go to.

Different salons price out their Brazilian waxing sessions differently. Some aestheticians may charge higher prices due to expertise and experience. 

Of course, you don’t want just anyone to do the Brazilian wax on you. You wouldn’t want anything to go wrong during your session. You have to carefully select who to go to. 

Regardless, the average price range for a Brazilian waxing session is about $50 to $100, though this varies by area. Some may charge lower, and others charge double that amount.

Some people find the price expensive because the results won’t last forever.

Remember you need to have regular sessions with 3-4 weeks intervals if you want to maintain that smoothness and hairlessness.

However, there are also some people who find that the price suits their budget. They would rather have someone do it on them rather than shave on their own or do other hair removal techniques. 

For them, the convenience of getting it done is worth the price they pay for the procedure. 

If you are uncomfortable with that price, you could try an at-home waxing kit .

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Is Brazilian Waxing Worth The Pain?

One word that is synonymous with Brazilian waxing is pain. Imagine getting multiple hairs pulled out down there. That’s a sensitive part and could be very painful if you rip out multiple hairs at the same time. 

However, people’s pain tolerance differs from one another. Some can take the pain while others cannot. We put together this article on epilating and pain, but the same holds true for waxing.

Let’s be honest here. Brazilian waxing is in fact painful.

But there are still many people who do it!

Some people just don’t think about the pain. They focus their attention on other things and try to think that it’s going to be over in a little while. 

Why? Well, because they loved the results so much that they are willing to go through the pain over and over again to achieve the smoothness that they can only get from waxing. 

Some people take a pain reliever before or after the procedure just to get through it. 

On the contrary, there are also other people who think that the results they get aren’t worth the pain they went through.

For them, the pain is so intense that they don’t want to repeat the procedure again. 

Is It Worth The Embarrassment?

One of the reasons people may think twice about getting a Brazilian waxing session is because they are embarrassed

Imagine a stranger removing as much hair as they can down there. Imagine the positions you’d have to be in just so they can wax you on your private parts. 

Some people feel cringy about showing their private parts to strangers. They simply feel uncomfortable or vulnerable.

Totally understandable.

However, you must remember that the aestheticians are just doing their job. They cannot properly wax you down there without looking or without touching. 

It can take some time to be comfortable. Some people don’t get comfortable at all, but they still manage to get the procedure done. 

There are many people who go for a Brazilian wax. The workers have seen a lot of private parts already so it isn’t new to them. 

They don’t really judge whatever you look down there! Try to follow proper waxing etiquette and you’ll be fine.

If you really hate the embarrassment, you could consider other options like epilation that you can do at home.

Is Brazilian Waxing Worth All Going Through All That Trouble?

Being embarrassed, being in pain, and to top it all, you have to pay for it. Is Brazilian waxing really worth it? 

Well if you like being hairless and smooth for 2-3 weeks, then it will be all worth it! One of the main reasons why people go for a Brazilian wax is the longer-lasting result that they get out of the procedure. 

Unlike shaving, which should make you feel smooth for a few days, waxing can give you that smoothness for weeks. For some, that is enough to go through the embarrassment, pain, and price of getting a Brazilian waxing procedure.

However, if you can’t stand the pain, the thought of having your private parts seen, or the price, then you may think that Brazilian waxing is not a suitable procedure for you. In that case, you could go for other alternatives like shaving or laser hair removal. 

Getting a Brazilian waxing procedure is a personal decision. You can either stick with it or never do it again. The only way to know for sure is to try it.

Conclusion: Is Brazilian Waxing Worth It?

Many people love Brazilian waxing because of the hairless smoothness they get out of it. However, the procedure isn’t a walk in the park. It could be painful, expensive, and embarrassing. 

For some people, Brazilian waxing is worth all that. They would go through the procedure multiple times because they love the results. 

However, some don’t think that it is worth all that at all because the solution isn’t permanent. You’d have to go through it again after 3-4 weeks. 

The only way to really know whether Brazilian waxing is worth it is to try it. Different people have different opinions about it and you may have either of them. Try it at least once or twice then decide if it is really worth it.

If you love the results but can’t stand the waxing, there’s always Brazilian laser hair removal!

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Written by Kayla Young

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