Itching After Brazilian Wax: What To Do

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Brazilian waxing is still as popular as ever. Sure, it can be a bit awkward, and it’s certainly painful. But the results speak for themselves.

But some find that getting a Brazilian can cause them to itch. Ugh. We’ve put together this article to help you deal with itching after Brazilian Wax.

In this article, we’ll answer your “Itch After Brazilian Wax” questions. We’ll explain the benefits of Brazilian wax and some skincare tips to help you prepare for your next wax appointment. 


Itch After Brazilian Wax: Explained

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When undergoing a Brazilian wax procedure, itching is inevitable. This is because your skin needs time to recover. Usually, the Itch After Brazilian Wax will last for 1-2 days before it ends. 

After waxing, you may run into blood spotting, redness, irritating bumps, etc. But itching is quite common.

After the Brazilian wax procedure, you’ll want to avoid irritating the skin with any chemical or physical exfoliants.

Instead, you should take a warm (or even coolish) shower and use a body cleanser to soothe your skin. 

Post wax itching could also be a sign of a more severe skin reaction. If you’re still itching days after the waxing session, chances are it could be a sign of inflammation, folliculitis, or ingrown hairs. 

Note: if you have ingrown hairs, tell your wax technician before you get waxed.

The Brazilian Wax Process

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When you go for your Brazilian wax treatment, the hair is removed from the pubic bone, upper thighs, bum, and around the genitals. You can remove all of the hair or leave a small patch in the front based on your preferences. 

Some of these areas are, ahem, very sensitive. Be prepared.

Your esthetician will place the wax on the targeted areas in this process.

Yes, it’s awkward. Yes, they’ve seen it all before.

Most of the time, they’ll use hard wax throughout the operation. It will stick onto your hair and remove it from the roots with hard wax. 


The hard wax will not only remove the hair but slow down its growth process.

You will experience itching, but you can reduce the pain with the right skincare techniques. Oh, and the process does get easier over time.

Post-Brazilian Wax Skin Care

After your Brazilian wax appointment, make sure that you’re taking good care of your skin. Here are some methods to keep your skin healthy after the waxing operation

Remember, your skin is sensitive after waxing, you may end up with bumps, and sometimes they can get gross.

Avoid engaging in sexual activity 24 hours because the friction will irritate the skin.

This gives your body time to heal its microtears before genital-to-genital contact. 

In addition, you should avoid tanning 24 hours after the waxing procedure. Tanning uses the sun’s UVA and UVB rays to create tan lines on your skin. This can lead to skin irritation and scarring if you’re not careful.

This is particularly true if you’re nude tanning or using tan-through swimwear. Your private areas are gonna be super sensitive, treat them with care!

For optimal results, resist the urge to shave your hair. Shaving your hair can increase the chances of ingrown hairs before your next waxing appointment. 

Always communicate with your wax specialist after the Brazilian wax session. They will give you insights on how to preserve your skin health and give you products that are relevant to your current condition. 

Why Should I Use Brazilian Wax?

Here are some reasons why you should use Brazilian wax. 

Prevents Post Shaving Irritation

When using a razor to shave, you might accidentally knick your skin if you’re not careful. Most people would have to deal with the pain and wait for the skin irritation to heal.  

Through Brazilian Wax, your wax specialist will give you a waxing experience devoid of the swelling and pain that’s found in shaving. 

Long Term Results

As we’ve previously stated, Brazilian wax removes your hair and the root. This is more effective than shaving, since shaving only trims your hair. The hair roots are removed by waxing consistently, and some parts might not regrow hair again. 

Conversely, if you shave with a bikini razor, you’ll notice the hair reappearing after a few days. Most people who undergo Brazilian wax treatment never go back to using creams or shaving tools.  

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Will Multiple Brazilian Wax Appointments Stop Itching?

It depends on how well you can stick to your waxing schedule. When taking multiple appointments, you decrease the chances of your hair growing back.

On average, you should wait at least 4-6 weeks for your hair to grow before scheduling another appointment. 

However, if you wait for 2+ months after the first appointment, you’ll have to restart the process again. Your skin will become more prone to itching and redness.

So, always stay on track with your Brazilian wax appointments to ensure you’re getting the best results. 

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