Low-Maintenance Haircuts For Women: 30 Inspirational Styles For All Hair Types

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There are so many fantastic hairstyles out there, but a lot of them not only require a lot of styling time, but a lot of upkeep.

If you don’t want to have to get up extra early every morning because it takes ages to do your hair, you are going to want to look for a low maintenance style. You want to look for something that doesn’t require special styling tools and force you to take out a small loan to be able to afford the styling products required.

In this article, we’ll look at 30 low-maintenance haircuts for women. But first, a little context.


What Are The Easiest Haircuts To Maintain?

Sure a buzz cut would be easiest, but it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. It really depends on your preference for longer or shorter styles, as well as your hair texture.

You’d think that shorter hairstyles would be easier than longer ones.

Well, you’d be half right. Short pixie styles are fantastic because you can literally just wash and go.

But once you get into the longer hybrid pixies, that’s when they start requiring more styling time and a lot more hair products. Not to mention these types of hairstyles tend to lose their shape quickly, so they require regular trips to the salon to keep them looking good.

Longer hair can sometimes be a pain to deal with, but with the right cut, it can be a piece of cake!

Longer hair can sometimes be a pain to deal with, but with the right cut, it can be a piece of cake!

A blunt bob is a pretty solid choice if you are looking for something that’s low maintenance.

But if you want to give your longer hair a bit of movement, longer layers are the way to go. If the layers are long enough that you can still put your hair up, this also gives you the versatility and ease of an updo.

But this is all fine and well if you have straight hair. If your hair is curly, or even frizzy, a longer style may require a lot more work to manage and a lot more styling products.

Before you book your next hair appointment, have a look at our 30 low maintenance haircuts for all types of hair that will make your life so much easier. We’ve made three general categories of low maintenance cuts for wavy, curly and straight hair.


#1. Long Layers

Because blunt cuts can sometimes weigh down your waves, women with wavy or curly hair can opt for layers of varying lengths. Layers will give your curls and instant boost.

Credit: Instagram/linsonhair

#2. Choppy Layers

Choppy layers are great for wavy hair. The result is a purposeful, tousled look that doesn’t require a whole lot of styling.

Credit: Instagram/slayit.cl

#3. Long Curtain Bangs

What’s not to love about curtain bangs?

Long curtain bangs pair effortlessly with wavy hair. While shorter bangs need trimming on a regular basis, longer curtain bangs blend seamlessly into your hair, making them very low maintenance.

Credit: Instagram / chrisjones_hair

#4. Low Ponytail

It doesn’t get any more low maintenance than a ponytail! It’s a great way to tie your hair back and still show off your waves.

Credit: Instagram/ deelushhair

#5. Long Wavy Hair with Bangs

Bangs are a great way to take the emphasis off a prominent forehead. And when it comes to maintenance, they’ll keep the hair out of your face for a no-fuss style.  

Credit: Instagram / hirohair

 #6. Wavy Chin Length Bob

Whether you choose this low-maintenance style with bangs or you opt to go fringe-free, this chin-length do is super stylish and easy to manage. There’s not a lot you need to do, except wash and go.

Credit: Instagram / classiclois_hairstylist

 #7. Wavy Shag With Curtain Bangs

If you’re the type to just tousle and go, the shag is the perfect cut for you. It’s low-maintenance and really shows off the natural texture of the hair.  

Credit: Instagram / yukistylist

#8. Blunt Wavy Lob

With the tousled, layered wavy lob being one of the most sought-after cuts, the much more refined, neater version is proving to be just as popular. The blunt wavy lob has cleaner lines than its layered cousin and the shorter the cut, the fuller the waves. 

Credit: Instagram / the_bob_haircut

#9. Ponytail Extension

Clipping on a ponytail extension is a very easy way to instantly lengthen your hair and get you out the door in record time. Simply take a strand from the extension to wrap around the base of the ponytail and secure with a bobby pin for this Ariana Grande-inspired look. 

Ponytail extensions are available for wavy, curly and straight hair and in just about any colour you can imagine. So if you want to embrace your inner Barbie, go for it!

Credit: Instagram / poni.me


#10. Mid-Length Curls

If you’ve got curls – flaunt them! A mid-length, layered cut is a low maintenance choice for every curly hair type. 

Layers will make your curls more defined and give you loads of volume.

Credit: Instagram/ salsalhair

#11. Curly Pixie

If you’re looking for a curly cut that’s ideal for air drying, this is it. A curly pixie will have you up and out the door in a flash.

Credit: Instagram/ ruteboazhair

#12. Super Short Pixie

The idea of going this short might make a lot of people apprehensive. But a super short pixie is not only the epitome of low maintenance, but it will completely transform your look!

Credit: Instagram / pixiecutmadness

#13. Twists

If you have long hair, twists or braids can be a game changer when it comes to styling time because there is virtually none! Hairstyles, like these amazing twists, can last for weeks and are some of the most low-maintenance ways to style long, natural curls and coils.

Credit: Instagram / twistbraids

#14. The Classic Shag

Whether straight, wavy or curly, the classic shag is a surprisingly low maintenance style that looks good on just about everyone. 

Bangs and layers throughout help to frame the face. Shorter layers at the top give new life to curls, generating more volume at the crown, while ends are thinned out, creating an overall balanced look.

Credit: Instagram / dmitrovahair

#15. Hair Accessories

Not in the mood to fuss with a lot of hair? Hair accessories, like a headband or a scarf are a quick and easy way to tame an unruly mane. Add a pair of statement earrings and you’re good to go.

Credit: Instagram / frizzandfrillzz

#16. Short Curly Bob

A great hairstyle that suits any age, a short, curly bob will maximize curl volume. Short curly bobs maintain their shape while they grow, unlike shorter cuts with lots of layers which require a lot more upkeep and salon visits.

Credit: Instagram / hairpin_me_down85

#17. Loose Updo with Face Framing Tendrils

Even with a low maintenance hairstyle, anyone who has curly hair knows that it requires a lot more effort than straight or wavy hair to maintain. If you’re in a rush, or you just really can’t be bothered, grab a hair clip or hair elastic and put it up! Curly face framing tendrils will draw attention to the eyes, not to mention they’re super cute.

Credit: Instagram / ilonasinvani

#18. Messy Bun

With curly hair you can get away with a lot more of a messy bun than if you have straight hair, which makes the messy bun a great option. Be sure to leave some face framing, cascading ringlets.

Credit: Instagram / theupdodarling

#18. Sleek Topknot

While the messy bun is quick and easy, the sleek topknot is not that much harder to do, but it creates a completely different look. 

It may be easier to create the sleep topknot when your hair is still wet, so you are also saving yourself the hassle of having to dry it first. 

All of the hair is brushed off the face into a high ponytail. Depending on how curly your hair is, you can experiment with different products, like gel or mouse to achieve that sleek look that will stay in place. The rest of the hair is brushed out, twisted and rolled into a bun, using another hair elastic, or pins to secure it. A quick pump of setting spray to keep it in place and you’re set for the day.

Credit: Instagram / patryyciah


#19. Long Layers for long hair

Long layers give long tresses more movement and dimension and require far less trips to the salon for touch ups than shorter layered styles. And if the layers are long enough it gives you the versatility and ease of an updo, making it a double whammy of 2 low maintenance styles for the price of one.

Credit: Instagram/ lizhaven

#20. Short Cut With Long Side Bangs

Here’s a flash back to the 80s when the side-swept long bangs of this short cut was sported by both guys and gals alike, from punk to preppy. 

It’s a versatile style that works equally well with a pair of Doc Martens or a Polo shirt. 

This cut’s ease of wear is matched only by its ease of maintenance and styling.

Credit: Instagram/ jean_pierre_hair_art

#21. Pixie With Undercut For Fine Hair

Whereas undercutting is often used to take out the excess bulk of thick hair, undercutting fine hair isn’t so much about managing volume as it is about looking badass. 

A visible undercut will give any hairstyle a bit of an edgy vibe. 

This pixie leaves a little bit of length on top and goes with a super short undercut, making this an easy wash-and-go style.

Credit: Instagram/ lynngourley

#22. Choppy Pixie

The choppy pixie is super cute if you can pull it off. 

Lots of little choppy layers take the guesswork out of styling, not to mention will save you loads on styling and hair care products.

Credit: Instagram/ cutyourhair

#23. Stacked Bob

Shorter at the back and getting gradually longer toward the front, this stacked bob is paired with curtain bangs. 

Both the cut and bangs are low maintenance and will grow out looking natural. This will save you from having to run to the salon every few weeks to keep it looking good.

Credit: Instagram/ rochellegoldenhairstylist 

#24. Straight Blunt Bob

A blunt bob works equally well on thick or fine hair. 

Whether you go for the shorter bob, or the longer lob, they are both a brush-and-go style and equally low maintenance.  

Credit: Instagram / anhcotran

#25. Blunt Banged Bob

Even though curtain bangs tend to be lower maintenance than blunt bangs in terms of upkeep, there isn’t really any styling required when it comes to blunt bangs. 

If you are looking for longer periods between trims, blunt bangs cut just above the brow line will mean less salon visits.

Credit: Instagram/ mrss.hhayes

 #26. Sk8r Boy Cut

The funny thing about this cut is that, on a woman, it looks sophisticated. Slightly feathered edges graze the top of the cheekbone and it’s just a little longer at the back. 

Credit: Instagram / salsalhair

#27. The French Bob

Characterized by its cheekbone grazing length and blunt bangs, the French bob is not only super easy to manage and maintain, but it is also très chic.

Credit: Instagram / franlizziee

#28. Inverted Bob

An inverted bob is longer in the front than the back with tapered sides, and is often paired with stacked layers at the back, which give the hair more body and volume. Like a traditional bob for straight hair, this is a great, low maintenance style with a little extra length at the front.

Credit: Instagram / hairpin_me_down85

#29. Braid It!

Nothing beats a braid for ease of wear. It keeps unruly tresses neatly tucked away and you don’t have to worry about them for the rest of the day.

Credit: Instagram / jasmine_lars

#30. Hair Smoothing Treatments

Plagued with hair that’s not really straight, but not wavy or curly, and is hard to manage? Suffering from frizzy hair, damaged hair or a stubborn cowlick? 

A hair smoothing or straightening treatment is just what you need for no-fuss, amazingly smooth, soft, shiny, straight hair. 

Keratin treatments, rebonding and Japanese hair straightening are among the most popular choices. Talk to your hair care professional about what’s best for your hair.

Imagine just waking up to hair that looks like this without having to use hair products and a straightening iron every morning. #hairgoals.

Credit: Instagram / bestkeratinhair

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).