Ombre Bob Hairstyles: 30 OmBobs for Inspiration!

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You don’t have to have long hair to don the latest highlighting and coloring techniques. Ombre is just one of the recent hair coloring trends that looks fantastic on a bob!

The bob itself has taken on new life in the way it has evolved to bring in different layering, cutting, and styling techniques to create different shapes and textures.

Put an ombre and a bob together and you have a huge variation in styling possibilities!


Ombre Bob Hairstyles: What Is Ombre, Exactly?

‘Ombre’ (technically spelled, ombré) is the French word for ‘shaded’ and is used to refer to the gradient of color in which the hair seamlessly graduates from one color to another.

Ombre involves color being uniformly applied horizontally with full saturation of the section and then blended upwards to diffuse or blend the line.

The result is a color gradient that (usually) goes from darker at the roots to lighter at the tips.

If you thought an ombre was only for long hair, we’ve put together 30 ombre bob hairstyles to inspire you for the next time you book your salon appointment.

1. Ombre Bob

Ombres aren’t just for long hair! Though you do need a bit of length to get the effect, an ash blonde to light blonde ombre works perfectly with this wavy bob.

For an ombre with shorter hair, it’s best to stick with 2 main colors that are relatively close in shade. Shorter hair does not have enough length for an ombre to make a seamless transition between multiple colors.

To avoid ending up looking like you have stripes across your head, stick with a 2-toned ombre for a bob to achieve a much more natural look.

Credit: Instagram / hair_with_mel

2. Brown to Blonde Ombre

Brown to blonde is a classic color combo that will never steer you wrong. Complete the sun-kissed effect with curls to add texture. Waves and curls are also great at disguising regrowth making it a very low-maintenance style.

Credit: Instagram / hair_with_mel

3. Dark to Light Ash Blonde Ombre on Straight Bob

It’s no easy task to blend an ombre without it looking obvious. This is a perfect example of how it should be done.

While waves and curls will diffuse the blend point between two colors, there’s no hiding a bad ombre job with straight hair!

If you have straight hair and are opting to go for an ombre, make sure you find a stylist that specializes in this technique.

Credit: Instagram / balayageombre

4. Dark to Light Red Ombre Bob

This ombre combines a divine blend of warm red and copper tones on this blunt-cut wavy bob for a style that is rich in color and makes a statement.

Credit: Instagram / danisavagehairdressing

5. Dark to Platinum Wavy Ombre

This color combo is stunning. That said, understand if you want an ombre that goes from naturally dark hair to platinum, it may take several sessions to achieve the lightness you’re going for. And you should only attempt this if your hair is in healthy condition.

Credit: Instagram /  balayageombre

6. Cherry Cola Ombre

The darker cola color melts into vibrant cherry ends on this inverted, slightly wavy bob. For those with darker brown hair looking for a little natural-but-not-natural color, the cherry cola combo is a stunner without being too over the top.

Credit: Instagram / sobota_houseofhair

7. Rose Quartz Ombre

Rose quartz is trending right now, not only in outfits and phone finishes, but also in hairstyles. Combine this hue with ombre and soft curls for an adorable pretty-in-pink effect.

Credit: Instagram / hairbydevon

 8. Smoky Grey Ombre

This combination of smoky, ashy dark, and light grey is a subtle, yet gorgeous take on the ombre. The neutral palette combined with a super straight bob makes this a look that will never go out of style and perfect for all occasions.

Credit: Instagram / balayageombre

9. Shadow Roots

Shadow roots are pretty much like an ombre with a gradient that starts higher up, closer to the roots.

The monochromatic icy tones of this black to platinum ombre compliments just about every skin tone, not to mention outfit!

Credit: Instagram / balayageombre

10. Chestnut Brown to Dark Blonde

This warm, rich-colored ombre adds a whole other element to this wavy stacked bob that would otherwise be just a bit… meh.

Adding an ombre effect to any lackluster hairstyle will take it up about 10 notches by adding dimension and movement.

Credit: Instagram / hairbydevon

11. Lilac to Silver Ombre

The subtle contrast between the lilac and silver ends make for a soft and oh-so-pretty complement to skin tones that work well with cooler colors. 

Credit: Instagram / hairbydevon

12. Lava Ombre

A deep-to-light vibrant orange ombre is not for those who don’t like attention! Sporting this lava ombre will have heads turning everywhere you go.

A deep-to-light vibrant orange ombre is not for those who don’t like attention!

Credit: Instagram / shmoakin_hair

13. Peekaboo Ombre

Not sure about going all in on the ombre? A peekaboo style might be just the ticket.

It’s a great way to add color, whether you want to go bold or subtle, while at the same time being able to decide how much of the color you want to have visible.

Source: Instagram / punkyhaircolour1

14. Electric Blue To Navy Ombre

Now If subtle isn’t your style and you are looking to stand out in a crowd, this attention-grabbing ombre combines electric blue and navy and guarantees that you will not go unnoticed.

Just remember bright colors tend to fade faster, so make sure you use a color-preserving shampoo.

Credit: Instagram / arcticfoxhaircolor

15. Ombre… Just Not Every Day

Want an amazing ombre in head-turning colors, but just not every day?

They make some pretty nice wigs that look amazing in just about every ombre color combination you can think of for those times you want to let out your inner color goddess.

Credit: Instagram / sowigs_max

16. Retro Ombre

Add a punch to a retro bob with feathered ends dipped in your favourite vintage color that perfectly frames the face..  

Credit: Instagram / bescene

17. Ombre With Money Pieces

Perfectly placed highlights around the face and this sun-kissed ombre are a stunning combo.

Credit: Instagram / behindthechair_com

18. Blunt Wavy Honey Blonde Ombre

The combination of cool and warm blondes that are close in shade make for a very natural looking color gradation. Unlike some dark to light blonde ombres that can look like your color has just grown out. 

The blunt ends of this wavy bob also make for cleaner lines and a neater bob than its layered, messy cousin.

Credit: Instagram / hairbykas

19. Brown To Barbie Ombre

Anytime you go from a naturally dark color to a lighter one, some sort of bleaching will be involved. 

What this means for those with naturally dark brown hair is that your ends will tend to go a bit orange in the process. 

Normally, your stylist would use a blue-based toner to neutralize the orange ends, but in this case, the orange actually works, making the transition from Brown to pink a little more subtle, while adding an additional color to give this ombre a lot more depth. 

Credit: Instagram / hairbyjessica

20. Getting Back To Your Roots Ombre

Trying to grow out a lighter color? An ombre is the best way to make that transition. Long layers and curtain bangs on this lob also work with the ombre to break up the ‘line’ of regrowth. 

Credit: Instagram / prettylittleombre

21. Black To Icy Blue Bob

Hairstylists not only curl hair because it’s pretty, it’s also a way to soften the edges when you have a colour that goes from really dark to really light. 

It’s also a way to mask uneven layers. It’s a great styling trick when you’re trying to grow your hair out and it’s in the awkward, in-between stage.

Credit: Instagram / hairbykotay

22. Electric Barbie

When everything’s turning up Barbie, it’s hard not to jump on the bandwagon. This super fun ombre bob mixes 2 unexpected colors with electric results. If you’re looking to let out your inner Barbie, then this is definitely one to consider.

Credit: Instagram / thejennshin

23. Tortoise Shell Ombre Bob

Whether you have naturally brown skin or you’re rocking a wicked tan, this tortoise shell ombre bob is a stunner that compliments warm skin tones with warm honey blonde ends. 

This is a great way to lighten up really dark hair, giving off an exotic beach babe vibe, without having dreaded noticeable regrowth. 

Credit: Instagram / saloncentric

24. 3-D Brown Ombre Bob

A straight bob doesn’t catch and reflect as much light, or in the same way has a bob with curly or wavy hair, which can leave, especially a dark brown straight bob, looking a little 2-D. 

A subtle ombre from your natural color to just a shade or two lighter is a great way to add dimension to an otherwise flat looking style.

Credit: Instagram / balayageombre

25. Vertical Ombre

Consider turning things on their head and going for a vertical ombre, a.k.a. money pieces. 

Rather than the color shift going from top to bottom, or vice versa, adding money pieces shifts the colour from back to front to create a fantastic, face-framing look. 

Credit: Instagram / kayliealtman

Fall & Winter Ombres Bobs

The most popular ombre, by far, go from dark to lighter blonde. 

While this is a great summer look, as the mercury dips and you trade your swimsuits for sweaters, so too, should your hair change to accommodate the seasons. 

Ombre bobs are not a one trick pony and there are some great color combos to take you from surf to ski hill.

26. Medium Ash to Rose Gold

A medium ash to rose gold ombre bob is the winter sun-kissed version of the ever-popular blonde tipped ombre. 

It’s much more subtle, and the icy cooler tones are much more season appropriate.

Credit: Instagram / hairby.ashleypac

27. Sweater Weather Ombre Bob

Look no further than this ombre bob for the season of sweater weather, pumpkin spice, changing leaves and cozy campfires. 

Darker hair to medium shades are all about the changing seasons – like in nature, happens gradually subtly. 

Credit: Instagram /  hairbyjessica

28. Casual Denim

An ombre in darker jewel tones allows you to experiment a bit with colour without looking too over-the-top, even with non-traditional hair colors. 

This plum to denim blue ombre is a great example of how two unorthodox hair colors you may not have thought would work go really well together without screaming “Look at me!”

Credit: Instagram / thejennshin

29. Head-Turning Ombre Bob 

While hot pink and sunshine yellow are not colours that carry over well into the colder seasons, that doesn’t mean everything has to be dark and dreary. 

You can still rock your winter, head-turning ombre in purple! 

Purple is a shape-shifter. It can represent everything from royalty, luxury, dignity and mystery, to peace, calm, creativity and wisdom. You can make it whatever you want to be – and best of all, purple can transcend seasonal borders!

Credit: Instagram / buddywporter

30. Ice Queen

Nothing says winter like this glacial bob’s silver to icy blue ombre.

Credit: Instagram / hairbydanna

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).