Should You Use Mascara On Fake Lashes?

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Go around and ask people if you should use mascara on fake lashes and you’ll get a lot of different opinions. Some say that you should go ahead and apply like you would on your natural lashes. However, there are others who dread the thought of mascara on fake lashes. 

There’s actually no right or wrong answer. Using mascara on fake lashes could be a great combination. Or it could be a disaster. It’s a matter of preference. 

Today we’ll take a look at both sides. We’ll tell you why some people love to put mascara on their fake lashes while others hate it. Then you could decide for yourself whether you’d like to use mascara on your fake lashes or not. 


Can I Use Mascara On Fake Lashes?

Mascara Application

You’re done with your eye makeup and it is looking hot! The last thing you’d usually do to complete the makeup is to apply mascara on your lashes. 

However, you decide to give yourself more lashes by using fake ones (magnetic or glue) and you’ve successfully attached them.

So what do you do next?

Do you add mascara to the fake lashes or do you leave it as it is?

You certainly can apply mascara on your fake lashes if you want to. Some even suggest doing so.

However, you can also skip the mascara. After all, the fake lashes have already done a superb job of lengthening or thickening the appearance of your eyelashes. 

Reasons To Put Mascara On Fake Lashes

Although it isn’t necessary, some people prefer to put mascara on their fake lashes. Here are the reasons why:

Helps Blend With Real Lashes

One of the main reasons why people like putting mascara on their fake lashes is because it helps blend with the natural lashes. When we talk about applying mascara on fake lashes, we don’t recommend putting a lot. A single coat would be enough.

Additionally, instead of using black or colored mascara, you can opt for a clear mascara .

clear mascara

This will just help blend your false lashes with your natural lashes. 

Helps Darken Your Lashes

Depending on the fake lashes that you use, you may not be satisfied with how it looks. You can improve that by using mascara. 

The black mascara  can help darken those lashes so that you can give more emphasis on your eyes. 

Helps Fill The Gaps

Ever tried putting some heavy magnetic lashes or strip lashes on your natural lashes? Do you notice that there could be gaps between them no matter how hard you try to keep it as close to the lash line?

Well, you can use mascara to help fill those gaps. Just a small amount can make them look better. 

Can Add Volume

Fake eyelashes are varied. Some add length, some focus on volume, while others can do both. If you happen to have lengthening ones and aren’t satisfied with the volume, mascara can come to your rescue. 

Just make sure not to overdo it because you can also experience clumping and the other many unwanted results from too much use of mascara. 

Reasons NOT To Put Mascara On Fake Lashes

On the other hand, there are some who do not like to put mascara on fake lashes. Here are their reasons:

They Can Lessen The Lifespan Of False Lashes

When you apply mascara to your false lashes, you have to make sure to clean them well before you store them for later reuse. Cleaning them up can be difficult and damaging to false lashes. Mascara only makes it worse.

While cleaning them up, some fibers could be removed so your fake lashes won’t look as good as new.

Additionally, they could get out of shape or produce a wonky shape because you cleaned them up. 

It’s also not a good idea not to clean them. Leftover mascara on your false lashes could cause you to have an eye infection the next time you use them.

So make sure you clean it up before storing them.

Mascara Makes Fake Lashes Difficult To Remove

One of the reasons why people use mascara on their fake lashes is to help blend them with the natural ones. However, using too much could also backfire on you. 

With too much mascara, especially the waterproof ones , your false lashes and natural lashes could stick to each other very well.

That could be a challenging bond to remove. 

Although you can certainly use a makeup remover to first remove the mascara before detaching the fake lashes, that could damage your fake lashes in the process.

Mascara Can Weight The Lashes Down

Luscious eyelashes look great. And you may improve the volume of your fake lashes using mascara. However, using too much can weigh your eyelashes down. 

A single thin coat of mascara probably won’t weigh your lashes down. However, thick coats could.

That could ruin their shape and could make them look less aesthetically pleasing. 

The Mascara Can Detach Your False Lashes

Depending on the mascara you use, applying it to your false lashes can detach them. Those that contain oil are the culprit here. 

Oil is a substance that can affect the glue used to attach your false lashes. That’s why it is best to select an oil-free mascara  if you really want to use some for your fake lashes. 


Mascara on fake lashes is a personal preference. There are many different reasons why people choose to do them and not do them. 

It is not necessary to use mascara on fake lashes but sometimes it could help you achieve the results you want. If you do use mascara, make sure to use just a single coating to help blend it in. Also, select the oil-free mascaras to avoid accidentally removing your false lashes. 

If you want to completely avoid using mascara on your fake lashes, you should properly select the fake lashes to use. Once you use the right fake lashes, you wouldn’t really need to use mascara over them. 

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