False Lashes Feel Uncomfortable? Here’s Why

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No one can blame you for wanting to look great for that special event. So go ahead and rock those false lashes, they help make your eyes pop! If you’re used to wearing false lashes, you might already know how to troubleshoot things. 

However, if you are new to false lashes, then you could be wondering why are false lashes so uncomfortable? Do fake eyelashes always feel weird? Fortunately, no!

There are many reasons why your false lashes could be uncomfortable. By getting to know these reasons, we’ll also be able to figure out how to fix them. 


Why Do False Lashes Feel Uncomfortable?

False Eyelash Set

1. You Need To Get Used To Them

One of the main reasons why false lashes feel so uncomfortable is that you are just not used to wearing them. Although you might have selected the natural-looking ones, it can still feel uncomfortable once you use them.

Even if you’re still fairly young, you’ve lived your whole life with nothing on your lashes, and now you’ve got something there!

Eventually, you can get used to the feeling if you wear them often. By frequently using and reusing them, you will practice properly placing and positioning them over your eyelashes. Eventually, you’ll get comfortable using them.

Just give them a little time. 

2. Your False Lashes Are Too Heavy And Thick

False Eyelash Thick Heavy

Another cause of uncomfortable lashes is the lashes themselves. Although you can look extra dramatic with thicker and heavier lashes , you might feel super uncomfortable using them because of their weight!

The ones that look thick are great but they could also cause discomfort whenever you blink. Your eyes can feel droopier than usual. And the sensation of thicker lashes touching your eye could simply be uncomfortable. 

To fix this problem, you should start by selecting Newcally Lashes False Eyelashes Natural Fluffy Light Volume Faux Mink Lashes 14 Pairs Pack . These are more comfortable especially for beginners.

Although they won’t be as dramatic as the thicker ones, they will still improve how your eyes look. It’s better to start with more comfortable thinner lashes, then opt for thicker ones as you get used to them.

See our article on finding the right lashes for your eye shape.

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See this article for more.

3. The Bands Are Too Long For Your Eyes

We must also remember that our eyes come in different sizes. That’s also the reason why false lashes  also come in different sizes.

If the ones you get are too long for your eyes, they can feel uncomfortable because they can poke the corners of your eyes, hit your glasses, etc.. 

One way to fix this is to get false lashes that will fit your eyes perfectly. If you can’t find the right size for your eyes, the next best thing to do is to trim down the lashes (note that you shouldn’t trim eyelash extensions).

Some trim their false lashes so that they are a little bit smaller than their eyes. This creates a small gap between the corners. In that way, when they blink, the bands don’t poke the corners of their eyes.

Some even use half of the lashes only. This will also greatly improve the look of your lashes. It gives off a natural look and is not as uncomfortable as wearing the whole thing.

There are also some lashes that come in sections so you can add as much or as little as you want.

You don’t have to cover your entire lashes. You could just add a few pieces for a better look.

4. Your Band is Too Thick and Coarse

Thin False Eyelash

The band holds the individual lashes together. Depending on the manufacturer, some bands are thick while some are thinner. Thinner bands  are known to be more comfortable than those with thicker bands.

So you can try finding those with thinner bands if your eyes feel uncomfortable with the thicker ones.

Additionally, the bands can feel coarse or too stiff. When that attaches to your lashes, it could force your lashes into an unnatural position. That can result in discomfort.

To fix this, you should soften the band and try to make it more flexible before you use it.

This circumstance is often the case with magnetic lashes, which tend to be a bit firmer than glue-on lashes

5. Eyelash Glue Problems

Another thing that could cause the discomfort is the lash glue  that you are using. Some people are simply allergic to eyelash glue. That is why it isn’t just uncomfortable, it also irritates their eye!

Be sure to understand the difference between irritation and infection.

If this happens, discontinue the use of that eyelash glue and find alternatives that could work for you. 

You may also be putting too much glue. Thick glue will also make the lashes too stiff. This can meddle with natural eyelid movements and can cause discomfort.

Remember that you only need a tiny bit of glue to let it stick to your lashes. If you’ve gone too far, clean your lashes and start over.

And if your eyelash glue is old, throw it out and get new glue.

Magnetic lashes  are an alternative here, you may find these to be a better choice.

Final Thoughts

Using false lashes can make your eyes much more dramatic. However, they can also be uncomfortable for a variety of reasons.

There are ways to work around the discomfort. You just have to figure out what is causing the discomfort. The different scenarios above are some of the most common causes of the discomfort and some of the simplest solutions to the problem. 

Good luck, and here’s to beautiful, luscious, smoky eyes!

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