Pixie Bob Haircuts. 20 Inspirational Style Ideas

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A pixie bob haircut is the fusion of a pixie with a bob, sometimes called a bixie. You can think of it like a long pixie that ranges in length from ear to neck. A pixie bob also generally tends to have lots of layers.

Short is the new long at the moment and everyone is looking for the perfect shorter cut. Pixie bobs certainly fit the bill, combining a shorter length that still maintains a styling versatility. The cut is customizable, making it suitable for women of all ages.

That said, if you think you are ready to take the plunge into the hottest new style, we’ve put together 20 of our favorite pixie bob haircuts for your inspiration.


Pixie Bob Haircuts

Now if you are entertaining the idea of getting a pixie bob, just know that it will require styling and regular maintenance to keep it looking good.

A pixie bob is one of those cuts that tends to lose its shape more quickly than other styles. So be prepared to set aside styling time and for regular salon visits every 4-6 weeks.

That said, this is a great way to grow out a pixie cut!

#1. The Pixie Bob

This pixie bob has the versatility to be worn in different ways. Wash-and-go for a more casual, lived-in style, styled forward, or slicked back for more formal occasions.

Credit: Instagram / timduenashair

#2. Side Parted Pixie Bob

Long, soft side-swept layers with their chunky pieces in front of the ears make this the perfect face-framing style that draws attention to the eyes and accentuates cheekbones.

Credit: Instagram / renatofuzz

#3. Bixie Shag

This pixie bob incorporates the essential shag elements of lots of choppy layers and full bangs with volume concentrated at the crown, but in a much shorter length.

This is one of the few pixie bobs that doesn’t require too much maintenance or reshaping if you are trying to grow it out.

Credit: Instagram / styledbyalicia

#4. The Sophisticated Pixie Bob

This ultra-sleek and sophisticated pixie bob is perfect for finer hair.  A staggered part with this asymmetrical cut that goes from short to just below chin-length makes for a chic and stylish cut.

Credit: Instagram / foreverpixie

#5. Pixie Bob With A Cowlick

Cowlicks can be a real pain. There are so many hairstyles that are hard to achieve if you happen to have one. But rather than trying to fight nature, embrace it!

This pixie bob uses a cowlick to its advantage.

A brow-length layer on the sides sweeps back and over the ears to create a super wearable style for any occasion. It’s also a low-maintenance wash and wear cut!

Credit: Instagram / vipbodyhair

#6. Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

This asymmetrical pixie bob combines the finely chopped layers of a traditional pixie cut with those layers graduating to jaw length on one side for a unique shape.

Side parted “floating” bangs with a little help from some texturizing paste accentuate the eyes.

Credit: Instagram / arsentovmasyan

#7. Pixie Mod Bob

The back and one side are layered and kept short, while a side part has the top swept over. Longer layers taper down to about chin length, while a side-swept fringe and a section on the opposite side, which is left longer, complete the look.

With this striking platinum color, all she needs is a pair of gogo boots!

Credit: Instagram / kelsey.beautifulreaction

#8. Curly Pixie Bob

If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, a layered pixie bob is a great option. While long hair weighs down natural curls, this shorter length adds more volume and fullness to waves and curls.

Just remember, that natural curls will bounce back shorter without the weight of long hair.

Credit: Instagram / rodrigocintra

#9. Tapered Pixie Bob With Undercut

The side bang length perfectly highlights cheekbones while the undercut gives this pixie bob a little edge.

Credit: Instagram / hugo_giuseppe

#10. Pixie Bob Balayage

This sassy pixie bob features feathered layers and side-swept bangs. Honey blonde balayage adds a superb finishing touch to this drop-dead gorgeous do.

Credit: Instagram / heenrymattos

#11. Long Layered Bixie for Fine Hair

This long-layered pixie bob may be perfect for those who prefer cuts that are easy to style. Just sweep bangs to the side and hold them in place with some finishing spray.

Stacked layers at the back build volume at the crown. Add even more volume to finer hair by using your favorite texturizing spray.

Credit: Instagram / coryjagneauxhair

#12. Root Shadow Pixie Bob

Root shadowing is a low-maintenance hair color technique in which a darker shade is applied directly to the roots giving a soft, seamless blend into the main color. It’s also great if you are trying to grow out a lighter color without having a distinct line between your dye color and your natural color.

On a shorter cut, like a pixie bob, it can make a big impact, giving your cut a more depth and dimension.

With this deep side part and messy layers, you can make this work with thick or fine hair. Those of you with finer hair will want to use a texturizing spray.

Credit: Instagram / foreverpixie

 #13. Easy Styling Pixie Bob For Fine Hair

Apart from the occasional trimming, this style of pixie bob will take you places… and you’ll always be on time, as you won’t be running late because of trying to style high maintenance do.

This is not only a get-up and go style, it’s casual, but also mature and sophisticated.

And of course, we mean “mature” in the sense that it will make you look professional, as opposed to looking like you forgot your skateboard – not old.

Credit: Instagram / cabelosfhabioribeiro

#14. Undercut Pixie Bob

Add a little edge to your bixie! An undercut can give any hair texture a little bite, but sometimes an undercut is necessary if you have really thick hair and you want to go short.

An undercut will take out excess bulk to let your style shine through.

Credit: Instagram / katierosehair

#15. Choppy Layered Undercut Bob

If you’re SO over your long, thick, unmanageable hair, a choppy layered pixie bob is a shorter hairstyle with a casual, lived-in look that will relieve you of the frustration of trying to style hard to manage hair. This long layered, choppy cut with feathery side-swept bangs could be just the ticket. The heavy bangs and choppy ends give this cut a sultry vibe with a bit of a wild side. 

Credit: Instagram / chloenbrown

#16. Inverted Stacked Pixie Bob

The inverted stacked pixie bob is all about volume. This particular cut has a full fringe, but works equally well without. The chunky layers of this cut are perfect for showing off peekaboo highlights.

Credit: Instagram / headrushdesigns

#17. Razor Cut Pixie Bob

This long razor-cut pixie bob is shorter at the back and longer in the front with shorter side-parted bangs. It’s a great style for anyone who wants to still have a bit of length to style.

This cut can also be easily grown out into a bob.

Credit: Instagram / finalehair

 #18. Side-Parted Chin Length Pixie Bob

This pixie bob has a bit of longer length at the front and while the short, tapered back shows off the neck.

Hair tucked behind the ear on one side gives it an asymmetrical look, but tucking the hair behind both ears on either side will give this style an even sleeker look.

Credit: Instagram / zinoveva_elena

#19. Tapered Pixie Bob

For those who love the look of tapered pixie bobs, a cut like this might be just what you’re looking for. Lots of choppy layers styled in different directions give this style movement and an urban vibe.

Credit: Instagram / rodrigocintra

#20. The Retro Front Sweep Bixie

Here’s a flashback to the 80s when the side-swept long bangs of this short cut was sported by both guys and gals alike, from punk to preppy. It’s a versatile style that works equally well with a pair of Doc Martens or a Polo shirt.

Credit: Instagram /  rybokonirina

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).