How To Shorten False Eyelashes

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Most of us use products for the eyelashes to lengthen or thicken them. You might use your trusted mascara to give you volume or length. Additionally, you may even choose to use glue-type lashes, magnetic lashes, or even lash extensions for additional length. 

However, in some instances, you might also want to shorten them. But because they are near the eye, you might be wondering how to shorten false eyelashes the right way. 

You should not be shortening your natural eyelashes. But you can shorten fake lashes!

In this article, we’ll tell you how you can shorten eyelashes. We’ll also be discussing instances when you might want to shorten yours. 


Should You Shorten Your Eyelashes?

If you are blessed with naturally long eyelashes, you’d surely be the envy of a lot of people. Long lashes look great and are one of the goals of using makeup on your eyelashes. 

However, there are could be instances when you might want to shorten your lashes. Whether you find your natural lashes too long or if you’ve used to long fake eyelashes or lash extensions, there is a proper way to do that. 

But first, let us discuss the main reasons why you might want to shorten your eyelashes. 

Naturally Long Lashes

Naturally long lashes are not considered a problem by most people. Most love them, and many pay lots of money to acquire them.

However, there may be some that find that their lashes are too long, particularly those who use eyeglasses. 

Those who love their long lashes will just wear contacts or carefully select the eyeglasses to wear so that it doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

But not all want to do that. 

Although you can cut your lashes because they are hair, they will still grow back. And contrary to some beliefs, your lashes will not grow back thicker and longer when you cut them.

Their length and thickness are mostly genetically based. Your lashes will just grow back and you’d have the same problem.

Cutting your natural lashes risks major eye damage. Rethink this decision before cutting your eyelashes on your own. 

Cutting your natural lashes risks major eye damage. Rethink this decision before cutting your eyelashes on your own. 

Uncomfortable Lashes Due To Long Bands

False Lashes

When wearing fake eyelashes , you should carefully choose the band length. Different people need different lengths, depending on the eye shape and the goal look.

If the band is too long, it may hurt or feel uncomfortable around the corners of your eye when you blink.

Sometimes, you might also want to shorten the band eyelashes to a length that’s shorter than your eye to make it more comfortable and less heavy

Some even cut theirs in half and only use the half on the outer corners to add length and volume where it is needed.

Eyelash Extensions Are Too Long

While you might think that you could get the most out of your eyelash extension by getting those with the longest length, that could backfire. It could feel uncomfortable and could look very unnatural that you’d want to cut it. 

Avoid having the need to shorten your eyelash extensions by carefully selecting what extensions to use.

Talk to your eyelash artist and tell them exactly what you want so they can help you select the ones to use for your eyes.

How To Shorten False Eyelashes

For fake lashes and eyelash extensions, selecting the right product helps you avoid the need to shorten while it is already attached.

If you are using band lashes, you should shorten them before applying them to your eye.

Shortening Natural Eyelashes Or Extensions

If you really want to shorten your natural eyelashes or the extensions that are already in your eyes, the only way to do it is to cut them. 

We don’t suggest doing this yourself because you can poke your eye! It’s awfully hard to see the scissors and position everything correctly so close to the eye.

If you feel the need to shorten your natural lashes, it’s best to go to a professional.

Also, remember that eyelashes don’t come in one length. Go to a professional for a consultation. Some professionals do eyelash styling which may involve trimming. 

Just remember that those lashes grow back!

Shortening Fake Lashes

Shortening fake lashes is easy! You just need to cut the band. You can even cut the fake lashes in different smaller sections and use them all over your natural lashes for a more precise look that won’t hit your glasses

Fake eyelashes also come in different styles .

If the band is too long for your eye, it is best to cut the band on both sides. That helps make sure that the fake eyelashes still look even. 

Cutting magnetic eyelashes  can be trickier. If you just want to shorten the band to fit your eye better, you can cut off a few strands from the edges.

Those sections that don’t have a magnet can’t be used without using glue. 

If you plan to use all the cut parts, make sure that each part still has a magnet attached to them. That will produce shorter and smaller pieces that you could use separately. 

If you find the length of the actual hair strands of your fake lashes to be too long, you can also cut them with scissors before you attach them to your natural lashes.

However, it would be best to just choose shorter, more natural-looking eyelashes to purchase than cut what you have.

Final Thoughts

It’s never a good idea to cut your eyelashes near your eye. If you are using fake lashes, trim them before putting them on. Better yet, select fake eyelashes that are right-sized so you don’t need to cut. 

If you are using eyelash extensions, it is best to talk to your lash artist properly so that you don’t end up getting something that’s too long for your liking. 

And if you really want your natural lashes trimmed, don’t do it yourself. Reach out to a professional.

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