Eyelash Glue In Your Eye – Here’s What To Do

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Long, luscious lashes are amazing. But nobody likes the idea of using glue near their eyes.

So what do you do when you get eyelash glue in your eye?

Flush your eye immediately with lots of water, to start with. Don’t rub it! Blink repeatedly.

If your vision is clear and you manage to get everything you, you may be ok.

But if you still have glue in there, you may need to head to a clinic to get checked out by a doctor.

Eyelash glue is dangerous for your eyes.

In this article, we’ll go over what can happen if you get eyelash glue in your eye. We’ll also discuss prevention and potential other risks of eyelash glue. 


What Do You Do When You Get Eyelash Glue In Your Eye?

Eyelash Glue

Eyelash glue in your eye is never a good thing. Just imagine super glue getting into your eye. This glue is almost always cyanoacrylate, and it’s pretty strong.

You will definitely know that it got in your eye because it will burn. That can cause you to panic and cry. 

Both reactions are understandable, due to the sting and irritation.

Rinse Your Eye With Saline Solution or Water

The best thing to do is to wash it with saline solution.

If you don’t have that, the next best thing is clean warm water. 

Gently wipe any excess glue off, and wash the eye thoroughly with warm water. If your pain is gone, and the lash glue appears to have washed away, you may be all set.

Cleaning and washing could help remove some of the glue. Usually, the eyelash glue won’t stick in your eyeball, but it can. This is because there is a protein in the eye’s surface where it can attach.

That can cause tears and blurred vision.

Washing it with water will help some of the glue to detach from the eye.

Let Any Remaining Glue Detach On Its Own

If there is still some glue attached to your eyeball, it is best to let it detach on its own. You don’t want to cause more irritation to your eye.

If Things Still ARen’t Right, Head to the Emergency Room

Make sure to have your eye checked in the emergency room. They’ll be able to properly clean it up for you so that debris of glue would be removed. They could also give you a prescription to avoid infection. 

Note: don’t drive with eyelash glue in your eye.

Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Get Lash Glue In Your Eye

Washing your eye with water and heading to the emergency room are the best things to do. These are the things you should avoid.

Don’t Rub Your Eye

When eyelash extension glue gets into your eye, it can sting and burn. That can cause you to panic and try to remove as much glue from your eye. 

However, rubbing your eye will just make it worse.

If you rub or scratch the eye that is already irritated, corneal abrasion can develop. This can lead to infection or pain. 

Usually, if you have a corneal abrasion, it would heal in about a day or two. If not, then it would be best to go to an ophthalmologist for a consult.

Don’t Pull Off The Glue 

Like we’ve mentioned, the eyelash glue could also get stuck on your eyeball. When it does, resist the urge to pull it off. Although you can clearly see the glue, pulling it off may further irritate the area. 

Your cornea can get damaged too. Just wait for a few hours and it will eventually detach itself. Don’t touch your eye frequently because it is already irritated.

What Happens When You Get Eyelash Glue In Your Eye?

When you get eyelash glue in your eye, it could be pushed to your lashline or skin when you blink. That could lead to your eyelids shutting because the lashes got stuck together. 

Another thing that could happen is corneal irritation due to the different ingredients the eyelash glue is made of. That could irritate the eyes, and it could also attach to the eye. 

Removing it could irritate the eye in the process and cause abrasion. That is yet another path to infection.

If the cornea is significantly irritated, you might need pain medication.

How Does Eyelash Extension Glue Get Into Your Eye?

The most common reason why eyelash extension glue can get into your eye is that you opened your eyes during the procedure. Professionals will always, and oftentimes repeatedly, instruct you not to open your eyes until the procedure is done.

That’s because opening your eyes can hurt your eyes because of the glue. The glue can get into your eyes or the vapor can irritate your eyes. When it does, it can be painful.

It is also possible that the eyelash artist could accidentally stick the glue in your eye. However, that is rare because they are carefully trained. 

How to Keep False Lash Glue Out of Your Eyes

Before you use any home lash glue, you should read the instructions and keep them handy should something go wrong. Follow the advice written on the package, but it will likely be similar to what we have written above.

Start Small

You really want to work with small amounts of glue. Start small, and try to get even coverage, especially of those corners!

You should be using a thin line of glue evenly spread along the lash. It can take practice, but it’s best to start out using too little rather than too much!

Let it Get Tacky

No, not your outfit! But your lash glue should be at least somewhat tacky by the time you place your false lash on. You don’t want the glue to still be genuinely wet when you put on your false lash.

If it’s still liquid, it will move around, potentially into the eye.

But if it’s reasonably tacky, the glue will stay in place, while affixing your false lash as well.

Eyelash Extension Glue In Your Eye – How to Prevent It

The best thing to do to prevent eyelash extension glue from getting into your eye is to follow instructions. The eyelash artist will instruct you that you should never open your eyes during the procedure to prevent the glue from getting to it. 

Additionally, you should carefully select where to get your eyelash extensions. Although you can do it at home with the lash extension kits , you should still have it done by someone who knows what they are doing. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re getting professional eyelash extensions or doing false lashes at home, there’s always a risk of getting glue in your eyes. If that happens, you should flush it with a good deal of water. Avoid rubbing your eye. Similarly, avoid pulling the glue off, as well.

With luck, you’ll be able to wash the glue out and avoid any further damage.

If you still have glue in your eye, you’ll likely need to visit an emergency room.

The eyelash extension glue is less likely to get into your eyes if you make sure you keep them shut all throughout the procedure. Additionally, you should carefully select who attaches your eyelash extensions. 

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