Can Microblading Fix Uneven Eyebrows?

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Most believe that symmetry is the key to beauty. Some people are naturally blessed with symmetrical faces while others are not. One eye is higher than the other, the nose is crooked, the eyebrows are uneven, etc.

What can we do about it?

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure that improves the appearance of our eyebrows. It makes them look fuller and it can be used to reshape them. 

Can microblading fix uneven eyebrows? You can almost certainly fix uneven eyebrows with a microblading procedure. However, that would depend on a variety of factors. 

Let’s tell you more about how to fix uneven eyebrows with microblading. 


Can Microblading Fix Uneven Eyebrows?

Microblading Procedure

If you want to fix your uneven eyebrows, the very first thing you need to do is to figure out what aspect of the eyebrows makes them uneven. A professional microblading artist can help a lot! 

Is the shape of your eyebrows making them look uneven? Is it the thickness? The high points or low points?

Regardless, microblading can certainly fix uneven eyebrows and make them more even. Microblading is a procedure that lets the professional draw hair-like lines on your eyebrows. These tiny lines mimic the appearance of your natural eyebrow hair. 

Additionally, they could also do some shadings to reshape your eyebrows and even make them appear fuller.

In theory, microblading should help fix your uneven eyebrows because the procedure essentially involves drawing symmetrical ones. 

However, having symmetrical eyebrows will still depend on a few factors. Not all those who undergo microblading ended up with even eyebrows.

Some even get uneven eyebrows because of the procedure. 

Eyebrow Mapping For Even Eyebrows

Even if you don’t have naturally even eyebrows, you can still do something to make them look more even. That is by mapping your eyebrows. 

Professional microblading artists do this to ensure that the microbladed eyebrows they create are even. They take measurements and measure each eyebrow. 

They map out where the eyebrows should be and correct the shape for a more even pair. The microbladed eyebrows can help you achieve more balance between your eyebrows.

With that, you don’t have to do it every day with your eyebrow pencil and other eyebrow products. 

The eyebrow mapping is impacted by the facial structures you have. With microblading and the right eyebrow mapping, you can achieve even eyebrows. Remember that microblading doesn’t just make your eyebrows fuller, the procedure can also change their shape.

Microblading and Professional Certification

As microblading could be used to give you even eyebrows, it could also go the other way and give you uneven eyebrows! To ensure you end up with even eyebrows, it is best to go to a certified professional with a good reputation. 

Usually, there isn’t a requirement to be certified before you begin performing eyebrow microblading. However, it is best to search for those certifications to ensure that your eyebrows end up looking beautiful and not something that you’ll just regret getting, and want to be removed

Certification doesn’t only mean that the professional is properly trained. It also means that they know what products to properly use. They are more likely to use high-quality pigments and tools in order to give you the best-looking eyebrows you can have. 

When looking for a certified professional artist to do your eyebrow microblading, it is best to look for those who have experience and talent.

Microblading procedures are great, but there are some who combine it with microshading because it is what the client’s eyebrow needs. 

Uneven Brows After Microblading

What a nightmare! You spend hundreds of dollars for perfect brows, go through the procedure, and in the end, they’re uneven!

Fortunately there are some things you can do.

Accept It

First, you can simply accept that your brows are uneven.  Pfffft.

Uneven brows are quite common. They are also natural, and there is nothing wrong with them. The microblading procedure can help balance them further to prevent them from being too uneven.

Wait For Them to Fade

The second is to let them naturally fade. Once they are faded enough, you can have touch-up procedures to make them look more even again.

Go Back To Your Brow Salon

Your microblading artist will likely tell you to wait for the brows to fade, and then touch them up so that they are more even.

You could also wait for them to completely fade and have them redone somewhere else.

Final Thoughts

Uneven eyebrows are quite common. Most of us have them but many of us also want to even them out as much as possible. Some could do this through makeup, while others would rely on microblading procedures.

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure that can help you make your eyebrows look more even. Even if they are not perfectly symmetrical, the microblading procedure can help them appear better and more balanced. 

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