Long-Term Effects Of Microblading Eyebrows

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Microbladed eyebrows look great. They can help you achieve fleek eyebrows every day without having to spend lots of time using makeup. 

Although there is a healing period after microblading, it is just short. After that, you can enjoy your microbladed eyebrows for as much as two years. 

But have you ever wondered about the long-term effects of microblading eyebrows? Should you really have your eyebrows microbladed? 

Let’s get to know the long-term effects of microblading eyebrows. Furthermore, we will also discuss some of the side effects and short-term effects of this procedure. 


Long-Term Effects Of Microblading Eyebrows

Microblade Before and After

Microblading produces great eyebrows. For most, there aren’t really any detrimental long-term effects to it.

This is if the procedure is done correctly. 

However, there is also a risk of developing long-term effects. That is especially true if you don’t go to an experienced professional.

Don’t be lured to those who offer microblading services at a very low price.

The quality of the materials used plus the training of the professional is the reason more skilled professionals charge higher prices.

Potential Long-Term Effects of Microblading


Here are some of the long term effects of microblading eyebrows that you may or may not get:


One of the possible long-term effects or risks of microblading eyebrows is infection. This is not a common side effect. But is one of the more serious ones and could impact you long-term. 

Infections, if not treated immediately can cause scarring. So it is best to pay attention, and address the issue if it starts happening. 

Some of the signs of having an infection would be prolonged crusting, redness, swelling, or oozing on the site. In case that happens, you should contact your healthcare provider. 

Infection is more likely to happen if the procedure occurs in a non-sterile area. The tools used should be new. The microblading needles and blades  are disposable. A new one should always be used for different clients. 

This is basic sanitary procedure, but be sure your technician (or your friend, if you’re going DIY) is following guidelines.


Microblading eyebrows involve making tiny cuts on the skin. Does microblading cause scarring from all those little cuts?

Yes, it is possible that the skin reacts and produces scars. 

Scars after just one session may not be observed. However, getting eyebrow microblading multiple times could lead to the development of permanent marks. 

Additionally, the scar tissues would be more common for those who have poorly microbladed eyebrows. That is why it is really important to have it done by experienced professionals. 

There is a technique in microblading. The cuts should be not too shallow, nor should they be too deep. 

Too shallow cuts will lead to immediate fading of the microblading eyebrows. On the other hand, too-deep cuts could lead to the formation of scar tissues. 

Bad Effects Of Low-Quality Pigments

Aside from the technique, there can also be long-term effects due to the pigment used. Reputable microblading artists only use high-quality pigments. These are much safer to use.

Low-quality pigments may include dangerous ingredients like mercury, nickel, iron oxide, and many others. In minute amounts some may claim that it doesn’t do any damage. This is probably true, but do you want to risk it?

It is still best to use high-quality pigments that do not have such ingredients.

Allergic Reaction

Some people may be allergic to pigments. It is best to inform your artist about any allergies you have. That will help determine if you can go through the procedure or not. 

Emotional Trauma

As we’ve mentioned, it is highly important to carefully select who to go to for your microbladed eyebrows. Someone who isn’t experienced may cause a lot of problems with your eyebrow area. 

Although you have to deal with the physical appearance and the infection that it might cause, you may also deal with the emotional trauma it brings. 

With a bad experience, it could take time for you to trust again. You may not want to go through microblading eyebrows or any other cosmetic procedures due to the bad experience.

Other Side Effects Of Microblading Eyebrows

Those mentioned above are the possible long-term effects of microblading the eyebrows. However, they do not happen for all, or even most people. 

Apart from those, there are also other side effects to microblading eyebrows that could happen in the short term. They happen as your microblade eyebrows heal.

With microbladed eyebrows, you could expect pain and tenderness. However, this gets better with time. 

The eyebrows will also appear to darken right after the procedure. Then they could lighten before the final color is revealed. Don’t be worried about the color of the eyebrows if it hasn’t completely healed yet, it will still change and improve

There may also be peeling or flaking of the skin. This naturally happens as the skin heals from the cuts. However, this is only transitional and will entirely heal after about 25 to 39 days.  

Does Microblading Damage Eyebrows?

When done correctly with high-quality materials and by trained and experienced professionals, there aren’t really a lot of long-term effects to expect from eyebrow microblading treatments. 

However, there are still risks that long-term effects can occur. These effects vary from one person to another and can be caused by multiple events, typically from poor application. 

Some of the long-term effects to watch out for are infections, scarring, bad effects of low-quality pigments, allergic reactions, and emotional trauma.

Apart from the long-term effects, there are also short-term effects that you should expect. These naturally happen as your microbladed eyebrows heal. 

Pain and tenderness is normal and will soon go away. Redness and itchiness can also happen as the cuts heal. There could also be flaking because the skin is changing as it is shedding off the older and damaged ones. 

The color of the microbladed eyebrows will also change. At first, it will seem to be too dark and then it will seem to be too light. However, once it completely heals, you’ll get the shade that is just right.

What Happens After Years of Microblading?

If you keep getting them done, and keep the microblading up for years and years, will you gradually damage your eyebrows?

No, not necessarily. If done properly and with care, you can keep your microbladed brows for quite a while. Microblading will eventually fade on its own after a couple of years if you don’t get it refreshed.

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