Microblading Disappeared After A Week! What Happened?

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The eyebrows help frame your face – that’s why many focus on perfecting them. There are different eyebrow makeup products that you can use, but for a semi-permanent solution, microblading is a great option. 

Microblading shapes and defines your eyebrows. However, there are some who find that microblading disappeared after a week! What happened?

There are different reasons why your microbladed eyebrows might disappear in a week. 

In some cases, the disappearance is just temporary and the results come back. However, there are also some who observe permanent disappearance a short time after getting the procedure. 

Today, we’ll tell you what those probable reasons are, and what you should expect to happen after you get your eyebrow microblading. 


The Microblading Process

Microblading Procedure

Before we troubleshoot the reasons why your microblading might have disappeared in a short time, we must first understand the microblading process.

We first have to know what really happens to the skin on your eyebrows during microblading. 

Microblading professionals look like they are simply drawing hair strands on your eyebrows. That is true, but they aren’t just using a pen. They are using a microblading pen, which has many tiny needles on the tip.

Microblading Needles

The needles will create tiny micro-cuts on the skin. The cuts on the skin will then be filed with pigments. This will mimic the appearance of the hair strands. 

Due to the cuts created, it takes some time for the skin to heal. The rate the skin heals will depend from one person to another.

It will also depend on a few factors such as the person’s skin type, age, and overall health. 

The healing time is responsible for the different appearance of the eyebrows after the procedure. In some cases, it will look like the microblading disappeared just after a week of the procedure, but that’s just the healing process. 

Microblading Disappeared After A Week? What Happened?

It could be disappointing to see that the microblading disappeared almost immediately after.

It’s supposed to last up to 2 years before fading!

You don’t have to worry because most of the time, that disappearance is just temporary and you’ll see the results again shortly. 

The healing process is the reason why you may not be able to see microblading just after a week. Remember that there are tiny cuts made on the skin during the procedure.

These cuts will eventually heal, and sometimes form scabs. The scabs can hide the microblading results.

When the scabbing is complete, and as the natural skin cells turn over, you’d be able to see more of the results of the microblading procedure once again. 

Flaking off will also naturally occur. Whatever you do, resist the urge to peel it off because the wounds could reopen.

That could affect the healing process.

Removing the scabs could cause the removal of the pigments. You don’t want that, because you’d end up having patchy eyebrows. 

Before the scabbing and flaking, the eyebrows will appear too dark. However, after the flaking, you’d see a softer color pigment of your microbladed eyebrows. 

Why Does Microblading Disappear During Healing?

The microblading disappearing after a week should only be temporary. However, if it isn’t coming back, there may be other reasons why that could happen. It could be any of the following:

Too Shallow

One common reason why your microblading disappeared is that the microblading artist only made shallow cuts. The cuts should be made in the junction between the dermal and epidermal layers.

Skin Diagram Source: Wikipedia

Superficial cuts could lead to a fast loss of pigment because the body could easily push it out. Usually, you can actually hear your skin tearing during the microblading procedure. That will signify that the cuts made are deep enough. 

This sounds painful (and it could be) but a numbing cream is used for the pain before the procedure. 

If the cuts made aren’t deep enough, the pigments will be deposited. But once the scabs are removed, the pigment goes away with them.

In such a case, the procedure needs to be repeated. 

An Infection

The healing process can also be affected by an infection. When you have an infection, the pigment is more likely to be pushed out.

Infections can usually be prevented, especially if they are small. Preventing them also prevents them from disrupting the healing process. 

Similarly, allergies can also make your body reject the pigments the same way that an infection does. Avoid this by discussing allergies that you’ve had before the procedure.

The microblading pigments used should also be of high quality. 

Using The Wrong Pigment

Using the wrong pigment may also make your microblading appear that it is lost. It could also appear as though the colors have changed into a lighter shade. This can make you feel that the procedure isn’t successful when it should have been. 

Pigment selection is important and your microblading professional should be able to carefully pick the right pigment for your skin tone. 

Improper Aftercare

After the procedure, your microblading artist will give you a list of things you should do to properly care for your eyebrows. It is important to follow the care instructions to get the most out of the procedure. 

Be careful in following instructions. Simply mistakes like applying the wrong ointment, exposing your brows to the sun prematurely, applying makeup before letting things heal, or getting them wet can cause unwanted results. 

Picking The Scabs

The formation of scabs after microblading is a part of the normal healing process. You just have to let the scabs be. They will eventually fall off on their own.

Picking the scabs prematurely will result in removing the pigment that was deposited on the cuts. Some undergo a wet healing process and this one is better when it comes to producing fewer scabs. 

Final Thoughts

Microblading immediately improves the appearance of your eyebrows. It is supposed to be a semi-permanent solution but if you observe that the results are gone in a week, you may be alarmed!

The disappearance of the microblading a week after the procedure could be due to the natural healing of the cuts made during the procedure. The good thing is that the pigments are still there, and will become visible once again after the scabs have been naturally removed. 

However, there are also other reasons why the microblading results could prematurely disappear. They include making too shallow cuts, an infection, a wrong pigment used, improper aftercare and picking on scabs. 

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Written by Kayla Young

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