Can You Buy A Used OrangeTheory Heart Rate Monitor?

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So you want to make yourself healthier, maybe lose some fat, maybe gain some strength and endurance. OrangeTheory is a good choice!

OrangeTheory makes that possible by raising your heart rate through their classes. In order to see if you’ve truly raised your heart rate into the target zone, you need a heart rate monitor.

OrangeTheory sells them, and may even rent them. But can you buy a used OrangeTheory heart rate monitor?

The answer is yes, you can certainly buy a used OrangeTheory heart rate monitor and use that! If you want to save some cash instead of buying a new one or renting out an OTF monitor, you can pick up a used one.


The OrangeTheory Heart Rate Monitor

To help you keep track of how well you are doing during your exercise classes, you will need to use an OrangeTheory heart rate monitor. 

They sell them in their shop, and they are compatible with OTF’s fitness app. Of course, can also be used during the in-studio and at-home exercises. 

There are different types of heart rate monitors from their shop. One of them can be worn across the chest while the others are attached to the wrist, forearm, or biceps. 

One of the heart rate monitors, the OTBeat Burn, has the option to be linked with the Apple Watch. Some people think that the heart rate monitors of OrangeTheory aren’t as accurate as of the Apple Watch, so they created this.

With the two connected, you can compare the results and get more accurate readings. Due to this link, the most accurate of all the heart rate monitors from OrangeTheory would be the OTBeat Burn. 

Like what’s said on their website, this isn’t just a heart rate monitor. It can measure distance, calories, and heart rate too. All these data help assess your workout. 

The OTBurn is a rechargeable unit that comes with two armband sizes. It comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Apart from the latest OTBurn, you can purchase other heart rate monitors such as the OTBeat Flex and the OTBeat Core.

How Accurate Are OrangeTheory Heart Rate Monitors?

The chest monitors are certainly more accurate than the armbands, but they are a bit more uncomfortable to wear.

The chest straps detect your heart rate based on electrical signals, unlike the armbands that find your pulse (most of the time).

How Much Is The OrangeTheory Heart Rate Monitor (New)?

The arm bands go for in the range of $120, and the chest strap monitor is around $90. You may be able to purchase them for less if you buy them used, though!

Where Can You Buy Used OrangeTheory Heart Rate Monitors?

It is understandable if you don’t want to buy a new OrangeTheory heart rate monitor. Purchasing a brand new one can be quite pricey.

Although there may be discounts and promos from time to time, you may not want to wait for them. They don’t schedule sales and promos regularly.

Plus, there is also a sense of urgency. Of course, you need to purchase one right away so you can use it in your next class! 

So where do you purchase used ones? Well, there are a lot of options. First, you could ask around friends or even check at your local OrangeTheory. Someone may know a member who is selling their preloved heart rate monitor. 

You could also check online. Facebook marketplace could be a good place to look for one. Someone near you might be selling theirs. If they are, it would be best to meet up so you can check on the product first before finalizing the purchase. 

There are some who sell through eBay. Lots of people have purchased their preloved OrangeTheory heart rate monitors through this website. 

But with Ebay (and Facebook Marketplace, really) there’s always a danger of scams, untrustworthy people, etc.

A Word Of Caution

Although it could save you money to go with a used heart rate monitor, there are also risks. It is possible the heart rate monitor may not be working properly anymore. 

And they can be hard to check, if you have nothing to compare the monitor to.

What’s nice about brand new units is that there is a warranty so you’re protected if the unit goes haywire

Also, take note of hygiene when purchasing used units. You don’t want other people’s sweat on yours, do you?

Some of the units have replaceable armbands. These will help you make sure that at least that part is fresh. 

Do You Have to Buy OrangeTheory Heart Rate Monitor?

Working out at OrangeFitness with a heart rate monitor is great because you really get to see how you are doing. You get to see if you are hitting your target zones. 

But OTF isn’t cheap, and you’ll have to pay for the membership. If you are really tight on cash and don’t want to spend additional money on a heart rate monitor at the start, you can still work out without one.

It isn’t a requirement. If you are okay without seeing post-exercise class results and splat points, and still want to continue with your workout, you can do that without the heart rate monitor.

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