Planet Fitness Hydromassage: What Is It?

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Planet Fitness is one of the largest gym chains in the United States, and has a great ethos and egalitarian spirit. It’s a gym where you can comfortably work out, burn fat, and build muscle without any stigma, and without too much pain in the wallet!

But it is also a place of relaxation and recovery. Planet Fitness Black Card club members get full access to their spa services, including the super cool Hydromassage beds and lounges.

So what is Hydromassage at Planet Fitness? This article is a Planet Fitness Hydromassage review, and goes over all the details of the systems, and how well the massage beds and chairs work.

Are they worth the extra cost of a Black Card Membership? Let’s find out!

Planet Fitness Hydromassage Review


What is Hydromassage at Planet Fitness?

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Planet Fitness’s Hydromassage offering typically includes both hydromassage beds and lounge chairs.

These devices use water power to massage the body. They also provide heat to help soothe sore, tired muscles and rejuvenate the body.

They don’t cost anything to use, but you must have a Black Card Membership in order to access the hydromassage beds. It’s one of the great perks of the Black Card.

Keep in mind you should shower before you use the hydromassage beds, unless you’re massaging before a workout. And remember to bring a towel!

Planet Fitness Hydromassage: Chair and Bed Dimensions

  • Hydromassage Bed Dimensions: 91” L x 39” W x 26” H
  • Bed Weight: 260 lbs without water; 460 lbs with 30 gals of distilled water
  • Hydromassage Lounge Chair Dimensions: 91” L x 32” W x 43” H
  • Lounge Chair Weight: 285 lbs without water; 385 lbs with 12 gals of distilled water

How To Use Hydromassage At Planet Fitness

If you are asked to log in at the start of your session, you will most likely need to speak to an employee at the desk to have them start the session.

If you are asked to log in at the start of your session, you will most likely need to speak to an employee at the desk to have them start the session.

Different locations handle this in different ways, and it depends on the reservation system. It is also possible that you just press the blue start button to start the system.

Sleek Design With Touches Of LED Lighting

Both the Planet Fitness massage chairs and beds are styled in a sleek and modern design. They mainly use black with touches of silver. The side panels have mesmerizing LED under-glow lights. They just ooze restorative spa vibes.

The lounge chair is ergonomically designed so that you can sit comfortably and relax during the session without straining any part of your body.

The bed has a few depressions that help let you know where to properly position your body while lying down.

Touchscreen Control And Customizable Programs

The Hydromassage chair and bed both come with easy-to-use touchscreen controls. There are pre-programmed massage settings, but each session is completely customizable.

Customization allows you to adjust the pressure, speed, and time. The system can even prolong the pressure on the specific areas of the body you select.

Your customized programs can be saved so you can use them again the next time you go.

The hydromassage units also have an auto shut-off feature. It will automatically stop when the session is over. Of course, you can always choose to stop the massage early by tapping the stop button.

Wave Travelling Massage

The massage provided by the Hydromassage is a heated wave-like stream, not completely different than an infrared heating pad.

The Hydromassage doesn’t just put pressure on different areas randomly. The waves move up and down the body for a relaxing massage session.


With the customization option, you can prolong the pressure on certain areas of the body that need a little extra attention.

Comfortable Open Seat and Bed Design

The open seat or bed design makes users feel relaxed and calm. Other massage chairs often feel too enclosed and stuffy because of the foam surrounds. This system is fairly open and cozy.

If you don’t want to lie down, you can use the lounge chair. But if you prefer to relax completely, the bed is your best choice. It’s more like laying in a quiet pool (which PF, unfortunately, doesn’t have).

Additionally, the devices also allow the body to sit or lay comfortably above the water level. This helps stabilize the unit so it can give out the maximum pressure programmed by the user.

Multimedia Compatibility

When connected to the Planet Fitness WiFi, you may use the hydrotherapy units while listening to your favorite music, watching videos, reading e-books, or even playing games. The multi-media compatibility of the system makes this possible.

Of course, a calming meditation might be a better use of your time in the massage bed!

What Do The Planet Fitness Massage Chairs Do To The Body?

The hydromassage beds and chairs work the muscles in a similar fashion to a traditional massage. It reduces pain and inflammation and improves blood circulation.

Helps Deal With Pain

If you have back pain, these can instantly help. The water pressure can relieve muscle tension.

The Hydromassage system can deal with pain due to arthritis. The pressure provides enough power to massage the various areas so that the inflammation can be reduced.

The heat from the water jets also helps the body relax. Additionally, it can improve blood circulation to aid in pain management, especially for those who experience arthritis pain.

Improves Blood Circulation

Overall, improved blood circulation will positively affect the whole body. This is because more nutrients can reach the cells in various areas of the body.

As the hydromassage provides the different cells in the body with nutrients, it also removes toxins more efficiently. This detox process helps the body feel more energetic.

Is Hydromassage at Planet Fitness Free?

Yes. And No. That depends on your membership level.

How much does Planet Fitness Hydromassage cost?

You don’t have to pay anything, but the cost to get a hydromassage is not free. As we mentioned earlier, the Planet Fitness hydromassage lounge and beds are only accessible to those who have a Black Card membership (reviewed here).

This membership typically costs around $22 as of the current publishing date.

With such membership, you get full access to the hydromassage unit. You can use it, as well as other PF services like tanning beds and their fascinating Total Body Enhancement Beauty Angel Machine, which we reviewed here, as much as you like.

Unfortunately, most Planet Fitness locations don’t provide sauna services.

Just remember that there may also be other people who want to use the hydro massage unit as well as the other common devices.

Can Guests Use Hydromassage at Planet Fitness?

Guests may be able to use Hydromassage at Planet Fitness, it depends on the location.

One of the perks of the Black Card is guest passes, which allow PF Black Card members to bring guests to work out. However, in some situations, guests can’t access the Black Card area. You’ll have to check with your local PF branch to see if you can bring your guest for a massage after your workout.

Planet Fitness Hydromassage – The Experience

If you are sensitive to sound, you may find that the units are a bit loud. If that’s the case, bring along some noise-canceling earphones that you can use during your sessions.

You can also choose to listen to music or use the multi-media option if it is available.

Some find the heated temperature of the Planet Fitness hydrotherapy unit to be relaxing, but it can also cause you to sweat. Given that tendency, you should plan to bring your towel with you for your massage session with the bed or chair.

How Long is the Hydromassage At Planet Fitness?

Typically the hydromassage programs run for 10 minutes. If you want to do more than one program, you can, but be sure there’s no one waiting on the use of the bed or chair.

Final Thoughts

The Planet Fitness Hydromassage lounge and bed are great devices that can help you relax, rejuvenate and restore. Paying for the Black Card membership is worth its price due to the various devices that Planet Fitness offers, including these hydromassage units.

Use them as much as you want or reserve their use when times get a bit too stressful for you. Either way, they are easily accessible in most Planet Fitness branches.

Written by Kayla Young

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