Does Equinox Have Lockers?

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Do you go straight to the gym from home? Or do you just go there after work? Sometimes it’s easy to dress for the gym before you go, but often it’s not!

If you happen to work before you go to the gym, you’ll know that you need to change first before you can work out.

For that, you’ll need lockers to store your work clothes and valuables. So does Equinox have lockers?

Lockers are basic gym amenities. Equinox is one of the top-notch gyms in the country and they absolutely have lockers that their members can use. 

What’s most striking about the lockers at Equinox is how luxurious they actually look and feel. This is especially true for the higher-tier gyms that they have. However, even the basic gyms have great quality lockers that you can use. 

Does Equinox Have Lockers, And Are They Secure?

When you go to the gym, do you go there instantly ready to sweat? Do you bring your own towel and a change of clothes to go swimming, perhaps?

All of your things can be kept safely out of other people’s reach if only you have a locker to put them in. What’s nice about Equinox is that they have excellent lockers available for their members. 

Their locker rooms are always kept nice, clean, and clutter-free. Anyone who uses them should know how to take care of them as a courtesy to the next user. 

Any Equinox member can use their selected locker to store the things that they may need. Extra sets of clothes, towels, accessories, and other things can be kept in the locker while you exercise so these items don’t get in the way of your workout. 

Lockers are basic amenities in any gym. Even the more affordable gyms have them for their members to use.

Equinox has them, they’re just quite a bit more luxurious. 

The locker rooms at Equinox are usually spacious and many lockers are available. Each member that is currently working out there should be able to easily find an empty locker for use. Do take note that you should only be using the locker when you are in the facility and working out. 

It’s not a safety deposit box!

The lockers can be found in locker rooms that also have seats to make it more comfortable for members to change or even rest for a few minutes after working out. 

There are also separate locker rooms for men and women.

The number of showers in each of the locker rooms will vary from one location to another. 

If you happen to work out at one of the Equinox locations where there are executive locker rooms, you’ll be pleased to see how luxurious the spaces are! The lockers are bigger and there is free bottled water and a bowl of fruits for their members. 

There is also a lounge area where entertainment in the form of a TV can be found. You can also sit comfortably on their leather sofa as you watch TV while resting or waiting for your turn to shower. 

Using Lockers At Equinox

Anyone who is a member of Equinox can make use of one of their lockers. You can use it to store your personal belongings while you are working out in the gym. 

To use a locker at Equinox, you simply have to choose the locker that you want to use. The use of the lockers is free. 

Then create a code that you’d use to secure your items inside the locker. You are free to use the locker to store gym gear and your clothes.

If you don’t remove all of your personal belongings overnight, the lock will be cut and all of what is inside will be considered lost property. 

Although different people can use the same locker, Equinox follows cleaning and disinfection protocols to keep the lockers clean. 

Equinox performs a deep-cleaning and disinfecting process three times a day. This is to make sure that the lockers are clean and safe to be used by all. 

To disinfect the lockers, they make use of EPA-registered disinfectants. They may also use backpack disinfectant sprayers to make sure the microbes are successfully killed. Additionally, electrostatic sprayers are also used to help with the deep cleaning process. 

Yet another reason many find that Equinox is worth the high price!

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