OrangeTheory Personal Trainers

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Are you thinking about getting a membership at OrangeTheory? It’s great! OTF focuses on classes and group exercises. But like other gyms, they have gym equipment too.

Whether you work out in a gym or at home, it is always good to have a personal trainer. They will help you identify and achieve your goals.

OrangeTheory Fitness doesn’t exactly have personal trainers. But they do have coaches that function as OrangeTheory Personal Trainers to help you achieve your goals. All you have to do is book their classes, attend them, and work out as best you can.

In this article, we’ll focus our attention on the personal trainers on OrangeTheory.

What Does It Take To Be An OrangeTheory Personal Trainer?

OrangeTheory Fitness personal trainers are the coaches you see in front of the class. They will tell you what to do while checking to make sure your form and movements are correct.

They give you motivation or sometimes push you to do your best to hit that Heart Rate Zone

They are the voice you hear in the microphone that tells you to keep on doing the activity. They provide support and encouragement, pushing you so that your heart rate reaches the fastest that it could, helping you burn fat even after the workout. 

OrangeTheory personal trainers aren’t just selected for their gift of motivational nagging. They are also highly qualified individuals.

OrangeTheory requires all class coaches to be certified by a major fitness institution.

Apart from that, Orangetheory also has a week-long certification process.

Each class trainer is screened in front of the staff and owner. That’s the trainers that run your classes aren’t just some random person, they know what they’re doing. 

Role Of An OrangeTheory Class Coach

OrangeTheory class coaches may be responsible for about 40 plus people at a time. However, given the complexity of Covid regulations, etc., class capacity may be reduced in some areas. 

Nevertheless, they are still responsible for instructing multiple people on exercise, movement, form, and goals.

They will demonstrate the different exercises that you have to do. There is also a GIF on the screen that helps, especially the beginners, to follow along. 

The personal trainer will also give a guideline on using the different gym equipment. They will also help you determine the settings that are just right for you, whether it be a rowing machine, treadmill, or bike. 

Your form when using the rower will be checked. Make sure you get the closest one to the personal trainer especially if it is your first time. That way, they can better guide you to use the various gym equipment. 

Apart from pushing you to do your best, the personal trainer will also guide you through cooldown exercises like stretching. They can also help you better understand what the numbers, zones, and colors mean. 

You’d be able to better understand your exercise stats, calories burned, etc. The trainers can explain these stats to you. Additionally, the personal trainers will also answer questions you have or recommend classes that can help you achieve your goals. 

Personal trainers are also known as coaches at OrangeTheory. They will coach a group of people for a class.

They don’t book one-on-one training.

However, in the event that you are the only one who attended the class, they will still train you for the class you booked. 

Part of the fun in working out at OrangeTheory is being with a class of people who are all trying their best to achieve higher splat points. Healthy competition among the class can push everyone to new heights. 


OrangeTheory Fitness is a unique gym due to its interval training design, and class-focused exercise. They have personal trainers or coaches who are responsible for a class of multiple people. 

The class tries their best to beat their own personal records and beat each other in getting splat points while working out. 

The personal trainers are there to guide the class on what to do. It is their responsibility to demo the exercise to be done and check the form of the members to ensure no one hurts themselves. 

Apart from that, personal trainers also help members better understand their stats. They can give advice on what classes to take to achieve a member’s personal goals. Furthermore, they motivate and push the members to do their best, to get on that Brag Board

Coaches at OrangeTheory are certified personal trainers who have gone through screening from the staff and owner of the gym. They are fully qualified individuals, and are your first stop to learning how to properly do the target exercises.

Written by Kayla Young

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