Does Planet Fitness Have a Pool?

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Some people love the fact that their gym has a pool. Swimming is great exercise, and it’s a great way to cool off after lifting or free weights. However, not all gyms have a pool. For today, we are going to answer one common question asked by those who are thinking about getting a membership at Planet Fitness. So Does Planet Fitness have a pool?

Well, the short answer is no, Planet Fitness does not have pools in their facilities. A pool is a great addition to a gym so you might be wondering why they wouldn’t add such amenities. In this article, we’ll explain why Planet Fitness decided not to have pools in their gyms.

Does Planet Fitness Have a Pool? The Answer Is No.

The main reason why planet fitness doesn’t have a pool is due to the costs associated. Putting a pool at a planet fitness gym would radically increase the price of a gym membership.

Planet Fitness aims to provide a gym that has affordable rates. They have monthly memberships that are as low as $10 a month.

If they add a pool to their list of amenities, that membership will surely increase. When that increases, most clients may not be willing to pay the extra fee. 

Putting a pool at a planet fitness gym would radically increase the price of a gym membership.

Why Are Gym Memberships With Pools Expensive?

The more expensive membership fee for gyms that have pools is due to the cost of the pool itself. the real estate, the cost of the pool itself, maintenance, insurance, it all adds up significantly! Similar to Basketball Courts, Pools take up a ton of space. 

Gym owners have to think carefully about the pool that they place in their gym. If it isn’t big enough to accommodate many of their clients, they could end up with more complaints than compliments. 

Another reason why having a pool will definitely increase the price of the membership fee is the maintenance cost. A pool is considered a luxury addition to any gym. It should be properly maintained or else you’d expect it to be a breeding ground for bacteria. 

A pool can look great when it’s new but without proper maintenance, it can easily look ugly. In order to properly maintain the pool, it has to be regularly cleaned.

Additionally, chemicals are added to it to make sure that the water is clear. It can also help stabilize the pH of the pool. 

As expected, pools in gyms are likely to be used by many clients. After all, they paid a high membership fee so they’ll probably use the pool as much as they could to get the most out of their membership fee. That would also mean that cleaning and maintenance procedures would be performed more often as many people are using the pool. 

Are Pools Worth It?

As we’ve said, adding a pool to the gym can add to the membership fee significantly. Some people would be willing to pay the extra fee.

But most will not.

Many of those who are thinking about being a member at Planet Fitness are simply looking for an affordable way to work out

Some people aren’t really sure whether they’d love to workout so they may decide to try out gyms that are affordable. If they loved the experience, they may be more willing to spend more on gyms that have more to offer. However, most people are really happy with the basic necessities that Planet Fitness has to offer. 

Having a pool at a gym can be considered a luxury experience, but you have to be willing to pay the price. Planet Fitness aims to be an inexpensive fitness club, targeting the “average” consumer who is not a gym rat or fitness enthusiast.

Planet Fitness Amenities 

Just because Planet Fitness doesn’t have common gym amenities like swimming pools, scales, and saunas, that doesn’t mean they don’t offer anything interesting. The Planet Fitness Black Card spa system provides (among other things) hydromassage, tanning beds/spray tan services, and the amazing Total Body Enhancement machines.

These areas are what you want to focus on if you want to get the most of our your Planet Fitness/Black Card membership.


A pool is a wonderful addition to a gym, but it is absolutely a luxury feature. Planet Fitness doesn’t have pools in their gyms to help cut down on the cost of the membership fee.

Pools are costly to install and maintain, and if PF started installing pools, their membership fees would quickly rise. Regardless, most people find that a pool isn’t really necessary when your main goal in going to a gym is to workout.  

Written by Kayla Young

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