Anytime Fitness Silver Sneakers: Does AF Take SS?

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It is never too late to choose to get healthier and fitter! Even older adults can work out in various gyms. In order to encourage adults who are 65 years and above, the SilverSneakers health and fitness program was initiated. 

This program works with various participating gyms so that the older active adults could use the facility to work out. There may also be classes offered for older adults.

Now, the question is, does Anytime Fitness accept Silver Sneakers? The great news is that AF does accept Silver Sneakers. If you’re an older adult or if you know an older adult in the program, you can direct them to Anytime Fitness. They are welcome there. 

In this article, we’ll look at the Silver Sneakers program, and what you need to do to use it at Anytime Fitness. 


The Silver Sneakers Program

Seniors can stay active throughout their golden years in a very affordable way by getting into the Silver Sneakers program.

With this program, you can basically get a free gym membership. It’s where the whole “Active Senior” demographic marketing term came from!

Silver Sneakers gives you basic access to use various fitness equipment in participating gyms all over the country, including large gym chains like Planet Fitness and Anytime Fitness.

Apart from the equipment, exercise classes are offered by various gyms to cater to their senior clients through the Silver Sneakers program. 

The goal of the Silver Sneakers program is to improve the health and fitness of the elderly. Another portion of it is online education with regards to nutrition.


As a member of the Silver Sneakers program, you get a digital membership card.

This is what need to show various gyms in order to access their facilities. 

These membership cards are available digitally, and you will acquire them through the free Silver Sneakers Go app on your smartphone. 

Why Does Anytime Fitness Accept Silver Sneakers?

When you look at the people who go to the gym, you’ll often see the younger generation and adults who are trying to get themselves in shape or keep themselves there!

However, there are many older adults who have embraced a healthier lifestyle by working out, continuing from past years of habit, or entering a new age of fitness. 

Anytime Fitness welcomes all clients of various ages or fitness styles. Whether you go to Anytime Fitness as a standard member or through the Silver Sneakers program, you are surely welcome there. 

The Silver Sneakers Program At Anytime Fitness

You can get into the Silver Sneakers program through various health plans if you are 65 or older. This benefit is given to most older adults, but it is dependent on your insurance type.

Check and see if you have a Medicare health plan or a group retiree. You may already be in the program.

Anytime Fitness offers a program for seniors. If you are under the SilverSneakers program, you can join this program for free

Anytime Fitness offers a program for seniors. If you are under the SilverSneakers program, you can join this program for free

Included in the program are classes you can attend. The instructor creates a class that is easy to follow and may be gentler in order to properly target the demographic. There may be multiple classes offered in each gym to make sure seniors of all fitness levels are all accommodated. 

Classes usually involve core, aerobic, stretching, and muscle-building exercises. It is a great way to keep the body fit and also build camaraderie among older active adults. 

Be A Member Of Multiple Gyms In Multiple Locations

The Silver Sneakers program is accepted in various gyms. But did you know that you can use multiple gyms?

With this card, you can be a member of different gyms in various states at the same time! 

This is great for travelers or for those who live part-time in different states. You can enjoy your vacation or winter home without missing the opportunity to conveniently and inexpensively stay fit. 

Being a member of multiple gyms also gives you the chance to use different gym equipment, amenities, and classes. Depending on the gym policy, some may allow the Silver Sneaker members to make use of the other amenities offered by the gym, but often you’ll only get access to the basic levels.

By becoming a member of various gyms in various locations, seniors can find the right place for them. 

Note that the classes offered as part of the Silver Sneakers, or classes that are specifically for older adults, may be limited in some gyms. There will be participant limits and requirements, so check with your local gym for their rules. 

By broadening your options, you won’t have to miss exercising for the week just because the slots are all filled up.

This is also helpful when you want to select different classes in different styles, such as Zumba, Yoga, etc. in order to learn which types of classes are the right fit for your needs.

Good luck, and get that heart rate pumping! 

Written by Kayla Young

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