Does Planet Fitness Accept Silver Sneakers?

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The right time to start your journey to fitness is today, no matter your age! But let’s face it, those of us who are older may feel intimidated at a gym. But not all gyms are the same.

Planet Fitness is a great fitness facility for those who feel intimidated by the idea of a gym. It is a judgment-free zone that welcomes all. Even with the welcoming atmosphere, you might ask, “Does Planet Fitness accept Silver Sneakers?

The great news is that Planet Fitness participates in the program. Most Planet Fitness locations accept Silver Sneakers but the final decision will vary from franchise to franchise. Also, the Silver Sneaker program offered will also vary from one location to another.

Let’s learn more about how to use SilverSneakers at Planet Fitness.


What Is SilverSneakers?

Before we go into further details about Silver Sneakers at Planet Fitness, let’s first get to know what it is exactly. Well, SilverSneakers is a program that’s specifically created for adults who are 65 years and older. 

Getting into this program offers a few benefits like the use of gyms and their facilities. Planet Fitness is a gym that participates in this program, so those who have it could go to Planet Fitness and use their facility. 

Other large gym chains like Anytime Fitness also participate in Silver Sneakers, so you have many options!

Apart from the gym facilities, there are also fitness classes that are specifically designed with older adults in mind. Usually, they would include cardio, yoga, and strength training. 

Older adults under this program would also be given access to online sources for workout videos, as well as nutrition tips. 

What is great about the Silver Sneakers program is that there are thousands of gyms that participate in it nationwide. They have a search tool on the SilverSneaker website that will help you identify the participating gym facilities. 

What About Renew Active?

Renew Active is a side branch of Silver Sneakers offered by some Medicare Advantage plans. It essentially bundles the Silver Sneakers program with some additional brain health options.

In some cases, there may be differences between what is offered with Renew Active and Silver Sneakers, but typically anything covered by Silver Sneakers will be covered by Renew Active as well.

How Do You Get SilverSneakers?

SilverSneakers is usually available to those who are 65 years and older. For some, this comes to you for free through your health insurance plan. 

Additionally, those who have a Medicare Advantage plan could also be eligible for the SilverSneakers program. Furthermore, it is also available for those with health insurance through Medicare Supplement plus other retiree plans. 

There are different insurance plans that include the SilverSneakers program. If you want to make sure that your insurance has this program, you can call them up to clarify. 

Does Planet Fitness Accept Silver Sneakers?

Thousands of gyms participate in the SilverSneakers fitness, and Planet Fitness is one of them. They honor those who have SilverSneakers and welcome to use their gym facilities. 

Planet Fitness may also offer classes specifically designed for those under the SilverSneakers program.

However, the availability of classes will depend on the Planet Fitness location. Some may have them while others may not.

Regardless, you would still be welcome to use the other gym equipment. Just keep in mind that the Black Card spa area will not typically be included as part of the Silver Sneakers program.

How Does Silver Sneakers Work at Planet Fitness?

You’ll need to visit your local Planet Fitness and sign up for the gym. You’ll also have to provide your Silver Sneakers information in order to tie your gym membership to the insurance company program.

Let’s go over the mechanics of how all that works.

How To Use SilverSneakers At Planet Fitness (or any other gym)

The first thing that you need to do is to figure out if your insurance plan has the SilverSneakers program included in it. If it does, you’ll need to find out which gyms near you are part of the program.

There is a list of gyms that you can search on the SilverSneakers website

Once you are in the SilverSneakers program, you’ll receive your SilverSneakers card through the mail. Some may also get their id digitally through the app.

There, you will find your 16-digit ID number. 

You can go to any of the participating gyms and tell the front desk that you are a member of the SilverSneakers program. You also need to show them your ID or present them with the 16-digit ID number. 

Then, they will give you free gym membership and a tour of the facility. This is free of charge and is already part of your insurance.

You just have to claim it and use it. 

The SilverSneakers Go App

Apart from being able to work out at various gyms or fitness facilities and attend classes, there is another benefit of being in the SilverSneakers program.

That is the SilverSneakers Go app

This app gives you online access to various exercise videos that you can easily follow at home. There are different levels that you can choose from. Their programs vary from 4-12 weeks and consist of walking, strength, and meditation exercises. 

The app also has a reminder feature that sends you notifications so you don’t forget to do the activities. You can schedule them at the most convenient time of day. 

The app can also be used to track your progress. It also gives you digital access to your membership card so you can present it to the fitness facility when you need to. You can also use the app to locate nearby classes that you’re interested in. 

Final Thoughts

Even if we age, we should still do activities that make our bodies healthier and fit. One of them is doing exercises. It is true that older people might find it more challenging to work out but it is not impossible. With the right workout regimen, older adults can still keep their bodies fit and healthy. 

Gyms and fitness facilities are great places to go to keep the body fit. Luckily, there are thousands of gyms and fitness facilities that participate in the SilverSneakers program. One of them is Planet Fitness. 

Planet Fitness accepts those who are part of the SilverSneakers program. With different locations, you’d surely find one near you. They offer all their gym equipment for free use. Plus, you can also attend classes there that are meant for older adults. 

The SilverSneakers program also has an app called the SilverSneakers Go. This app gives you online access to different exercise videos. It also helps you to find nearby participating gyms and available classes.

You can also find your digital ID number in the app.

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