Magnetic Lashes vs Glue Lashes

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Few of us have naturally long luscious lashes, but false eyelashes have come to the rescue for those of us not adorned with the fluttery eyelashes we wish we’d been born with. More recently, magnetic eyelashes have taken the world by storm, offering an alternative to the sticky glue and the not always easy application of falsies.

But is it just that they are the latest craze that has everyone so enamored with them, or are they really the better option?

In this article, we are going to take a look at magnetic lashes vs glue lashes.


Glue-on False Eyelashes

Glue-on false lashes

Glue-on  adhere on top of your lashes using lash glue. A specialized applicator  will allow for more precise placement.

False eyelashes are lightweight and range in style from very natural-looking thin wisps to full-on glam. You can get the lashes, glue, and applicator separately, or as a kit  that contains lashes, glue, and an applicator in the package.

Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic false lashes

Magnetic lashes use magnets to stay on and come in two varieties:

1. Dual Magnetic Eyelashes

Dual magnetic lashes  have a top and bottom layer that secure to each other, and your lash line, with tiny magnets that lock together. Basically, you are ‘sandwiching’ your natural eyelashes between two strips held together with magnetic force.

2.    Magnetic Lashes with Magnetic Eyeliner

With magnetic eyeliner lashes , the eyeliner, which contains iron oxides, is what your lash strip connects to, so there’s no dealing with a top and bottom strip of lashes.

You only have to apply one strip, and you can use the magnetic eyeliner with any lashes.

Magnetic Lashes vs Glue Lashes

Both false eyelashes and magnetic lashes have their pros and cons. Let’s first take a look at the benefits each brings to the table. Then we’ll weigh in the cons of both magnetic lashes and glue lashes, so you can decide which is best for you.

Pros of Magnetic Lashes

A key feature of magnetic lashes is how much easier they are to apply, compared to glue-on lashes. They are reasonably priced and you can get a lot more uses out of them than you can with glue lashes if they are stored properly. Magnetic lashes can be taken off easily whenever you want.

One of the other big upsides to magnetic lashes is that they are far less messy than traditional false lashes. Magnetic lashes either attach to a magnetic strip or to the magnetic eyeliner.

There’s no glue, so you don’t have to worry about getting adhesive all over your fingers and stuck to parts of the lashes you don’t want it stuck to.

And with no glue, there’s no chance of accidentally getting it in your eyes.

Magnetic lashes can be less irritating and are easier to clean afterward as there is no glue residue, but they can sometimes feel heavier.

Pros of Glue Lashes

The biggest advantage of wearing glue lashes over magnetic lashes is that they bend more easily to the shape of your eye. That makes them more comfortable to wear and look more natural than magnetic lashes.

Another great thing about glue lashes is that they are the most economical and you can buy them pretty much anywhere. You get approximately 2–5 uses out of reusable synthetic lashes, as long as they are properly cleaned and stored.

You can also opt for the slightly more expensive mink lashes that can give you about 20 uses from a single pair if you take care of them properly.

Cons of Magnetic Lashes

The biggest thing magnetic lashes have going against them is that they don’t look as natural as glue lashes. There are a few reasons for this. They are difficult to align to the natural curvature of the eye because they are a lot stiffer than false eyelashes.

For the sandwich magnet type of lashes, they don’t sit as close to your lash line as glue lashes and If you look closely, you can see the little magnets.

Do magnetic lashes stay on?

With regular use of the ‘sandwich’ type of magnetic lashes, the weight of the magnets on your natural lashes can cause them to weaken and fall out.

Though they are easier to apply, magnetic lashes often take longer for people to learn how to use, than glue lashes.

If you don’t traditionally wear a lot of makeup, requiring a liquid magnetic eyeliner to wear your lashes might not be the look you’re going for. If you choose the magnetic lashes with the ‘sandwich technique, instead of the magnetic eyeliner, the lack of makeup will make the magnets even more visible.

If you are using the lashes with a magnetic liner, you need to replace it every 3 months to prevent bacteria growth, otherwise, it can lead to infection.

As with other eyelash enhancements, you can lose lashes when removing magnetic lashes if you are not careful. They can break your natural lashes or cause them to grow in the wrong direction.

We should also mention that some people report headaches from magnetic lashes.

Cons of Glue Lashes

The glue used with traditional false eyelashes has been known to cause allergic reactions for those with latex allergy or sensitivities.

If glue lashes are not cleaned properly if they are being reused, they can cause irritation and infections.

And of course, if you are dealing with glue near your eye, there is the possibility of getting lash glue in your eye or on your skin, especially if you are a beginner at applying it.

Forceful removal of glue lashes can rip your eyelashes out. This should not be a problem if you remove them carefully, using an oil-based makeup remover or a false eyelash remover .

Are Magnetic Lashes Better Than Glue?

Lash enhancements, whether they are magnetic or glue, have risks. Anytime you have a foreign object near your eye, there is the potential for something to go wrong.

The most common problems associated with wearing glue and magnetic eyelashes include eye injuries and infections, allergic reactions, and damage to your natural lashes.

However, magnetic lashes don’t require glue, so some consider it a safer alternative. Either way, if applied, removed and taken care of properly, both magnetic lashes and glue lashes are good options if you are looking to enhance your natural lashes.

If you feel uncomfortable about applying a glue product so close to your eye, then maybe you might opt for the magnetic lashes.

If you are looking for a more natural look, that’s more cost-effective, you might opt for glue lashes.

When it comes to magnetic lashes vs glue and which is better, it really comes down to a matter of personal preference.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).