What Not To Do After a Brazilian Wax

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When you want to remove all your hair down there, there are a few options to choose from. Many go for shaving because it is convenient. However, there are downsides like ingrown hair or hair that grows back in just a couple of days.

That’s the reason why many people turn to Brazilian waxing. Once you’ve gone through the process, you should know how to care for the area afterward. 

Do you know what not to do after a Brazilian wax? The great news is that we are here to guide you and tell you about what things you should never do after getting that waxing procedure. 

Furthermore, we’ll also give you some tips on what you should do after the Brazilian wax procedure.


What Not To Do After A Brazilian Wax

You’ve already gone through the process of removing all the hair down there. It could feel painful and awkward during the procedure — that is one of the toughest parts. However, aftercare is just as important!

You should make sure to take some extra care and caution for at least the next 48 hours.

There are things that you should avoid: 

You should make sure to take extra care and caution for at least the next 48 hours

1. Don’t Soak Up the Sun

It’s understandable that you can get excited to flaunt your newly waxed bikini area with a beautiful bikini.

However, that’s not a great idea at all. 

Remember that your skin is still vulnerable down there. The skin down there is already delicate and due to the waxing procedure, it could be more susceptible to the damage due to exposure to UV rays. 

So whatever you do, resist the urge to wear a bikini and expose your skin to the UV rays of the sun (or to the UV rays of tanning beds as well). 

2. Don’t Hit the Waves

Aside from avoiding the sun, you should avoid swimming. Having a Brazilian wax to prepare for your beach trip could be your goal — but don’t do it at the last minute! 

Avoid swimming not only at the beach but also in pools as well. Your skin is still vulnerable and you could get an infection, especially if the water is dirty. 

3. Don’t Overexfoliate

Due to the process of waxing, it is not only the hair strands that could be removed. The topmost layer of the dead skin cells could be removed (this can be a good thing). 

Now that the layer is already removed, you don’t really need to exfoliate it that much. In fact, if you over-exfoliate, you could damage your skin. 

Exfoliation is important to help prevent ingrown hairs. However, you should not overdo it. There are gentler ways to exfoliate like using light scrubs or exfoliating serums.

4. Don’t Get a Spray Tan

Apart from getting a tan through UV light, you should avoid getting a spray tan when you’ve just gotten yourself a Brazilian wax. 

Spray tans make your skin darker through a chemical reaction to the ingredient DHA. It is possible for the chemicals to irritate your sensitive skin, so you should wait a little longer before you get a spray tan. 

Apart from that, the color of your tan could look uneven. There could be a difference between the waxed and unwaxed areas of your body, at least for the first day or two.

5. Don’t Use the Wrong Skincare Products

Skincare is still important even after you’ve gone through a Brazilian wax procedure. However, instead of using your usual skincare products, you have to be a bit more selective. 

Since your skin can feel raw because it has been stripped with the use of wax, you have to be careful of what products you place on them. Fragrances are ingredients that could irritate sensitive skin, so it is best to avoid them for several days after the Brazilian wax treatment. 

Additionally, products that have artificial colors as ingredients could be irritating so they should be avoided.

If you are trying to figure out which products to use, look for the ones that are suitable for sensitive skin. 

6. Don’t Do Hot Yoga and a Sauna

Another thing that you should avoid after you have your Brazilian wax treatment is heat due to hot yoga or sauna. Due to the steam, the pores could dilate or open up, which could result in premature stubble. 

This could be the reason why you might think that the Brazilian wax didn’t have a smooth result as you expected. 

Additionally, warm and wet places are the best places for bacteria to thrive. You want to make sure you avoid such areas to make sure your newly waxed area is clean. This helps you prevent infection from occurring.

7. Don’t Take a Long Bath

Keeping yourself clean is still important even after you had your Brazilian wax done. However, instead of taking your long leisurely baths, it would be best to swap them out for showers instead. 

When taking a bath, you sit in the bathwater for a long time. However, showers simply run the water down and you don’t soak in it for a long time.

Remember when we mentioned that you shouldn’t swim in pools? The reason not to soak in a bathtub is the same. Avoiding soaking in water lessens your risk of getting an infection. 

8. Don’t Hook Up 

Most of those who offer Brazilian wax will warn their clients about shutting down the Bumble app, especially for a few days. The skin is delicate and having sex in the next few days can make you feel uncomfortable. 

The friction can cause chafing in your delicate areas. Skipping on having sex for the first couple of days after getting your Brazilian wax is a good idea. 

9. Don’t Work out HARD

Intense workouts should be avoided when you’ve just gotten a Brazilian wax. Such activities could be too harsh on the area because of friction. 

If there is too much friction, you can irritate the skin down there. Additionally, sweat could irritate the area so just relax or take a break from your intense workouts for a couple of days after getting a Brazilan wax session. 

10. Don’t Wear Tight Clothing

One of the things that you should avoid after having a Brazilian wax is friction. Instead of your usual tight-fitting clothes, you should opt for loose-fitting ones. 

Tight-fitting clothes can irritate the skin because they can rub the parts. Flowy pants, breathable cotton fabrics, and even maxidresses should be the ones you opt to wear for the first few days. 

What You Should Do Instead

Apart from knowing the things that you should avoid doing, there are some things that you should remember to do to properly care for the newly waxed area. They are as follows:

1. Use Soothing Creams

Different people have different reactions to a Brazilian wax. Some may be more sensitive to it than others. Some may get more irritated easily with it than others. 

If you develop irritation due to a Brazilian was, there are some soothing creams that you can use to help calm down the irritation. Irritation can appear as itchy bumps on the skin. The new bumps are irritating however, the older ones could be due to ingrown hair. 

2. Exfoliate The Skin

We’ve mentioned that you shouldn’t over-exfoliate the skin after the Brazilian wax. However, that doesn’t mean you should not exfoliate the skin at all. 

Skin exfoliation on the area that’s done a couple of days after the procedure will do you good. Exfoliation helps not only get rid of ingrown hairs but helps prevent them from happening.

3. Allergy Creams Can Help

In some cases, the bumps or irritation may not be improving even if you use soothing creams. It is possible that it is due to an allergic reaction. 

When this happens to you, you can try over-the-counter medication like Claritin. This can help with irritation, itchiness, and bumps.

You can be allergic to one of the ingredients in the wax that they used on you. It would be good to call them up and ask for the ingredients so you can identify what could have caused the allergic reaction and avoid it in the future. 

4. Moisturize

We’ve mentioned soothing creams as a great way to combat irritation after a Brazilian wax. However, even if you think your skin isn’t really irritated, you should still not forget to moisturize the area. 

By making sure you moisturize the area properly, you’ll help the hair grow out easily. You can moisturize while in the shower by using some in-shower oil or other products. 

Applying lotion or oil on the skin helps trap moisture. 

5. Don’t Shave In Between Waxes

When your hair starts to grow longer after having a Brazilian wax, it can be tempting to use your shaver. However, shaving in between waxes isn’t a good idea. 

It could leave you with undesirable results because the hair wouldn’t grow at a length that’s ideal for waxing in your next appointment. If you are planning to do regular waxing sessions, shaving should be completely avoided. 

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).