How Long After A Lash Lift Can I Shower?

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Do you like to make your lashes look prettier and more obvious without having to add extensions to them? Well, that is possible through a lash lift procedure.

A lash lift essentially curls your lashes so they can be more striking. With a lift, you won’t have to use your eyelash curler anymore.

You can even skip using your mascara and it will still look great.

The key to making sure your lash lift lasts and doesn’t immediately droop down is to avoid moisture. You may ask yourself, “How long after a lash lift can I shower?

You can actually shower within the same day that you got your eyelash lift. Just make sure you minimize water exposure. Take short showers that aren’t that hot.

Apart from that, there are other aftercare instructions that you should know about.


How Long After A Lash Lift Can I Shower?

A lash lift is a procedure done to curl the lashes and make them more prominent without the use of extensions. It is a popular choice for those who want to achieve a natural look and eliminate the need for mascara.

The lash lift procedure lasts around 6-8 weeks, but it is important to follow the aftercare instructions to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

One of the main things to avoid is getting the lashes wet., This will cause them to droop down prematurely.

Moisture is the enemy of a lash lift. With water, the lashes could droop and lose their curl. So make sure you avoid getting them wet as much as possible.

This includes showering, swimming, and even crying.

Baths are a great alternative!

If you must really take a shower, you can actually do it within the same day you get your lash lift. However, you have to remember that you shouldn’t take too long in the shower.

If you can, it would be best to postpone your shower to avoid getting the lashes from getting wet for at least 24 hours.

You could also wear eye protection for showers , similar to those recommended for eyelash extensions.

Lash Lift Aftercare Tips

Shower Goggles

Aside from avoiding moisture and water, there are other things that you should and should not do. They are as follows:

Wash Your Face Carefully

Like taking a shower, you can wash your face but make sure that there is minimal contact with moisture. Avoid getting water in your eyes and make sure to dry your forehead or eyebrows quickly so that the water doesn’t run down on your eyes.

Don’t Rub Your Eyes

Another thing that you should avoid doing is to rub your eyes. If you do, you may irritate your eyes. Rubbing your eyes could ruin the eyelash shape.

If you feel any irritation, simply use damp but cool cotton over the eyes to soothe it.

Some people who have sensitive eyes may feel irritated because of the solution used in the lift.

Avoid Sleeping On Your Face

Sleeping on your face should be avoided. When you do that, you put pressure on your eyes and that could ruin the eyelash lift results.

Avoid Using Makeup For At Least 24 Hours

It can be really exciting to wear makeup with your newly lifted lashes. However, you should avoid it for at least 24 hours.

That will prevent any product from getting on your lashes. Plus, if you don’t use any makeup, then you won’t need to use any makeup remover afterward!

Don’t Use A Waterproof Mascara

An eyelash lift is a great way to emphasize your eyelashes. Most people who have this done don’t really need to use mascara, especially immediately after the procedure.

You should particularly steer clear of waterproof mascara. It’s very hard to remove and can ruin your lash lift.

If you really want to use mascara choose one that is washable so you wouldn’t be hard up in removing it. Remember not to use it immediately right after the procedure.

Don’t Use Eye Makeup Remover

Waterproof makeup removers usually contain oil so it is best to avoid them. If you need to remove some eye makeup, it is best to use oil-free ones.

When using makeup removers, make sure to wipe gently and carefully. Avoid pulling down on your eyelashes to make sure that they last longer.

Brush Your Lashes

Another way to make sure your lashes look their best is to use a spoolie brush. This is useful in avoiding tangles so that your eyelashes still maintain their lifted shape.

If you don’t have a spoolie brush, you can use an old mascara brush. However, you have to make sure that you clean it thoroughly so that there are no products that could get to your eyelashes.

What Should You Do If You Mess Up The Lash Lift?

Messing up your lash lift rarely happens. But it is possible! If the lash esthetician does the procedure correctly and if you follow the aftercare instructions given to you, then your eyelashes are unlikely to be messed up.

In case they are really ruined and the lashes droop, you’ll need to have the procedure redone.

However, you can’t do that right away. You need to wait for about a month before doing it again.

Lashes shouldn’t be always exposed to the lash lift solution because they can become fragile. That could lead to your lashes falling off if you do it far too often.

Risks Of A Lash Lift

Although it is unlikely to happen, there are some risks that you need to know about a lash lift.

One of the risks is permanent discoloration and even damage to your natural lashes. This can be due to the solution that was used to lift the lashes.

There’s a risk of damaging your eyes if the lash esthetician fails in conducting the procedure properly or if you don’t follow the aftercare instructions.

Estheticians will instruct you not to open your eyes through the procedure so the solution doesn’t get inside. You should follow what your esthetician says so that you don’t risk irritating or damaging the eyes.

You may not be completely satisfied with how much longer your lashes get because individual genetics come into play, especially when it comes to growth patterns and recurrence rates.

The other risk is that the lash lift will wear off prematurely, and you’ll feel like you’ve wasted your money. Good care and hygiene will help prevent that.

Written by Kayla Young

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