Low Eyebrows Makeup Guide

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If you have deep-set eyes like me, then you’ll know all about eyebrows that hang down low. You’ll also be aware that when you try and follow most makeup tutorials and suggestions, there’s a very big chance you may end up looking like a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race. This can be great, but it’s always what you’re going for!

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that there are ways to make the most of your deep-set eyes, which are also called hooded eyes, where the eyelid appears almost invisible and there doesn’t seem to be enough space to get creative.

It’s time to embrace your face and reveal everything there is to know about low eyebrows makeup.


Put A Lid On

As humans, we always want what we don’t have. You’ve probably raged at your hooded eyes at some point.

The internet is awash with makeup tutorial videos, blogs, and images of beautifully-blended eye makeup for women with the most normal eyelid shape, which has a lot of space to play with between the top of the eye and high eyebrow.

If you have hooded eyes and low set eyebrows, it basically means that you have an extra layer of skin that droops over the actual eye crease.

This can mean the application of eye makeup can be more difficult because the excess skin tends to cover whatever has been applied.

However, if you do have low eyebrows, then you can take inspiration from the many beautiful women who also have hooded eyelids, including Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevigne, Kate Hudson, Emma Watson, and Lily Collins. 

So what these names should tell you is just because you don’t have eyelids that can show off a lot of color, it doesn’t mean that your eyes can’t be pretty.

They can be beautiful!

But you will have to experiment a bit more in order to find the makeup techniques that will work best for your low eyebrows and face shape.

For instance, if your eyes are also small, then wearing heavy eyeliner and eyeshadow will make them look even smaller and too shadowed.

Certain eye makeup looks can be difficult to master for those of us with low eyebrows, but if it’s a smokey or winged eye you’re after, there are ways to get the effect you want.

Lift Off

Framing your canvas with the right brow shape for your face is the foundation to finding the perfect low eyebrows makeup for you. Your brows are unique like your fingerprints. So having the right shape can even make them appear naturally lifted.

Many people believe that super-arched eyebrows are the only way for your eyebrows to appear more lifted. But that’s not the case!

Brow mapping is a technique that uses a mathematical ratio to find the right proportions that will help you achieve symmetry in your face. 

This proportion is also known as the golden ratio. In regard to brow mapping, it gives the brows their most flattering shape, since the golden ratio represents visual harmony in nature.

You can’t avoid finding the golden ratio in nature, art, architecture, etc. It’s literally everywhere around you.

Low Eyebrows Makeup Guide

Eye makeup for hooded eyes can be tricky to get right. As you now know, the typical eyeshadow and eyeliner techniques don’t work with low set eyebrows, so most of the work needs to be concentrated on the outer sides of the eye.

Darker shades of eyeshadow should be applied on the brow bones and blended toward the middle.

Using really dark colors, however, will make the eyes look more deep-set.

To make the eyes look bigger and brighter, shimmery eye colors should be applied on the inner corners and blended toward the middle.

To make the eyes look bigger and brighter, shimmery eye colors should be applied on the inner corners and blended toward the middle.

If you’re a fan of liquid liner, then you already know that applying it without it smearing onto your upper lids can be difficult.

You can still use liquid liner, but you have to allow the liquid liner to dry completely, one eye at a time. And it will have to be waterproof to prevent further smudging.

Urban Decay’s Perversion Finepoint Eye Pen

Urban Decay’s Perversion Finepoint Eye Pen  is the perfect low eyebrow liquid liner.

This paraben-free waterproof liner has an ultra-fine innovative brush tip that gives good control over the shape you want to achieve.

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The Urban Decay Perversion liquid liner will also work really well if you want to try wings, which aren’t easy to do if you have low eyebrows. 

Because the folds of your hooded eyelids hang down, when you draw the wing it won’t look the same when your eyes are relaxed. You will have to learn how to draw the wing so that when your eye fold is in its natural place, the wing flicks up dramatically.

It will take some time to get used to getting it right, but you can watch this tutorial for inspiration:

Lashing Out

False Eyelash Set

For those of you who like wearing false lashes regularly, then you’ll be aware that most styles won’t provide the right fit.

To begin with, extremely long false eyelashes will basically look weird and hit your low eyebrows when you wear them.

If you like the shape of a particular set of long false lashes, though, you can always trim them down with nail scissors.

False lashes that are extremely full will also cause issues. They will basically make your entire hooded eyelid disappear and you won’t see any eyeshadow at all.

They won’t look at all natural and have the potential of appearing trashy and ridiculous.

Red Cherry LAshes

Red Cherry Lashes #WSP Wispy  are the perfect false eyelashes for hooded eyes. Their medium-length and wispy style won’t dominate the eye area and so will look more natural.

They’re made with 100% natural human hair and are both latex and cruelty-free.

Red Cherry #WSP False Eyelashes (Pack of 6 Pairs)
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So as you now know, there are a few tips you need to make your eye makeup work for your hooded eyes. And remember, it’s just makeup! So if you make a mistake with your wings, for example, all you need to do is wash it off and start again. 

When you take the time to learn the right techniques for your low eyebrows makeup application, you can have a lot of fun on the way and find the unique style that will suit your unique eyes without having to sashay away.

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Written by Kayla Young

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