Anytime Fitness Tanning: Guide to Tanning at Anytime Fitness

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When selecting a gym for membership, what are your non-negotiables? Do you simply look at how much cost? Culture? Maybe you’re one of those who check out the gym equipment they have to offer.

What about amenities? The availability of lockers, showers, spa features, etc? Well, you should because that will help you determine if the price of their membership is really worth it all. 

One of the amenities that gyms could offer is the possibility of tanning. So does Anytime Fitness have tanning? Are there beds or booths available?

The short answer is yes, some Anytime Fitness locations have tanning available in the form of tanning beds. However, not all of the Anytime Fitness gyms offer it.

The equipment and amenities that each of the gyms offers vary. I’ll explain the details here. 


Does Anytime Fitness Have Tanning?

Do you like getting the most out of your gym membership? I do! Anytime Fitness is great because it hits a nice middle ground. Plenty of machines and equipment, a good culture that’s not intimidating, but also not too friendly, and a reasonable price.

Plus there are amenities!

Tanning is available in most of AF’s gyms, especially the larger ones or the ones that are in the cities or urban areas. This is a great advantage because, with membership, you can tan at any time. They are open 24/7.

You can work out and tan in the same place. That is a convenient way to get the most out of your membership. 

Pro Tip: tanning in a tanning bed can lead to skin cancer, premature aging, wrinkles, etc. It is one of the worst ways of tanning, and tanning outside or spray/sunless tanning is better for your body.

Tanning At Anytime Fitness 

Anytime Fitness usually has tanning beds, but you’ll have to confirm with your specific local branch. The number of tanning beds available will vary from one location to another. 

Depending on the members, it is possible that there may be a wait for the use of the tanning bed.

Nevertheless, you may go there at off-peak hours to use the tanning beds and avoid the long queue. 

Each member of Anytime Fitness is allowed unlimited use of the tanning bed. However, that doesn’t mean that you can tan for as long as you want and as much time as you want within a day! 

There is a limit to the number of times you can use the tanning bed. This is both for your safety and to allow others to use the tanning bed as well. 

You are limited to using the tanning bed once every 24 hours. So you can certainly use it again the next day. However, most suggest using the tanning bed only 1-3 times a week. 

You are limited to using the tanning bed once every 24 hours.

To use the tanning bed at Anytime Fitness, you will need your key fob. This will give you access to the tanning bed and will also make sure that you only get to use it once within the 24 hour period. 

Those who use the tanning bed are expected to clean as they go and as a courtesy for the next user.

If complaints are made and the tanning beds were really dirty due to your use, you can be banned from using them or your key fob can be confiscated. 

How To Tan At Anytime Fitness

Tanning at Anytime Fitness is easy. You can use the tanning beds at your preferred time.

The first thing to do is to see if tanning beds are available. Some locations may have more than one tanning bed so many people get to use it at a time. However, there can still be a wait to use the beds, so check in with the staff. 

If you don’t want to wait for too long, go there at off-peak hours.

You’ll need to use your key fob to access the tanning bed. 

Using the fob key is also a way for Anytime Fitness to limit your use of the tanning beds to once every 24 hours.

You are expected to leave the tanning bed clean after use to avoid giving the next person a tanning bed rash. Make sure you clean up to prevent you from being banned from using tanning beds. 

Cost Of Tanning At Anytime Fitness

When it comes to the cost of tanning at Anytime Fitness, you’ll be pleased to learn that there is no additional cost to use the tanning facilities. Anyone who has a membership at an Anytime Fitness gym can use the various amenities available.

That includes the tanning beds too. 

However, the membership fee for Anytime Fitness may also vary from one location to another. That’s because they are independently owned

. You could expect that one Anytime Fitness gym may have a higher membership fee than another because they have tanning beds and other amenities available for their members. 

Tanning Before Or After A Workout

Tanning Bed In Use

It’s quite convenient when your gym has a tanning bed right there. You don’t need to go somewhere else just to top off your color. 

If you want to get a tan and work out at the same time, you may be wondering what should you do first? Is it best to work out first before you tan or is the opposite better? 

Tanning Before Working Out

Some people would choose to hit the tanning bed first before they work out. The heat of the sunbed could warm up and relax the muscles and many find this to improve their performance. 

However, one disadvantage to this is that you might feel less energetic after tanning. 

That’s because of the effect of the sunbed. The slight heat could relax your muscles, make you sweaty and a little bit dehydrated.

That could be more challenging to do strenuous exercise after it, especially if you plan to immediately workout. 

Additionally, some people use tanning lotion for the face. If you do not rinse it out after tanning, the sweat you produce during your workout can drip on your eyes and irritate them. 

Tanning After Workout

On the contrary, there are some people who prefer to use the tanning bed after working out. However, there are disadvantages to this choice. 

After working out, your body is going to be sweaty and your heart rate will be elevated (if you’re doing it right!). You could also feel warm and uncomfortable because of your exercise and the tanning lotion you use. 

In such a case, make sure you rest first and lower your heart rate before you use the tanning bed. Also, you may want to shower before you use the tanning bed to cool down and ensure you don’t get your sweat all over the tanning bed

It can be uncomfortable getting into that tight space when you’re all sweaty.

One advantage that people claim is that tanning after working out will allow your skin to absorb more of the UV rays because the pores are dilated and there is an increase in blood circulation. 

Also, some claim that the warmth of the sunbed could be relaxing and soothing to the muscles after your workout.

What To Do After Tanning And Working Out

Regardless of what you choose comes first, after you do both, you should take a shower to rinse the sweat and tanning lotion off your skin. 

You may even tan and work out at different times of day, or days of the week, if it is more convenient for your schedule. Sometimes you just don’t know how many people are lined up for the tanning bed and you could be running late if you push to get both things done at the same time.

Aside from having a shower, you should also drink plenty of water. Tanning and working out can both make you dehydrated.

If you are feeling thirsty or drained, take in some fluids to replenish your body. Headache can also be a sign of dehydration so watch out for that as well. 

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Written by Kayla Young

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