Anytime Fitness vs Planet Fitness

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Are you trying to get fit? Getting a membership at a fitness club is your best path. Each has its own flavor, cost, and style. Two of the largest options are Anytime Fitness and Planet Fitness

These two franchises are similar and are often compared. In the battle of Anytime Fitness Vs Planet Fitness, which one wins? Well, the answer will depend on what you want to get out of the membership as well as your level of fitness. 

Either is great! But for beginners, Planet Fitness is your best option. However, you may outgrow Planet Fitness if you become more serious about your fitness journey. Anytime Fitness is more preferred by semi-experienced gym-goers. That said, Planet Fitness has some great perks.

The one best for you will depend on you. To make it easier for you to decide between the two, we will compare both options here.

What Is Anytime Fitness?

Do you want a gym that lets you work out at any time of day? Anytime Fitness is the right gym for that!

It’s in the name!

Their facilities are open 24 hours a day so you can go there whenever you have time. 

They have a good selection of strength and cardio machines as well as functional training equipment, free weights, bench presses, etc. Apart from that, they also have events and challenges for members so they can stay engaged, complete, and keep the motivation up. 

Using these challenges, classes, etc., AF builds a close-knit community that helps to support each other. 

Anytime Fitness has over 4,500 different locations all over the globe so they are also great for travelers and those who have busy schedules and can’t go to the gym during the usual opening hours. 

Although it’s great that they are available all day, you should note the price of the membership plans is almost certainly more expensive than that of Planet Fitness.

What Is Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness is another good option for those who are looking to get fit and improve their health. PF’s main goal is to provide a gym with a judgment-free environment for their members.

They aim to be the gym for everyone, but many bodybuilders, powerlifters, and Crossfitters who’ve been working out for years may not feel welcome. Gym rats and Planet Fitness don’t mix.

Planet Fitness worries that their main demographic may feel intimidated while… more knowledgeable gym-goers do their workout. Working out in the wrong way could get them kicked out.

More frequently, though, people outgrow Planet Fitness rather than get kicked out.

Planet Fitness focuses on providing equipment for beginners. They don’t have barbells or heavy dumbbells for safety reasons. They also don’t have squat racks or deadlift platforms because those may seem intimidating. 

However, they do have lots of treadmills, light dumbbells, Smith machines, and other gym equipment that are beginner-friendly.

Apart from those, they also offer various perks like free Wi-Fi, discounts at, and more affordable membership plans.

And one additional interesting part of Planet Fitness is the Black Card Spa Area. This costs extra but provides access to the Total Body Enhancement Machines, PF Tanning, Hydromassage, and other great benefits.

Anytime Fitness Vs Planet Fitness: What’s The Difference?

Anytime Fitness and Planet Fitness are two different fitness facilities. As you’ve seen from their individual descriptions, there are clear obvious differences. However, there are further differences. Let’s get to know them in detail below.

The Cost

If you are to choose a gym to go to, one of the factors that you should consider is the cost. However, you should not only compare the prices, you should also compare the things that you can get out of while paying that price.

With Anytime Fitness, the cost of the membership could vary by location. However, the average monthly cost in the United States is in the range of $40. 

The upfront cost of the membership could seem high because you have to pay the initiation fee which costs around $100 then there is also another $25 for your key fob. Depending on the membership you want to get, you could pay in the range of $40 for the monthly cost, or about $400 for an annual pass. 

On the other hand, Planet Fitness has a more affordable membership. Their monthly plan can go for as low as $10 for their classic membership and about $30 for their extra Black Card membership

With either of the membership plans, you still have to pay an annual fee that costs around $40. There is also an enrollment fee that could be as low as $1 depending on the location’s promotion. They also have a great No Commitment setup for those who want to check out Planet Fitness. 

If you simply base it on the price, it is clear that Planet Fitness is the winner here. They offer a similar membership at a more affordable price. 


Another important thing to consider when choosing a gym is the equipment that they have to offer. That will help you better understand if working out there could help you meet your fitness goals.

Although you don’t really need all the fancy equipment, their equipment should still fit your workout style and your lifestyle. People happily pay gobs of money for Equinox and even pricier gyms, after all!

Anytime Fitness offers a great range of exercise equipment. They have ellipticals, stationary bikes, treadmills, rowers, kettlebells, slam balls, plyo boxes, battle ropes, and many others. 

They really cover the gamut.

The equipment that they offer may vary from one location to another. However, you are still most likely to find a squat rack or a power cage in their facilities. They also have some barbells, squat bars, and benches. 

As for Planet Fitness, most of their equipment is cardio machines and resistance machines. They also have some dumbbells barbells and plates, but they have a very limited weight range. 

There aren’t any squat racks there, so those who are eyeing for strength training may feel like they are lacking. However, they do a pretty good job maintaining their equipment properly.

There isn’t a clear winner for this, because it will depend on what you want to use to achieve your fitness goals.

If you’re more into cardio and resistance machines, Planet Fitness would be best. They also have some for strength training but could be limited. 

Otherwise, Anytime Fitness is a clear winner, assuming you’re reasonably experienced on the machines. It’s a bit easier to infill cardio by going for runs or bike rides outside, as opposed to strength training.


The atmosphere of the gym you work out will affect your success in achieving your fitness goal. If you don’t like the atmosphere, you’re not going to want to go there. If you enjoy the vibe other people provide there, then you are more likely to come back. 

At Anytime Fitness, you will see various people of all ages. They have different fitness backgrounds and may be willing to help you with the equipment or to spot you. AF have a friendly staff that can do that for you. 

On the other hand, Planet Fitness also welcomes everyone and they claim to have a judgment-free zone environment. Planet Fitness is ideal for newbies and those who aren’t super familiar with how to use different equipment, what their proper form is, etc. 

However, some people at Planet Fitness might find you intimidating if you’re grunting or if you wear something that looks intimidating. When that happens they can report you to the staff and you could be asked to leave. Planet Fitness claims that this policy helps them provide a non-intimidating atmosphere. 

The atmosphere in the gym would also be dependent on the people who go there. It is best to check out each gym and see which meets your vibe best. Both gyms have robust guest polices.

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Group Classes

Exercise Class Smile

Working out in groups can help keep your motivation up, especially if you can’t find a gym buddy to work out with! With the high energy of the group and the encouragement of the instructors, you can better enjoy your workout. 

Anytime Fitness offers a variety of signature team fitness classes. They are classified as base, burn, and build. The base classes are entry-level classes and will help improve cardiovascular endurance. 

The burn classes are higher energy classes that combine cardio movements and strength training. The build classes are primarily for those who are into muscle-building or strength-building exercises. 

As for Planet Fitness, they also have group classes called [email protected] There are a variety of group classes available and the type of class will also depend on the instructor that is available.

You should check your local Planet Fitness facility to see what kind of classes they offer. 


Aside from the gym equipment itself, gyms can also offer a variety of amenities for their members. Many people also get attracted to the different amenities that they have to offer.

Anytime Fitness offers various amenities that vary significantly based on the location. Many will have massage chairs, red light therapy booths, tanning booths, lockers, and smoothie bars. 

As for Planet Fitness, they mostly have massage chairs, tanning booths, red light therapy booths, and smoothie bars as well. Some may also have free hair cuts. 

Hours Of Operation

What time are you free to work out? Some people can work out right after work when most gyms are still open. But if you only have early mornings, late nights, or midnight as the most suitable time to workout, you need to find a gym that will fit your schedule. 

With Anytime Fitness, you can get in there at any time. But make sure you have your key fob! Although the staff may not work overnight, you can still work out there after hours because there are still security cameras that can monitor the gym. 

For Planet Fitness, their opening hours will vary from one location to another. However, most of them are open 24 hours a day.

It would be best to check the opening hours in your location just to make sure. 

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).