Can You Deadlift At Anytime Fitness?

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Deadlifting is a powerful movement that works the entire body? Some people use it as a back exercise, others consider it more of a leg exercise. 

However, it doesn’t only work in those areas. It also works the arms, core, glutes, and back. Did you know that such a powerhouse move may not be allowed in some gyms?

That may make you ask, “Can you deadlift at Anytime Fitness?” The good news is that you can certainly deadlift at Anytime Fitness. They still allow their members to perform deadlifts there. 

Let’s talk about doing deadlifts at Anytime Fitness below. 


Can You Deadlift At Anytime Fitness?

Anytime Fitness has lots of different gym equipment that you can use for different fitness goals. They may not be considered as a powerlifting gym because they don’t just focus on powerlifting equipment.  

They are more of an all-around gym that caters to a wide audience and are in a pretty sweet spot in terms of price, value, and convenience. They have cardio equipment, weights, classes, and CrossFit-style equipment as well. 

However, unlike other gyms that ban deadlifts, Anytime Fitness allows deadlifts in their gyms.

You just have to make sure that you are in proper form when you do them to avoid harming yourself

Additionally, for safety reasons, they also request their members avoid slamming the weights on the floor or throwing the weights on the ground. Although you might be cleared from the weights, other members could get accidentally hit by them.

Anytime Fitness doesn’t have a Lunk Alarm like Planet Fitness does, but slamming weights is definitely not encouraged.

In some of the Anytime Fitness gyms, they have a powerlifting platform. This is a specific area where you can do deadlifts. 


However, many AF gyms don’t have powerlifting platforms. In such gyms, they still allow deadlifts even if you do them on the gym floors. 

Additionally, there are some people who say that you can’t use chalk at Anytime Fitness. Many serious lifters use chalk in order to improve their grip on the weights. 

The chalk dries up the wet hands so you can hold onto the bar better. 

Why Are Deadlifts Banned In Some Gyms In The US?

Deadlifts are still allowed at Anytime Fitness although there are some gyms that have banned them already.

There may be a few reasons why they are banned. 

First of all, deadlifts can look scary and intimidating, especially to beginners who aren’t used to doing them or seeing other people do them. 

If more of the gym-goers are beginners or those who just focus on cardio, they might get uncomfortable and discouraged seeing people deadlifting.

Another reason could be due to legal reasons or due to insurance. Some gyms may not want this done because their flooring could be ruined. 

Benefits Of Deadlifts

Now that you know that deadlifts are allowed at Anytime Fitness, the question is should you do it? What benefits will you get out of it?

Deadlifts are great because they work your shoulders down to your calves. As you perform deadlifts, you improve your strength, posture, and poise.

Instead of simply carrying a load with your back, you’ll learn to use your legs to carry the load as well. That helps save your back from injuries.

Another benefit of doing deadlifts helps you build the muscles in your glutes and legs. It can help with your posture and can improve the muscles on your back. 

Apart from the back, it also helps improve your core, forearms, and your grip as well. 

Deadlifts are compound movements. That means that you use various muscles to do the movement. It gives you a total body workout. 

Different Types Of Deadlifts

There isn’t a single way to do the deadlift. There are various types that you can do. You should select the type that suits you best. The variations can help modify the movement so you can avoid injury or sore areas of your body. 

  • Straight Leg Deadlifts – With this type, the legs are kept straight. This will put more pressure on the hamstrings. 
  • Romanian Deadlifts – In this type of deadlift, your hips will be bent so that the barbel moves towards your shins. The knees could be slightly bent to avoid injury. It focuses on the hamstring and glutes.
  • Sumo Deadlift – The sumo deadlift is great for those who want to give their back a break. With this type, the feet are wide apart like a sumo wrestler. 
  • Barbell Deadlift – This type is most commonly seen in gyms. It uses the muscles in the back, core, quads, glutes, forearms, hamstrings, and back.

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