Does Anytime Fitness Have Barbells?

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For those who do it, strength training is a necessity. Once you start, you can’t stop. Whether it’s kettlebells, free weights, or barbells, strength is key to unlocking all other aspects of fitness.

Not all gyms are about strength training, and some are only about strength training. One of those middle-ground gyms is Anytime Fitness. It’s not a meathead gym, nor is it a Planet Fitness clone.

So Does Anytime Fitness have barbells? Most Anytime Fitness gyms have barbells available for their members. 

However, note that some locations don’t. Unfortunately, you’ll have to check your local location to confirm. 

Remember that the gym equipment and amenities of the Anytime Fitness gyms vary by location. Let’s go over the details.


Does Anytime Fitness Have Barbells?

Anytime Fitness is a great gym for anyone who wants to make themselves healthier by working out. They are open 24 hours a day and they have an impressive list of gym equipment. 

They’re a good middle-ground gym, with a solid array of quality equipment and not a brutal price point.

With the variety of gym equipment available, you could also find a variety of gym-goers there. Whether you are focused on cardio training, strength-building, or CrossFit style exercises, you’d be able to find gym equipment that you could use. 

Unlike other health and fitness facilities like Planet Fitness, Anytime Fitness typically has a good array of barbells available in their facility. Strength training is one of the reasons why people go to their gym. Barbells are essential gym equipment for that. 

Anytime Fitness makes sure that its members have a great selection of gym equipment to cater to their members. They see to it that they could provide what they need to help them achieve their fitness goals. 

How To Use Barbells For Beginners

Do you want to improve your strength? One way that you can do this is to use barbells. Barbells are essential for various exercises like deadlifts, presses, rows, or squats. 

Unlike other weighted gym equipment that could get more awkward or challenging to hold as they become bigger in size or heavier in weight, the barbells usually stay in the same size even though the weight is changed. 

Anyone who wants to use the barbell can certainly use it. There is really no pre-requisite to using the barbell. What is more important is to make sure that you have good form. 

If you are going to incorporate barbells in your exercises to make them more challenging, you first simply have to know how to do the movements safely. 

Say for example squatting with barbells. If you plan to do that, you must first know the fundamentals of squatting. How it should be done properly without hurting yourself.

Types Of Barbells

If you plan to use barbells, then you should first know the different types that may be available for you. Barbells aren’t just big and heavy. There are many types and kinds and you can surely find one that works well for you. 

With most gyms, just like Anytime Fitness, you’ll find the standard barbells in power racks. These are called Olympic barbells and they typically weigh about 45 lbs. If the weight seems too light for you, you can definitely increase the weight by adding more plates to each side of the barbell.

Apart from the Olympic barbells, there are also pre-loaded barbells. These could be shorter than the Olympic barbells and they have a fixed weight. 

Such barbells are usually used for overhead presses and bicep curls. They aren’t usually used for deadlifts because the plates they have are smaller. 

That makes them more difficult to pick up, which could also affect your form. 

Barbells At Anytime Fitness

You can find different barbells at Anytime Fitness. They have smaller and lighter ones that you can use for bicep curls. 

They also have barbells that you can use on squat racks and bench presses. These barbells have additional plates should you need to make them heavier and more challenging for your workout. 

Deadlifts are also allowed at Anytime Fitness. There are locations that even have deadlift platforms. However, even those that don’t have them would still allow you to deadlift on their functional training area or gym floor. 

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