Equinox Free Trial: How Does It Work?

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Equinox is one of the most luxurious fitness clubs around. They don’t just offer a variety of gym equipment and amenities, they add elegance to them as well. 

That’s why their membership fees are… significant. If you ask members, though, most will say it’s worth the cost

Before deciding to pay the full membership fee, it’s good to test the waters. So does Equinox have a free trial?

A free trial is a great way to get the full Equinox experience without committing to the monthly membership fee plus the initiation fee that could rack up to $500 depending on the type of membership you get. Whew!

The great news is that an Equinox Free Trial is offered! With the free trial, you good get a chance to experience the Equinox experience! You’ll be able to decide if Equinox is the right gym for you and your wallet.

Does Equinox Have A Free Trial?

Equinox provides a free trial opportunity to those who are interested in checking out their offerings.

These trials are limited to within a certain time period. The free trial period will vary depending on the gym you are interested in checking out, and potentially on the time of year. 

Typically a free trial will last for 1-3 days. If you want to experience a free trial at the Equinox gym, all you have to do is to ask. Most will give you a day or two of a free trial period. 

Equinox is involved in many partnerships and many companies encourage their employees to work out. Equinox may give certain employees a 3-day free trial just to help them figure out if they would like to continue with a full membership.

On top of that, they could also be given a discount on their membership fee.

Some of the fees, such as the initiation fee, could be waved if the company you work for has a partnership with Equinox. 

Alternatives To The Equinox Free Trial

Aside from the free trial, there are other ways you can test out the delights of Equinox without paying for the full-price membership. They also have guest passes that also let you check out the gym with an existing member so you can decide if you really want to commit to the membership. 

The guest pass is a usually 7-day pass at Equinox. With 7 days, you’ll be able to fully experience what the gym has to offer before agreeing to set up a membership there. 

Equinox has lots of gym equipment geared towards basic training and cardio training. On top of that, they also offer yoga classes, saunas, basketball courts, group cardio, spas, cafes, pools, steam rooms, hot tubs, and many of the most expansive amenities available. 

With the 7-day pass, you also have access to all those mentioned above, depending on what the specific gym has to offer. 

Due to the length of time offered, most of the locations that offer the 7-day guest pass also include a charge. The cost will vary from $10 up to $50 depending on the gym that you go to. 

If you are only getting the one- or two-day pass, then the local club will possibly provide it for free. 

How To Get The Guest Pass?

There are different ways to get a guest pass at Equinox. First of all, you can get one if you know an existing member. 

Do you have a friend or a family member who is already a member there? If you do, then you can ask them so they can invite you as their guest and you can get a guest pass. 

They can do that by giving you an invite through the mobile app of Equinox. You’ll receive an email with a link that you can go to register and complete. Just take note that you can only visit the location that the member is using as their home gym. 

To process the registration, you would need to fill up a form that will ask for your name, birthday, email, phone number, address, club or location, and ID details. After that, you can submit the request and you’d be given the pass through your email. 

This pass is what you’ll be showing to the staff at the selected Equinox club so they can let you in. Just make sure to also bring your valid ID to verify your identity. 

Done! Time to exercise!

Written by Kayla Young

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