Equinox Basketball Court: Do All Locations Have Hoops?

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Think of a gym. What is the first thing that pops into your mind? Probably exercise equipment, barbells, bench presses, etc. But is a yoga studio a gym? Of course! What about a spin studio? Yep.

What about a basketball court? No, that’s a game, right?

Of course, basketball is incredibly good exercise. It’s a fun activity offered in many gyms.

So does Equinox have basketball courts? Some Equinox fitness club locations offer basketball courts in their facilities, however, not all of them do.

There are a few selected locations with basketball courts, usually those in major cities. We’ll explain it below.


Why Does Equinox Have Basketball Courts?

Basketball is a well-loved game, with many fans and players, both women and men. 

Moreover, it is a great sport that has an incredibly positive impact on your health and fitness. The sprinting, jumping, coordination, focus, and camaraderie are unmatched among sports. That’s why many gyms include a basketball court as part of their amenities. 

However, due to the space required for a basketball court, many gyms prefer not to dedicate space to a court. But Equinox, perhaps the world’s premier high-end fitness club, provides basketball courts in some of their gyms. 

That’s because playing basketball isn’t only good for the body’s physical but it also helps in other aspects of life like the mental, social and emotional aspects. 

As a luxury gym, Equinox wants to provide its members with the very best experience possible. That includes providing unparalleled luxury and a variety of workout modes for their members. 

Doing the same workout every day gets boring and discouraging. However, if you go for a game of basketball instead, you can work out the different muscles in the body, improve your circulation, and have loads of fun at the same time. 

Due to the space that basketball courts take, not all Equinox branches provide courts. To make sure that they do, you’ll have to check in with the Equinox location you’re planning to go to in order to confirm.

Working Out Through Basketball

Equinox has a comprehensive selection of exercise equipment provided in their gyms. You can certainly pick from a variety of equipment each gym visit in order to achieve your personal goals. 

But apart from the gym equipment that they offer, the amenities provided at Equinox also play a huge part in attracting more potential members to finally sign in, fork over the cash, and become a member. 

One of the best amenities that Equinox has to offer is its basketball court. Basketball courts can take up much space in a gym that is why it is understandable that not all gyms have this as a standard. 

However, Equinox has courts because you can also efficiently workout by playing basketball. There are many reasons why you should choose to play basketball if your goal is to make your body fit. They are as follow:

A Total Body Workout

Do you want to work out every part of your body? That is possible with basketball. It can help improve your cardio health because you needed to run around the court, often sprinting, while playing. 

Then there’s also the vertical aspect of the game. That could be observed when you need to jump or when you need to change your direction quickly. 

Strength is also improved with basketball. With this game, you need to box out someone or prevent someone from boxing you out in order to get the ball. 

All of those activities work different areas of your body at the same time. It is really a total body workout. 

Improves Mental Health

Apart from helping you improve your physique, playing basketball also helps you mentally. You have to think about how you should react to other players depending on how they move, and you need to work as a team. 

And finally, you need to be in the zone in order to make those shots!

You get camaraderie, exercise, focus, and energy all in one.

Helps You Socialize

Basketball is a great way to socialize with other people. You get to play in a team where you don’t only have to rely on yourself, but also on your teammates. It helps build good social relationships. 

You learn your team’s strengths and weaknesses and use that to your advantage so that you can win the game together by helping each other. 

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