Does Gold’s Gym Have Tanning Beds?

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Gyms complete on exercise offerings, class offerings, and amenities. The better the amenities, the more you’ll be inclined to join! Gold’s Gym has lots of amenities, from swimming pools to basketball courts, to nice showers.

What about tanning beds?

Does Gold’s Gym have tanning beds?

The answer varies from one Gold’s Gym to another. There are about 700 Gold Gym branches worldwide. There used to be a time when tanning beds were quite a common sight in the gym.

But times have changed, and many locations no longer offer tanning.

Currently, there are only about 128 out of the 700 locations that make tanning available in their gym.


Does Gold’s Gym Have Tanning Beds?

Don’t you just love it if the gym you go to has everything that you need? Imagine a gym where you can work out, shoot some hoops, swim a few laps, and best of all, achieve that bronzy tan color!

Believe it or not, you could certainly have all that at Gold’s Gym. They have a variety of amenities there will tickle your fancy.

If there is one nice extra that many people are looking for in a gym, it is tanning. Some people feel that they can better see the tone of their muscles when they are tan.

Others like how they look when they are tan. And others find tanning relaxing.

Tanning beds are quite popular in many gyms. Huge gym chains have them available because most of the public wants to use them.

It is a great way to entice people to join the gym and many have succeeded using this tactic.

But although tanning could be good for business, there are many controversies surrounding tanning beds in gyms.

Tanning In Gyms

One of the main reasons people love gyms with tanning services is the convenience. When you want to tan, you go to the gym where you work out.

You can tan before or after you work out.

Most gyms that have tanning booths provide unlimited tanning for their members. You can tan whenever you want, and this is often self-service.

Here is where the problem lies.

Although it’s good to have unlimited access to tanning beds or tanning booths, using them all the time could be a very bad thing!

The problem with this is too much UV exposure.

We all know that exposure to UV lights whether from the sun or from the UV lamps could cause wrinkles… and worse. Tanning beds increase the risk of skin cancer.

The availability of self-service tanning beds in gyms is concerning. Many argue that people who use them without supervision may be harming themselves.

At a tanning salon, there are knowledgeable employees who can assist and monitor your tanning use. At a gym, who’s really watching?

In most gyms, you are free to use the tanning beds and booths whenever you want. But, as a precaution, most gyms will limit your use of the tanning facilities even if they advertise unlimited tanning.

Unlimited doesn’t mean you can stay there for an hour or more. It just means that you can use the tanning bed or tanning booth every day.

Usually, they limit it to 1 tanning session per day. They also put a limit on how long you should use it.

But how close are they watching?

At a tanning salon, there are knowledgeable employees who can assist and monitor your tanning use. At a gym, who’s really watching?

Tanning At Gold’s Gym

Tanning is still available at many Gold’s Gym locations. As we’ve said, it is a common amenity that many locations have.

But recently, many locations have removed their tanning facilities. You’ll have to check to see if your specific branch still has tanning facilities.

Remember that you may need to pay extra fees to get access to the tanning services in the Gold’s Gym that you select.

Some may offer this as part of their standard membership, but most do not. If you want to check the membership inclusion, the best thing to do is to call the local Gold’s Gym or go there and ask.

The cost of tanning bed use will vary by location.

Alternatives To Gold’s Gym Tanning

If you find out that the Gold’s Gym that is near your area doesn’t have tanning facilities, there are still alternatives that you can select.

First, you might want to find a gym that has a tanning facility as well. There are lots of other gyms that offer this kind of amenity to their members.

An example would be Planet Fitness.

If you really like to go to Gold’s Gym, you could also try to ask them about any tanning salon recommendations.

Sometimes, if the gym itself doesn’t have a tanning facility, it may partner with a local tanning salon.

That means that you could get a discount at a tanning salon. All you have to do is to ask!

You could also try a self-tanner or tanning water. You have to have the right tanning applicator mitt, but you can apply these at home and get a great fake tan.

Written by Kayla Young

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