Does LA Fitness Have Showers?

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How do you find your gym time in to your day? Do you go there before you go to work? Do you commute home after hitting the gym?

If you do, you have to figure out how to deal with the post-workout shower.

Showers are usually found in most gyms and fitness clubs. It is considered a basic requirement. But does LA Fitness have showers? Are they nice? What about toiletries and towels?

The great news is that LA Fitness has nice showers for members to use. You can definitely find showers at every LA Fitness gym that you visit. No need to leave the gym all sweaty. 

We’ll discuss the details below.  


Why Does LA Fitness Have Showers?

When you go to the gym, you should expect to sweat especially if you plan to push yourself!

With that being said, you still don’t want to leave the gym all sweaty especially if you are not headed straight home.

Plus you wouldn’t want to be all sweaty during your commute. 

Showers in gyms or fitness centers are essential.

Although they are basic amenities, there are still some budget gyms that don’t have them (or they’re so gross you don’t want to use them).

However, LA Fitness provides nicely-appointed shower rooms for all its members at every location.  

The Showers At LA Fitness

Shower After Tanning

It’s great to be able to shower after your workout, but did you know that there are different shower rooms? Many cheaper gyms may have common shower rooms. But LA Fitness has private showers only. 

Private Showers

Those who are not comfortable showering in front of other people will love the private showers at LA Fitness. 

There are spacious shower stalls and they have full-length curtains so that you can make sure that you wouldn’t accidentally be exposed as you freshen up.

The curtains won’t fly up, and they can fully cover you all the way. 

Most of the showerheads used are also slightly movable so you can better control where the water flows.


There are also shampoo and soap dispensers in the shower rooms. However, you are still free to bring your own shampoo and soap if you want to. 

The brand of the shampoo and soap that they provide will vary from one location to another. It is best to call them up to check which one they offer.

Size Matters!

One commendable thing about the showers at LA Fitness is the size. The shower stalls could vary in size slightly per location but they are usually around 48 inches by 36 inches in size. This gives you ample room to comfortably clean yourself. 

The showers are also minimally designed. They usually come in the blue, white, or gray color theme.

They are tiled and the designs will vary from one location to another. 


The only thing that might be missing from the shower rooms is the towels. Not all LA Fitness locations provide towels for showers.

However, there are some LA Fitness gyms that could even offer towels. 

It’s best to bring your own. It is more hygienic that way anyway.

You also have the option to buy the LA Fitness Brand towel in the gym if you want. 

Who Can Use The Showers?

The Showers at LA Fitness are only for their members.

Adults who go to the gym or even the kids who use the pool (in locations that have them) can make use of the shower.

Just make sure that the kids are always supervised when using the shower. 

In case you are a guest, you can also use the showers. There aren’t any strict rules on using the shower. You can use the showers if you’re allowed in the LA Fitness.

The Lockers At LA Fitness

So you want to take a shower to cool off or to freshen up. What do you do about your clothes and other belongings? Well, you can store them safely in a locker that’s also provided for you by LA Fitness

Showers are usually located near the locker rooms where you can keep your things easily and go back to fix yourself afterward. 

Although lockers are available and are free to use, you should remember to bring a lock with you. LA Fitness doesn’t offer locks. So it’s up to you to give your things added security by bringing your own lock. 

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).