Does Gold’s Gym Membership Work In All Locations?

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Do you travel a lot? If you don’t want to skip your workout or if you don’t want to pay another gym to work out there during your vacation or business trip, you need a gym that can be found in various locations and accepts your membership. 

Gold’s Gym is one popular gym chain that has about 700 gyms worldwide. It would certainly be convenient if you could have access to all of those. So does Gold Gym membership work in all locations?

The answer is: it depends!

The question of gym access is difficult to answer because it depends on what type of membership you have, your local gym, and the gym you wish to go to aside from your local gym. 

Does Gold’s Gym Membership Work In All Locations?

Gold’s Gym is known to be one of the gyms with confusing membership tiers. There are often multiple tiers, and they may vary from one location to another. 

It is quite common for huge gym chains to vary the membership levels and prices depending on the location. But at Gold’s Gym, different locations can offer different kinds of memberships. 

That is where the confusion about being able to use your membership to other Gold’s Gym arises.

If it really means a lot to you to be able to have access to other gyms, then it is best to carefully check the type of membership that you are getting at Gold’s Gym.

There are some locations that will specifically indicate whether you only have access to the local gym, or if you have access to the other gyms too. 

In fact, there are gym locations that only have two kinds of memberships, one for the unlimited use of the local gym and the other with additional access to the other locations.

Additionally, there are also gyms that give you access to just your local home gym, the gyms in the same state, and all of the gyms worldwide.

You really have to figure out what their membership tier entails.

If it is not indicated, it would be best to ask before you sign up for everything.

There are memberships that are good for a year so you wouldn’t want to pay that without knowing if you can use your membership in other gym locations as well. 

The Gold’s Gym Travel Pass

If you are traveling to another place and are planning on working out at a Gold’s Gym located in that area, you may ask your home gym to give you a “Travel Pass”. 

The travel pass will make it easier for you to gain access to the other Gold’s Gym.

All you have to do is to present it to the gym where you want to work out along with your identification. 

The travel pass is good for 15 days. You can usually ask for it up to 14 times a year.

Most people who use Gold’s Gym in different locations use this method and don’t have any problem with it. 

Although the Gold’s Gym travel pass exists, there are still some locations that don’t have this available. Furthermore, there may also be Gold’s Gyms that won’t accept the travel pass.


To be sure, you really need to:

  • Contact your local gym and ask them if the travel pass is available.
  • Contact the other gym where you plan to go to and ask them if they accept travel passes or if they allow other Gold’s Gym members access to their gym.

It could be a pain to always ask but that is just the way to do it. Gold’s Gyms are usually franchises and they work independently from one another. 

They may be associated with the other gyms in other locations. But that doesn’t guarantee that they participate in allowing other Gold’s Gym members in other local gyms to workout in their gyms. 

Additionally, you also have to know what type of Gold’s Gym your home gym is and the gym you want to visit.

If you are a member of a franchise Gold’s Gym, it is possible that you wouldn’t be given access to the corporate locations. Some who are members of corporate locations may still not have access to the black-level clubs. 

The best way to make sure that your membership really has access to all the gym locations is to carefully read what the membership has to offer. 

Some will advertise that you could really use your membership in multiple Gold’s Gyms. If they do, then go ahead and take that membership. 

However, some do not. That is where you’d have to really question the staff or the manager to clarify things.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).