Does Planet Fitness Have a Basketball Court

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A game of basketball can be an amazing workout. And you often don’t even feel like you’re working out while you’re playing. Combining the sport you love with the affordable gym would be a dream. Some gyms have basketball courts, but many do not. What about Planet Fitness? Does Planet Fitness have a basketball court

As much as we don’t want to burst your bubble, the short answer is no, Planet Fitness almost certainly does not have a basketball court. They have their reasons why they don’t include a basketball court in their gyms. We’ll discuss that below.


Does Planet Fitness Have A Basketball Court?

Sad as it may seem, virtually all Planet Fitness gyms don’t feature a basketball court. That said, that doesn’t mean that you will never find a Planet Fitness that has a basketball court.

Remember that the gyms are owned and operated separately, so it’s possible some owners might think of adding a basketball court in their Planet Fitness gym. 

Of course even without a basketball court, you can still get a great workout from the equipment and facilities offered at Planet Fitness. They have a wide range of gym equipment such as free weights, ellipticals, treadmills, Smith Machines for bench presses and squats, etc. that can help you get fit and up your game once you’re on the court. 

Why Are There No Basketball Courts At Planet Fitness?

The main reason why Planet Fitness doesn’t have a basketball court is that their target market doesn’t necessarily require gyms with basketball courts. The targeted demographic of Planet Fitness is casual gym-goers who want an inexpensive, clean, non-aggressive gym that they can feel comfortable working in.

Although there are some in that demographic that loves basketball, most will usually not use or look for a basketball court. 

Basketball courts consume lots of space, even if they are only half-courts! Plus, only a limited number of people would be able to use them at a time.

Instead of using the space for a basketball court, they just use it for other facilities that would be more useful for the people in their target demographic such as treadmills, squat racks, ellipticals, cardio machines, and others like the more adventurous Total Body Enhancement machines, or the hydromassage beds.

Also, that space could be filled up with more machines that could cater to more people at a time.

The machines mentioned above are what most Planet Fitness users are looking for. They are usually not your hardcore fitness enthusiasts but are those who are still trying to stay in shape or enhance their whole body.

They are people who are looking for an affordable gym membership to get themselves healthier. 

Basketball Courts And Gyms

Combining basketball courts and gyms is a great idea. However, there is a limited market for such a combination. Usually, the gyms that have basketball courts attract more of the younger crowd to try their gym. 

As there is only a limited number of people that can use the basketball court at a time, the other members would use the other gym equipment for time being. This could make them consider working out more with the other gym equipment they have to offer. 

Of course, you can often find pickup games at local public basketball courts in your area, or perhaps at leagues in your neighborhood.

How To Improve Your Game With Planet Fitness

Even if there is no basketball court in Planet Fitness where you can practice your jump shot, the gym could still help you improve your game. The strength and endurance they provide can still help you become a better basketball player or a better athlete.

Planet Fitness has various programs that you can opt to join in. The programs don’t only help get you in shape but they can also work on specific areas that would be useful in your basketball game.

For example, you can train at Planet Fitness to improve your arm strength or leg strength to improve your jumping ability. 

It is best to visit the nearest Planet Fitness in your area to see what they have to offer. Even with the absence of a basketball court, you may find some of their features worthy enough to sign-in for their affordable membership package. 


Gyms and basketball courts could go well together especially if you are focused on improving your game. However, Planet Fitness usually doesn’t have basketball courts in their facilities. They offer more traditional exercise equipment that attracts more people. However, those who are into basketball can still benefit well from the equipment and amenities that Planet Fitness has to offer.

Written by Kayla Young

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