Does Equinox Have A Pool?

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Swimming and water exercises are fun and enjoyable ways to work out without really feeling that you are working out. Who hated swimming or water when they were kids?

There are many benefits to working out in the pool. It’s a low-impact workout that targets the whole body. However, most gym chains don’t have pools in their facility.

Equinox, being one of the highest-end gyms, must have them right? Does Equinox have a pool? It’s a mixed bag, some locations have pools, but not all. 

Higher-tier gyms which can be accessible with higher membership fees are more likely to have a pool than the basic gym. The best way to figure this out is to visit a gym or call them. 

Does Equinox Have A Pool in All their Locations?

Equinox is known to be a gym that offers exclusivity and luxury to its members. They are known to be one of the top-notch workout facilities.

However, there’s a catch to that: the expensive membership fee.

No question that Equinox hits the high end when it comes to membership fees and exclusivity. Exclusivity is actually a selling point for the brand. No hoi polloi, no Silver Sneakers retirees, no students.

Just wealthy professionals… and an occasional celebrity.

For that, members feel that the high price is worth the cost, and Equinox has many happily-paying members.

Among those amenities you could consider luxurious is the pool. Having an indoor swimming pool is great because you can get to work out your whole body while enjoying a relaxing time swimming. 

Although swimming can be tiring and hits the whole body in a way that other exercises like yoga and running don’t, it is still an enjoyable activity.

Who wouldn’t want to have fun while losing some extra pounds?

Which Equinox Gyms Have A Pool?

Although some Equinox facilities around the country gyms have swimming pools included as part of their amenities, not all Equinox gyms have a pool. They have about 300 different gyms around the US, about 35 of those are in the city of New York.

But still, most of those do not offer a pool. 

As of writing, only about 7 out of the 35 Equinox fitness facilities in New York have standard pools available for their members. Specifically, some of those locations would include the Hudson Yard, Printing House, West 67th, East 61, East 63rd, and Greenwich Avenue. 

Although not all gyms have pools, all Equinox gyms have notable amenities that you can enjoy like Nordic-style saunas, cooled towels, Kiehl’s products, etc.

But if you are focused on pool workouts, the above-mentioned locations should be your target locations. 

If you don’t live anywhere in New York City and are wondering if the Equinox gym near you has a pool, you’ll have to call or pay them a visit to check. There’s no current database of all pool locations. That way, you can be sure fi

And regardless, Equinox will give you a free trial opportunity so you can check out the gym!

The Equinox Pools

The pools found in different Equinox gyms vary in size. There are some that could be short courses while there are some that reach Olympic size. Short course pools are usually 25 yards. 

With those pools, you can take laps to work out your body or you could also just relax in them. The pool sizes will vary due to the space constraints of the gym. 

The Equinox gym is usually available for use 24 hours per day. However, the pools may only be open for about 12 hours a day. The length of time and schedule it opens and closes may vary by location. 

There are also rules and guides in using the pools. Again, these may vary by location. However, some of the most common rules include the following:

  • Drinking, eating, and smoking are not allowed in the pool area.
  • You are required to shower before you use the pool.
  • Although there are lifeguards in the area, it would be best if you do not go there if you can’t swim.
  • You should keep your things in the locker room so as to avoid cluttering in the pool area. 

All members are welcome to use the pool but should be of legal age. 

Another great thing about Equinox is not only the availability of a pool but also the availability of swimming classes. They offer different kinds of training classes using the pool.

These include the following:

  • Aqua Strength
  • Aqua Sport 
  • EQX H20

Written by Kayla Young

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