Does Planet Fitness Have Showers and Locker Rooms?

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Planet Fitness is one of the world’s largest Fitness Clubs. Millions get their exercise at Planet Fitness each day. It’s often easy to stop by PF on your way to work, or on your way home.

After working out, we are all sweaty, hot, and exhausted. What better way to refresh yourself than to take a shower. But does Planet Fitness have showers and locker rooms? That’s a common and valid question when you are thinking about getting a membership there. Yes, Planet Fitness has showers and locker rooms that members are free to use.

In this article, we’ll tell you why they have them and we’ll also discuss a little bit about their policies regarding the use of them. 

Why Does Planet Fitness Have Showers and Locker Rooms?

Planet Fitness is known for its affordable membership fee. With as little as $10 a month, you could use all the gym equipment such as the Smith machines that function as a squat rack and bench press, treadmills, ellipticals, free weights, plus the other amenities that they offer. This would include the showers and locker rooms. 

Note: they also have a Black Card spa membership which is a separate fee. The Black Card allows access to other items like the Total Body Enhancement Machines and the Tanning options.

All Planet Fitness gyms have showers and locker rooms. Lockers will help keep your clothes or other gear secure when you’re not working out. Showers will help gym-goers cool off or refresh themselves after a workout. 

If you are still planning to sign-in as a member, you can certainly stop in and tour the facilities of your local Planet Fitness franchise to see what they have to offer. Although all of the gyms have showers and locker rooms, their size will vary depending on the location. Some Planet Fitness gyms have larger showers and locker rooms than others. 

As for the cleanliness of the showers and locker rooms, it will vary from one gym to another. This would also depend on the gym members. However, Planet Fitness staff usually clean the showers and locker rooms every night. 

Planet Fitness Showers

The showers you’d find at Planet Fitness are just like any other showers you’d usually find in other gyms. Some members say that they are quite spacious than what other gyms have. 

Planet Fitness has multiple shower rooms, and of course separate facilities for each gender.

To keep the shower stalls private, shower curtains are provided. Showers are also cleaned by the staff. However, you should still know the proper etiquette when using the shower. Also, make sure you don’t leave anything behind and be courteous enough to throw your empty toiletries. 

Be reminded that Planet Fitness doesn’t provide towels for their showers. You should bring your own towel. However, there are some Planet Fitness branches that have towels for sale in case you forgot yours.

Also, there are no free toiletries. You should bring your own. 

For privacy, there are changing stalls across the showers in some Planet Fitness gyms. Not all have them, but you can always change in the locker room. When changing in the locker rooms, keep in mind that some people are not comfortable seeing someone naked or being naked.

It’s best to keep your naked body exposure to a minimum, and don’t use your phone when in the locker room. 

Planet Fitness Locker Rooms

At Planet Fitness, there are separate locker rooms for males and females. Depending on which Planet Fitness gym you go to, the number of lockers available for use varies. However, the policy of bringing your own lock to use still remains. 

Bring your own lock.

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The lockers are a mixture of full lockers and half-height lockers. Even if you bring your own lock, they can be broken. Your valuables should be fine, but be careful as always.

Planet Fitness doesn’t take responsibility for the items lost in the lockers. To be sure, just place your clothes and gym equipment there. 

Although there are locker rooms at Planet Fitness, you can’t have a permanent locker as your own. You can only use the lockers when you are there. Locks should be removed once you leave and you must also empty the locker. The locks that will be left after the gym closes will be cut and removed. The items inside will be placed under lost items. 

Also, be reminded that the supervisor has the right to open the lockers if they have reasons to believe that you are storing other things aside from clothes and gym gear in the lockers. 


Planet Fitness offers affordable gym membership that includes the use of their showers and locker rooms. They have separate rooms for males and females plus spacious shower stalls with curtains.

Locker rooms are also available for use but members should bring their own locks and are responsible for the items that they place in the lockers.

Good luck, now go get a workout!

Written by Kayla Young

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