Can You Wear Magnetic Eyelashes If You Have No Eyelashes?

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We all have our own ways to make ourselves feel beautiful. Some get their hair curled or straightened. Others prefer a regular manicure and pedicure. And many of us wear makeup.

If you feel more beautiful when you use fake lashes, then go for it! But what if you don’t have eyelashes to begin with?

Can you wear magnetic eyelashes if you have no eyelashes? Do magnetic lashes work if you don’t have eyelashes?

The great news is they do work even if you don’t have eyelashes, or if your lashes are ultra-thin.

However, you have to get the right kind of magnetic eyelashes for them to work. Let’s tell you more about the different kinds of magnetic eyelashes and which to get if you don’t have eyelashes. 


Eyelashes, And The Lack Thereof

Magnetic Eyelashes

Most of us have eyelashes. However, there are some who don’t, due to certain conditions like Madarosis, illnesses, or as a result of something they did

Whether your eyelashes fell off or you accidentally ripped them off, it’s not uncommon to feel strange without them.

But don’t let the lack of eyelashes keep you from socializing or going out! With confidence, you can rock that look. 

But not all of us want to.

Fortunately, there are fake lashes that you can use. Fake lashes that you attach with glue will work. But if you don’t like the idea of glue near the eyes, or if you are allergic to eyelashes glue, there is still a good alternative. 

Magnetic eyelashes  could be the best solution for you. They can give you fluttery, natural-looking eyelashes. Instead of attaching through the use of glue, it attaches to the eye through the use of magnets. 

You just have to get the right type of magnetic lashes.

Can You Wear Magnetic Eyelashes If You Have No Eyelashes?

Magnetic eyelashes are a great alternative to the traditional fake lashes that make use of glue. Instead of glue, magnets are used to attach them to the eyes. 

There are two types of magnetic lashes available in the market today, double-strip magnetic eyelashes and single-strip magnetic eyelashes.

Double Strip Magnetic Eyelashes

No products found.

No products found. are a set of fake lashes that will sandwich your natural eyelashes, with two per eye.

One sits on top of your natural lashes while the other is at the bottom. 

The magnets stick to each other, and your natural lashes are in between them. That is what holds the magnetic eyelashes in place. 

This type can’t be used when you don’t have eyelashes. The magnetic lashes will not be able to grip the hair and attach themselves. 

Single Strip Magnetic Eyelashes

Single Strip Magnetic Lashes

The other type of magnetic lashes is the single strip  design. This setup also has magnets, but they do not attach to each other.

Instead, the kit will contain a magnetic eyeliner. 

To attach this style of magnetic lash to your eye, you use magnetic eyeliner like a regular eyeliner.

This line is where the strip of magnetic eyelashes will stick. The eyeliner it comes with has magnetic properties so it can hold the magnetic eyelashes in place. 

This is the type that you should get if you do not have any eyelashes. It doesn’t use your natural eyelashes as an attachment point. Instead, it sticks to your skin where you applied the magnetic eyelashes. 

However, those with natural lashes may still have an edge because the natural lashes will provide support for fake lashes. That means that it would be less likely for the lashes to droop — especially if you select thicker and heavier lashes. 

Final Thoughts

Fake lashes can make you feel more beautiful and confident about yourself. When done right, they look awesome.

There are multiple styles of fake eyelashes available, providing flexibility and options to all. Magnetic lashes can be used even by those who don’t have eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes come in two types. The first type is a double strip of magnetic eyelashes that sandwich your natural eyelashes. These will not work if you don’t have eyelashes.

Single strip magnetic lashes, which attach to the eye using magnetic eyeliner, will work on eyes with no natural lashes.

No matter what could have caused the absence of your natural lashes, you can gain confidence using fake eyelashes. Single strip magnetic lashes can make your eyes look more captivating and are a great solution!

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