Can Magnetic Lashes Cause Headaches?

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Magnetic lashes have become very popular cosmetic products for their ease of application, durability, and comfort. 

Many prefer magnetic lashes to glue-on lashes. They’re cleaner and easier to deal with.

At the same time, some wonder if keeping magnets so close to their eyes is safe. Some also wonder whether this practice can even cause headaches. 

Can magnetic lashes cause headaches? The short answer is no, they likely don’t cause headaches. But some may get headaches anyway. If that’s you, stop using magnetic lashes.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the phenomenon of headaches related to magnetic lashes, and what your options are if you’re suffering from them.


Can Magnetic Lashes Cause Headaches?

Magnetic Lashes

Put simply, there is little solid evidence that magnetic lashes cause headaches. So the answer to the question ‘can magnetic lashes cause headaches?’ is no. 

Most evidence for the notion that magnetic lashes or other magnetic makeup products cause headaches are anecdotal, and there is little definitive scientific data on this issue. So overall, it is safe to conclude that magnetic lashes do not cause headaches. 

But many do report getting headaches from magnetic lashes, and from what we can tell, there haven’t been any real peer-reviewed studies. So it’s possible, but we just don’t have any evidence for it at this point.

If you notice headaches are more frequent when you use magnetic lashes, it’s certainly worth switching to either glue-on or just mascara for a while to see what happens.

Can Magnetic Lashes Cause Headaches? The Explanation

Although there might be anecdotal reports from consumers of magnetic cosmetic products causing headaches, experts claim that magnetic materials don’t disrupt the eyes or surrounding muscles. 

They will not inhibit vision or eye movement. They do not have any impact on a nerve or neurological function, either. However, it is quite likely that metals like iron are in magnetic makeup and lashes. 

If such materials were to enter the eye this could cause headaches or eye pain. This can be similar to glue from glue-on lashes getting into the eye.

Proper use of magnetic lashes does not appear to cause headaches. But if certain ingredients found in these products actually enter into the eye during use, those ingredients may cause headaches. 

Therefore it is important to use care and precision when putting on magnetic lashes, or any other magnetic makeup product.  

Non-Magnetic Lash Options

Some magnetic makeup products have ingredients that could irritate the eye and cause what may feel like a headache. Consumers who are concerned about this potential issue with magnetic lashes might want to try eyelash extensions, traditional, non-magnetic mascara, or glue-on fake lashes. 

For instance, one popular mascara that doesn’t contain any magnetic ingredients is L’Oreal Paris’ Voluminous Lash Mascara , which has a very high ranking on Amazon. 

For a magnetism-free false lash, one great option is Arimika’s 3D Long Thick Dramatic Fluffy Mink 

This more traditional makeup product also has an excellent ranking on Amazon, and has been praised by makeup users for the voluminous look they give their lashes. 


Magnetic lashes are all the rage. They’re convenient, reusable, and stylish. 

However some consumers have voiced concern that magnetic false eyelashes cause headaches. Sometimes they feel heavy and awkward. Perhaps the magnetic mascara ingredients are getting in the eye. Perhaps you’re particularly sensitive to the magnets.

Who knows. We have no evidence that magnetic lashes cause headaches, but we also don’t have many studies that have actually looked into the question.

You need to listen to your body. If you experience headaches with magnetic lashes, switch to a different option and see if they go away!

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