Mink vs Synthetic Lashes: Which Should You Choose?

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False eyelashes are a beauty product that many of us cannot do without. They are an easy way to make your eyes stand out without having to get messy with a mascara wand.

And although you probably have your favorite pair or brand, there’s something you may not have considered: do you prefer mink or synthetic lashes?

The long and short of it is that mink lashes typically look better, may be a bit more expensive, and are not vegan. Synthetic lashes tend to come in more varieties of length and shape, though.

There is a real difference between these two options. In this article, we take on the battle of mink vs synthetic lashes, so that you can make the right decision for the look you want to achieve.


Mink vs Synthetic Lashes  

You might not think that there’s a big difference between mink and synthetic false eyelashes, but there is. First, mink lashes are made with real mink hair, just like a mink coat. So if you’re a vegan, you’ll probably want to skip this part.

You might not think that there’s a big difference between mink and synthetic false eyelashes, but there is. First, mink lashes are made with real mink hair, just like a mink coat. So if you’re a vegan, you’ll probably want to skip this part.

Mink fur’s texture is much smoother and glossier than that of synthetic eyelashes, and will therefore give your eyes a more natural look. Mink lashes will blend in better with your own natural lashes.

This is why many beauty enthusiasts are addicted to wearing mink lashes… basically, it’s because they look better.

So, for those who want to create more stunning natural eye makeup, mink lashes are the way to go. They’re also super light to wear, and can be reused many times over because of their natural makeup, as long as you look after them.

This makes them also a better buy for your budget if you wear false eyelashes on a regular basis.

As far as animal cruelty is concerned, it may not be as bad as you fear. That’s because the mink fur is collected from the falling hair off the back and tail of the Siberian mink.

This doesn’t cause the animal any harm whatsoever. At least it shouldn’t.

But these animals may be designed for your coat closet later on.

The Advantages of Mink Lashes:

  • They look more natural because the texture of mink fur is very similar to the hair of your own eyelashes. In fact, you can even use a curler with them, and they will hold the curl.
  • They’re comfortable to wear, because they’re not only soft, but they’re also light in weight. You may even feel like you’re not wearing them.
  • They are handmade, so not only are you helping support artisan lash artists, but each eyelash will be unique, just like your real lashes. This also helps them to look more natural.

There are typically fewer options when it comes to mink lashes. Most are glue-on lashes, though a few are magnetic.

On the other hand, synthetic lashes are made from acrylic, which is a kind of plastic that is much coarser than real mink is. This means that they also have a slight plastic feel to them.

However, these days synthetic lashes can also be made to look quite natural, although they generally have a shinier and glossier appearance.

These days, synthetic lashes can also be made to look quite natural, although they generally have a shinier and glossier appearance.

Because they are synthetic, they come in many designs, so you’ll have a bigger variety to choose from than you would with mink lashes.

The Advantages of Synthetic Lashes

  • They’re made of synthetic material, so they are suitable for vegans to wear. The texture of synthetic lashes is coarser than mink, however.
  • Because they are factory-made, synthetic lashes are much cheaper to purchase than mink lashes. This would be an advantage for a newbie, who just wants to try out wearing falsies.
  • They come in many options and designs, varying in effects like length, shape, and curl.
  • You’re get more options for magnetic lashes among synthetic brands.

Which Lashes Do You Have?

It can be difficult to tell what’s what when shopping for lashes!

Many synthetic lash companies will advertise their lashes as “faux mink”. This is super confusing because they’re called false or faux lashes, and the lashes are false or faux mink… aka synthetic. That’s a lot of faux!

So if you simply search for mink false eyelashes, it’s quite possible you’ll get synthetic lashes that pop up.

To find real mink lashes, typically you want to search for “Siberian Mink Lashes  and you will get true mink lashes.

Mink Lash Recommendations

Mink Lashes

1. 3D Real Mink Eyelashes kit 

SY SHUYING 18mm Mink Lashes 3D Real Mink Eyelashes Cat Eye Fluffy Cross False Eyelashes Wispy Soft Reusable Luxury Volume 5D Fake Eyelashes (Star, 4 Pairs)
  • 【CAT EYE & FLUFFY LASHES】 Super...
  • 【COMFORTABLE & REUSABLE】 Flexible...

If you’re in the mink lash camp, then you might want to try these dramatic 18mm mink lashes, which come in a cat’s eye wispy style.

Both soft and reusable, these luxury volume false eyelashes are handmade from 100% premium Siberian mink fur.

Multi-layered crisscrossed hair form the volume of these mink eyelashes, which form a flirty cat’s eye at the outer edge.

The sexy length will also make your eyes appear bigger, brighter, and more attractive.

2.Barbiely 3D Real Mink Lashes 

Barbiely 3D Mink Lashes, 18mm Real Mink Lashes, 3 Pairs Fluffy Dramatic False Eyelashes, 100% HandMade 6D Wispy Long Thick Full Volume Strip Eye Lashes, Cruelty Free, Luxury Makeup(Dream Star)
  • 💕【SUPERIOR QUALITY】- 100% Real...
  • 💕【SOFT & DURABLE】- Use new...
  • 💕【3 IDEAL STYLES MIXED】- Don't...
  • 💕【100% SATISFACTION】- Barbiely...

These Barbiely mink lashes have a flexible, thin, and durable cotton band that is soft against the skin of your eyelids, and their light weight means you won’t feel any heaviness when you’re wearing them.

These are also 18mm in length. However, this kit comes with three fluffy pairs in a cat’s eye style.

These luxury real mink lashes are designed to make you look fabulous, stunning, and more attractive.

Comfortable to wear, they are also hypoallergenic, and with three designs in the box, you’ll be able to find what’s best suitable for your natural eye shape.

The black cotton band makes these lashes both easy to apply and remove, and they can be used up to 25 times when cared for properly.

3. SapphireWigs Mink Lashes 

False Eyelashes 3D Lashes Synthetic Fiber Material High Imitation Mink Lashes Natural Round Look 100% Handmade Dramatic Black Nature Fluffy Long Soft Reusable 5 Pairs Pack (TL2)
  • ❤Suitable occasion:suitable for...
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  • ❤Reusable& Cleanable: When used...
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And while most Siberian mink lashes are glue-on lashes, there are some magnetic mink lashes. These SapphireWigs lashes work great with magnets.

Many of us find that magnetic lashes are easier to work with than glue lashes, and there’s no chance of getting glue in your eyes when you use these!

Like the others, these can be reused several times properly cared for and stored.

Synthetic Lash Recommendations

Synethic Magnetic Lashes

1. Kiss’s Falscara DIY Eyelash Extension in Wispy Wisps 

KISS Falscara Multipack False Eyelashes, Lash Clusters, Natural Wispy Wisps', 10mm-12mm-14mm, Includes 24 Assorted Lengths Wisps, Contact Lens Friendly, Easy to Apply, Reusable Strip Lashes
  • Lash Extensions in a Flash: Easy to...
  • If You Can Mascara, You Can Falscara:...
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Were you aware that trendy press-on nail brand Kiss also makes false eyelashes? Well, these Falscara synethic lashes are a featherlight reusable artificial lash kit that comes in a multipack of 24 mini lash clusters.

Easy to apply lash extensions in a flash, these synthetic wisps appear just as luxurious as salon extensions… but at just a fraction of the cost.

You simply attach the wisp to the underside of your natural lashes with lash glue.

The wisps come in three sizes — 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm, so they are super comfy to wear for those that wear glasses. These Falscara wisps can be used up to three times with careful use, and can last up to five days with one application.

2. Alifeia’s Reusable False Eyelashes 

3 Styles False Eyelashes Synthetic Fiber Material 3D Mink Lashes 100% Handmade Natural Fluffy Long Soft Reusable Fake Eyelashes with Eyelash Applicator (3 Pairs)
  • High Quality and Handmade:Fashionable...
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  • The Lashes Is Very Soft: The faux mink...
  • Natural Look Effect: This natural lash...
  • Risk Free Purchase: We Promise that each...

Alifeia’s Synethic False Eyelashes come in three different styles, and all offer a natural-looking lash effect. The synthetic fiber material is high quality and made to look like mink.

These fashionable false eyelashes are suitable for special occasions like parties, weddings, and dates, as well as every day. They are also soft enough and comfortable to wear for travel.

Make your eyes look bigger than usual with this synthetic lash kit.

3. Magnetic Eyelash kit, Magnetic Eyeliner with False Lashes Natural Look-No Glue Needed (5-Pairs) 

Magnetic Eyelash kit, Magnetic Eyeliner with False Lashes Natural Look-No Glue Needed (5-Pairs)
  • SAVE MONEY & TIME: Are you still...
  • PREMIUM FORMULA: Our Liquid eyeliner is...
  • FULLY NEW DESIGNED: Our eyelash kit is a...
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Magnetic lashes are much more common on synthetic lash brands, which is potentially one reason to choose synthetic. These magnetic faslies from Reazeal are excellent if you want to skip the glue. They come in 5 pairs, with different densities and lash lengths to allow you to find just the right lash level.

They’re cleaner, less hassle, and quite reusable.


So, what’s it to be for you? Mink vs synthetic lashes?

Well, as long as you’re not a vegan, then you will get a more dramatic and natural effect by choosing to purchase a pair of mink false eyelashes. These will likely look better, and you’ll be able to rewear them for a month of daily use. If you shop around, you can even find magnetic mink lashes.

If you are a vegan, however, then you can try one of our recommended synthetic eyelashes to give your eyes the effect that will look more natural without worrying about the animal who made it!

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).