What Is the OrangeTheory Transformation Challenge

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What better way to start at a new gym than to commit to improving your health? Working out is a great way to improve your health. 

But how do you improve your chances of sticking to your fitness routine? OrangeTheory Fitness can help with that when you join the transformation challenge!

Exactly what is the OrangeTheory transformation challenge? What are the requirement and details of joining the program? Is it really a good idea to join such a challenge?

All of those questions plus other important information about the OrangeTheory transformation challenge are found below.


What Is The OrangeTheory Transformation Challenge?

Every year, OTF opens its transformation challenge. With this, participants are required to sign up and pledge that they’ll attend at least three classes each week. 

This challenge lasts for eight weeks but they are only required to attend at least six out of the eight weeks.

To some, it may sound intimidating. But it is OTF’s way of helping their members or the participants to kick-start the year in getting fitter. 

Just like they do every year, the 2022 OrangeTheory transformation challenge happens in January.

The challenge starts on January 17. 

Although this challenge can help you lose weight or see changes in your measurements, it’s not solely focused on the physical transformation. 

The goal of this challenge is to transform the lives of the participants for the better by improving healthy habits, sleep quality, mood, energy levels, and mental health. 


Who Can Benefit From This Challenge?

Exercise Class Smile

A variety of people can benefit from this challenge. First of all, newcomers can better see the results or changes that come when they regularly attend classes three times a week. 

Consistently attending the classes will help improve the behavior when it comes to the discipline of being in the class. 

If you think it is too much for you or if you think you need more recovery time, it is advised to schedule attending classes on nonconsecutive days.

If you feel too tired, you can always adjust your intensity and aim for the appropriate heart rate zone

Those who have actively participated in such challenges can still benefit from it. It is a great way to challenge yourself once again to attain new goals for the year, a great topic for the brag board

Even those who are somewhat in the middle may benefit from the challenge by pushing themselves to stick to their fitness routine. 

All are welcome to join the challenge no matter what your current physical fitness shape is. The challenge is a great way to be excited to become more fit and do exercises. 

The Details About OrangeTheory Transformation Challenge

Members of OrangeTheory Fitness can all join the challenge. There is an entry fee of around $35.

Each participant will go through an InBody scan so that their baseline could be established. 

At the end of the eight weeks challenge, there will be another scan that will help determine who among the participants had the highest percentage of fat loss. 

It is a competition. But if you think about it, simply joining and trying your best makes you a winner. 

OrangeTheory knows that some people are motivated when they try to compete with others. They use methods like splat points to encourage healthy competition, which in turn helps push their members to become healthier. 

However, they also have a goal of encouraging members not to compete with others but to compete with themselves own self. 

Tips To Enjoying The Transformation Challenge

Tip 1: Simply Sign-up

If you are still hesitating to join the challenge, just join. It’s a great way to push yourself and there is nothing wrong if you can’t finish or ace the challenge. 

Tip 2: Pre-book The Classes

Prebooking the classes helps you to see your schedule clearly. When you schedule ahead of time and make time for it, you don’t just go when you feel you have free time. 

That improves your chances of having time for it because you are making time for it. You should pack your gym bags ahead of time so that you simply need to grab them and go.

Tip 3: Find A Buddy

Whether you are in the challenge or not, it is always great to find a workout buddy. They could be someone who’ll keep you accountable. 

They can help keep you motivated especially at times when you feel like giving up or too lazy to attend your classes.

Tip 4: Hydrate And Rest

It’s great to push yourself to achieve your goals but you must not forget that you still have to rest. It’s okay to rest so take days off when you need to. 

Also, make sure that you keep yourself adequately hydrated. Bring plenty of fluids and don’t forget to drink them especially when you are really pushing yourself to do your best. 

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