Lost Planet Fitness Card? Here’s What To Do

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Holidays and moving into a new home are never a great mix for me. It’s a hectic schedule and because of that things could get misplaced or packed in the wrong container. 

This is exactly what happened to me once. Moving during the holidays wasn’t a personal choice but a necessity at that time. So we packed as carefully as we could. But still, I faced a problem: my lost Planet Fitness card.

To some, this may feel like a simple problem! But to a frantic person who just moved, it can feel like a great one. 

Let me take you through my experience when I lost my Planet Fitness key tag.


Lost Planet Fitness Card

I just wanted to be able to hit the gym for a quick workout, then relax in one of their hydromassage chairs before I tackle the big responsibility of unpacking. However, I can’t seem to find my key tag. 

How do I get my Planet Fitness card replaced? Do I have to go back to my home gym and get a replacement there?

I should have moved my home gym to one that’s near my current home. 

Ahhhhck! So what do you do when you have questions in mind? Like most people, I go online and try trusty old Google. 

However, there isn’t a lot of useful information about my problem and how to resolve it. Most simply say that you just have to go to the gym and get a new one. 

There are mixed experiences. Some were processed smoothly, while others were horrified with their experience. 

I was thinking that I would have a bad experience since my home gym isn’t the nearest one I planned to go to. 

Planet Fitness Lost Key Tag: The Solutions

From what I’ve read, there are a few solutions to my problem. However, some were not applicable to me, but they may be applicable to you.

Use The App

This solution is the simplest and easiest of all. However, during the time I lost my Planet Fitness card, I still didn’t have the app set up. It was a few years back and I didn’t really find it useful back then.

However, today I have the app installed on my phone and I use it more often than my physical Planet Fitness card. One of the best things about using the app is that you don’t have to use your physical card to check-in. 

The app gives you access to a digital key tag that you can use for touchless check in. That helps minimize surface contact. 

You’d also be able to use the PF Crowd Meter which will tell you how many people are currently using the gym.That’s great to know so that you can figure out if they are already at full capacity and are likely not to let you in immediately. 

You can also use the app to track your progress by saving all your workouts in it. There are also videos there you can use and follow to help keep yourself fit.

Call Your Home Gym

This was the solution that was more suitable for me when I lost my Planet Fitness card. Since I don’t want to risk going to a different Planet Fitness club and getting rejected, I took the time to call them up. 

Various Planet Fitness franchise locations may have different protocols when it comes to lost cards. It is best to just call your home gym and ask what to do. 

Some may be able to give you a card right away and others may not. They may also have a few ID requirements. It would be best check in before you go, rather than going and finding out that you need some documents that you don’t have on you. 

As for my experience, my home gym told me that I could get my card replaced – I just needed to bring an ID with me. 

So I did as instructed and with just a few minutes I was handed out a Planet Fitness card that I can now use to check in at any club since I have a Black Card membership

Other People’s Experience

It ended up being a fast, and easy experience to get my card replaced. There are many other people who reported similar experiences. 

Some were just asked their name and a little additional information. Planet Fitness has your picture so they can verify your identity. But some may require a valid ID. 

However, there are also several who reported frustration. Primarily it was because they were asked to provide some particular identification information but weren’t ready for that request. 

The best thing to do here is to call your home gym and ask for their requirements so you’ll be guaranteed success.

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