Does Equinox Accept Silver Sneakers?

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Equinox is one of the most luxurious health and fitness gym chains in the US. With unbeatable amenities and high-end gym equipment, who wouldn’t want to experience working out there?

However, such a luxurious place also comes at a price! How can you work out there without taking out a second mortgage? Does Equinox Accept Silver Sneakers?

The Silver Sneakers is a program for seniors and active adults to work out at many gym locations across the country.

Unfortunately, most Equinox gyms don’t accept Silver Sneakers. However, there are some reports that a few specific Equinox gyms may welcome the program. 

To be sure, you should just talk to the local Equinox club in your area. It is worth asking because they do offer great amenities with excellent gym equipment. 

If you can’t find an Equinox gym that accepts Silver Sneakers, there are many other gyms that will welcome you to that program. We’ll discuss your options below.


Does Equinox Accept Silver Sneakers?

Silver Sneakers is a program that was created to encourage active seniors to go out and keep themselves fit. This is done by allowing older groups access to a variety of gyms all around the US. 

With this program, you get free access not only to about 15,000 gym locations, but also to the amenities and gym equipment that they have.

Some gyms even have classes that are specifically designed for those in the Silver Sneakers program. 

It’s really a great program.

Although many gyms are participants in this Silver Sneakers program, Equinox isn’t one of the gyms that you would usually think of. Not many people have reported that they were able to work out at Equinox through the Silver Sneakers program.

However, there are a few who have reported that there are some local Equinox gyms that allowed them. This rarely happens, but it is a possibility. 

If you really want to make sure, it is best you ask your local location itself. But don’t get your hopes up. The vast majority of Equinox gyms don’t accept Silver Sneakers.

One of the possible reasons for that is because they are a luxury gym. With the high membership costs and an exclusive brand, they want to keep the luxury feel that comes only from wealthy paying members and their guests

What Gyms Accept Silver Sneakers?

Even if most Equinox gyms won’t accept Silver Sneakers, there are lots of gyms that are happy to accept those who are under this program. Take note that these are big chain health and fitness centers too. 

Some of the most popular gyms known to accept those under the Silver Sneakers program include Planet Fitness, YMCA, Anytime Fitness, Gold’s Gym, and 24 Hour Fitness.

Planet Fitness

Many different Planet Fitness clubs all over the USA accept Silver Sneakers. It is actually one of the most senior-friendly gyms because of the types of equipment that they have. They usually have cardio and strength machines that are considered the safest to use

Apart from the equipment, many clubs also offer classes specifically tailored for more older adults.


Another gym that accepts Silver Sneakers members is YMCA. They are one of the gyms that are mostly known as one of the best for families and older adults. They accept various age groups, so you can be sure that you’ll find someone in your age group there. 

Virtual classes are also available for those under the Silver Sneakers. That’s great since there are still older adults who would like to work out but will prefer to do it a home. 

Anytime Fitness

If there is Anytime Fitness near you, you can also go there as a Silver Sneakers member. They have a wide variety of gym services to offer. AF is also very welcoming to the seniors under the Silver Sneakers Program, and even offer personal training for them. 

Gold’s Gym

Silver Sneakers sessions are also available at Gold’s Gym. They have a variety of equipment like resistance balls and handheld weights that older adults can use.

They also have circuit training available for seniors to improve strength and endurance.

24 Hour Fitness

As for 24 Hour Fitness, they offer classes for Silver Sneakers members. They also have yoga, circuit training, and Zumba classes that are perfect for seniors.

Amenities like saunas and pools are also available for those under the program. 

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