Does Equinox Provide Yoga Mats? Yoga At Equinox Explained!

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Do you want to improve your balance, strength, and flexibility? Yoga is probably the best way to do that. And there are fantastic yoga classes at Equinox

The classes are open to all members and come in different varieties. You can find one that is most suitable for you. Whether you’re a beginner or more experienced and ready for hot yoga, there are Yoga classes you can take. 

As a beginner, you might ask, “Does Equinox provide Yoga mats?” If you’re just starting out, you may not have a mat handy. 

The good news is that Equinox provides its members with yoga mats so that they can attend and enjoy the classes without needing to lug their own. This is great if you are just trying out the classes and aren’t a yogini yet. 

Yoga Classes At Equinox

Equinox is a popular high-end health and fitness facility. They provide the very best equipment and amenities for their members, and also offer many classes for their members. 

One of the class types you could attend is a yoga class. There are different types of yoga classes available depending on the availability of the fitness instructor.

The classes may have different targeted areas, or they may target the whole body. 

They can also be of varying difficulty but instructors know how to simplify or do alternatives in case you can’t fully do the poses.

There are many benefits to doing yoga, physical, mental, and spiritual. 

Does Equinox Provide Yoga Mats?

If you are just curious about yoga or if you really want to try it out, you can certainly attend any of the yoga classes. Just show up, you don’t even have to bring a yoga mat. 

Equinox provides its members with yoga mats so you don’t have to carry one along. Sometimes, it is such a hassle to lug one to work, then to class on the way home. Equinox makes it more comfortable for its members by providing them with everything they need. 

Moreover, they don’t just provide you with any yoga mat. They have Mantduka mats , which are one of the best yoga mats available in the market today.

That’s a reflection of what the Equinox gym has to offer to its members. 

After the class or after using the yoga mats, you don’t need to do anything with them. You just need to leave them there and someone who’s assigned to them will pick them up and clean them. 

This is one of the experiences that has convinced people that Equinox is really worth the higher membership fee compared to other gyms. 

Apart from the yoga mats, there are also eucalyptus-soaked towels that you can use at Equinox. These are great after that sweaty yoga workout that you just finished! They are also available for everyone so you can also use them to help cool yourself off after a sweaty workout. 

One of the nicest things you’ll see is that the towels are in a refrigerator. Just take one out and use it. 

Additionally, there are also toiletries that you can use at Equinox. Do you like Kiehl’s? Us too!

Equinox has Kiehl’s products available for its members.

They also have razors, mouthwash, shaving cream, and other toiletries that you might need. These little things simply add a luxurious or spa experience to Equinox. 

Reasons To Try Yoga

Apart from there being no need to buy your Yoga mat because Equinox provides them for you, there are other great reasons why you should try to attend their yoga classes. 

First of all, yoga can help improve your strength and flexibility. The different poses, stretches, inversions, and balances will bring strength to your core. 

Do you use your phone too much? Who doesn’t? Excess phone use will ruin your posture. That posture doesn’t look good and it can also cause you pain because of the unnatural posture.

Through yoga, you can strengthen key muscles, like those of the back and stomach. That leads to a better posture and can prevent back and neck pain.

Another reason to try yoga is to help ease your anxiety and stress. Through your yoga practice, you don’t only do various poses, you also get lots of breathing exercises. These deep breathing exercises will help you relax and gradually get rid of anxiety or stress. 

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