Equinox Sauna: Does Equinox Have a Sauna?

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What do you look for in a gym? Is it just a great selection of machines, or is it top-notch amenities, too?

Sure, most of us focus on the equipment. However, the amenities don’t just attract members, they can encourage you to regularly visit the gym and help you recover after an intense workout.

There is tons of research showing the benefits of sauna. Sadly, not all gyms have it. 

Does Equinox have a sauna? Equinox is known as a luxurious gym with endless amenities, so many people expect them to have a sauna at their facility. And Equinox does not disappoint!

Equinox doesn’t just have saunas, they have luxurious Scandanavian-style saunas. Apart from that, they also have steam rooms, hot tubs, and swimming pools. 


Does Equinox Have A Sauna?

Equinox is all about the luxury experience. They are known for providing an exclusive, high-end facility to work out, hang out, and recover. 

They are known for luxurious amenities just like saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, and pools. It is their goal to level up the experience that their members have when they work out or use their facilities. 

That’s just right considering that their membership isn’t cheap! In fact, they are considered to be one of the most expensive gym memberships, especially if you get their most expensive and all-inclusive membership program. 

Equinox aims to make sure that members feel that the high fees they pay are worth it. That’s why saunas are a common feature of their gyms. 

Saunas aren’t just relaxing to use, they are beneficial to the body — whether you just worked out or are just about to workout. 

Equinox Sauna: Nordic-Inspired Bliss!

In the Sauna

Equinox really knows how to add luxury to its amenities. Other gyms may already be considered luxurious for having a sauna, but Equinox tops that not only by having a sauna but having a Nordic-inspired one. 

If you’ve ever been to the Hudson Yard Equinox gym, you see the Après Equinox. It was first introduced in December 2019 as a relaxing escape within the city. 

Offered during the winter, it is aimed to provide a unique experience while recovering during that season. It has an outdoor setting, which you’ll traditionally see in Norway and Iceland. 

This unique experience is offered to both gym members and hotel guests but is usually only available during the wintertime. 

These barrel saunas look great on the outside — and on the inside as well. They are usually heated at a maximum of 184 degrees F and offer a panoramic view of New York. 

The dry heat sauna isn’t just good for relaxation, it offers the body lots of benefits especially if you’ve been working out. 

Benefits Of Using A Sauna

Many people use the sauna not only for relaxation but also for its health benefits. First of all, research shows that using the sauna could lower the risk of fatal heart diseases and the mortality rate. 

Apart from heart health, many are also going to the sauna to help reduce the risk of dementia. Furthermore, there are also people who go there to help with the pain and inflammation that’s caused by arthritis.

There are tons of studies of the benefits of sauna on many ailments, and lots of those studies are… well they’re not great. There are lots of woo-woo out there. But saunas really do seem to have many benefits, both physical and mental

As a gym-goer, there are also many benefits of using a sauna after the workout. They include the following:

Aids In Muscle Recovery

One benefit of going to the sauna after working out is to help with muscle recovery. After working out, you may feel that your muscles are sore. That’s because there are micro-tears in your muscles because you used them. 

Due to the tears, they could be an inflammation, which then causes the muscle to feel tight, sore, and sometimes painful. Although the body can heal the tears and make the muscle stronger, the sauna helps with the recovery process. 

That can be done by helping with blood circulation. With ample oxygen-rich blood available, the muscles can heal faster. 


Sweating is good for the body. It is also a way to release some of the toxins that have built up. Although you sweat during your workout, you can sweat more after working out by going to the sauna. 


Going to the sauna is after working out is also a great way to relax. In that way, doesn’t only help you physically but mentally, as well. It’s an opportunity to heat up, with no phone, no devices, and few distractions. It’s a chance to reflect, to meditate, and to be at peace for a few moments.

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