LA Fitness Student Discount: Is It Offered?

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As a student, money is often tight, but fitness is still important. It’s understandable for students to search for a gym that’s affordable yet provides what they need.

If you ask around, many would say that LA Fitness is a great gym with great policies and lots of amenities. But is it also great for students?

Does LA Fitness give student discounts?

Unfortunately, LA Fitness doesn’t offer student discounts in general. But you should still consider asking, because it can vary from one location to another. Some locations may give one but most do not. 

That said, even without the student discount, there are still ways to save on LA Fitness membership so it could fit your budget. In this article, we’ll discuss that, and some other options for inexpensive fitness.


Does LA Fitness Give Student Discounts?

There are many gyms to choose from. But if you’re a student and are interested in joining LA Fitness, here is what you have to know. 

First of all, as a rule, LA Fitness doesn’t offer a student discount. You won’t find that on their website because it doesn’t exist. However, there are some who have reported success from asking LA Fitness for a college discount. 

The chances of getting a student discount at an LA Fitness gym are slim, but possible. There may be some locations that offer this kind of discount to entice more students to become members.

If your local LA Fitness is near a campus, the owner might give a discount.

So just ask!

If the local LA Fitness near you doesn’t really offer a student discount, you could still ask the staff what other options are available to cut down the cost.

They might have some promotions running that will help.

Other Ways To Get Discounts On LA Fitness

Even if the LA Fitness student discount isn’t available, there are still ways you can get a discount so that you can lower what you have to pay.

Here are some of the things you can do. 

Take Advantage Of The Current Gym Deals

There are times when LA Fitness offers a variety of deals. At times, you can work out at the gym for as low as $1 a day. It all depends on the current offer.

The only thing that you have to pay for is the initiation fee which is about $99. That fee could possibly be waived if you agree to have access to a single club only.

If you do, you’d only be paying the monthly fee of in the range of $29.99.

The Yearly Deals

Another thing to watch out for is the yearly deals.

Although you have to pay upfront for the year, you could save a lot. If you plan to become a member and use the gym throughout your years in college, then this could be a suitable deal for you. 

Some say that they were able to pay about $600 for the three years.

If you compute using the standard rate, it usually costs $360 a year. So paying in advance does save you a lot. 

Ask Around

It’s not always clear what the current promotion is, so it’s always best to ask. And even if they don’t have a promotion running at the moment, it might be worth asking when the next one will run, and what it will be. I

f you can wait a bit, the terms might get a little better.

If you have location flexibility, it may even be worth asking at multiple locations. You can compare the rates they offer and choose one that would best suit you. 

Alternatives to LA Fitness

If the rate given to you still doesn’t fit your budget, you may think of joining other gyms that offer student discounts or those that charge a cheaper membership fee. Some of the gyms you could consider are the following:

  • Gold’s Gym – Based on the website and online, the student discount offered could be as high as 50%. The discount will vary from one location to another so it is best to get in touch with a local one.
  • Planet Fitness – they don’t offer student discounts, but their price is quite reasonable
  • Anytime Fitness – With Anytime Fitness, the student discount availability will vary by location. Some give a discounted flat fee while others take a percentage off the monthly dues.
  • World Gym – World Gym may not offer discounts for students but they have more affordable membership fees. You could use their gym for as low as $14 a month.
  • YMCA – YMCA does offer student discounts but it can still vary by location. Some can lower the membership fee for the student to $39 a month. 

Written by Kayla Young

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