Does Planet Fitness Have a College Student Discount?

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When you’re going through college, you want to keep your expenses low. Tuition is always, always rising. And books, why do they cost so much? Of course, you also need to have enough to pay rent, food, etc. Not all of us are trust fund kids!

It can feel shameful to ask for money from your parents just to be able to go to a gym. 

Exercise is important, but many gyms are costly. Many wonder: “Does Planet Fitness have a college discount?” Unfortunately, they usually don’t offer discounts. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t save on gym expenses at Planet Fitness.

In this article, you’ll find out why they don’t have a college discount. We’ll also look at your options, and how you might still save on gym membership.


Does Planet Fitness Have A College Discount?

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Planet Fitness usually does not offer a college discount across its global brand. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a local branch that does. The Planet Fitness centers located all over the world are owned and operated individually.

So it’s still possible for you to find one that may offer a college discount. 

Usually, Planet Fitness targets middle-aged individuals. But if the fitness center is located near a university, they may try to tap into that market. The owners can create various promos and discounts to get their member count higher.

College discounts may be one of them.

The only way to know is to call that individual Planet Fitness branch and inquire. As all are franchises, all operate a little bit differently.

How Can Students Save On Planet Fitness Membership?

Even without a college discount, there are still numerous ways how students can save on Planet Fitness Membership. First of all, if you are just on Planet Fitness for the gym equipment, you can get the lowest-priced membership fee of about $10 (prices vary from one fitness center to another).

Compared to other gyms, that membership fee is already one of the lowest. However, that just gives you access to your local gym and gym equipment like squat racks, ellipticals, rowing machines, etc. Some may offer classes like yoga.

If you really want full access to the amenities at Planet Fitness, you can simply find a buddy and share the Black Card membership. It is about $29 a month for most Planet Fitness centers.

The thing is, a black card member can take anyone with them as a guest to work out. You can ask someone to share the fee with you so they can work it out with you too. In some locations, they can even use other amenities like Total Body Enhancement, PF Tanning, and Hyodromassage as well. 

Planet Fitness High School Summer Pass

Planet Fitness offered an interesting program during the summer of 2022, the High School Summer Pass. The program provided free workouts to high school kids (and potentially college freshmen) during the summer.

It was a big success, and we hope it will be back in the Summer 2023.

Other Ways To Save On Gym Membership

Keeping yourself fit while going to a gym on a budget is still possible even without the Planet Fitness college discount. Here are a few ways tips on how to do that:

Find Other Gyms With College Discount

Is your mind made up on joining Planet Fitness? Maybe you could do some research and try to find other gyms that offer a college discount. There are many other gyms out there and some will offer discounts to students.

However, you have to be smart and carefully compare prices and amenities. Planet Fitness already has a low membership fee, though they don’t offer things like saunas and basketball courts. Try to calculate if you are really saving money on the discount other gyms offer. 

Try Before Committing To A Membership

One way to waste your money on a gym membership is to commit blindly. Sometimes, you might not like the atmosphere at that gym. You may not like the equipment or the upkeep. Those reasons could lead you to not going to the gym at all. 

For most gyms, there is a discount if you pay for the long term and you might have gotten that in the hopes of saving on cost. If you realize you don’t like that gym at all, it can be too late to get back your money.

Although you can cancel the membership, it is often a hassle to get your money back. And you can’t cancel on the app.

The best thing to do is to try to go to the gym first and feel the atmosphere. There are some gyms that offer a free trial for several days. At Planet Fitness, you can try working out in their gym if you come with a Black Card member. You can also usually take tours in the different gyms to see the equipment they have.

Consider Other Activities

Lastly, you can also consider other activities. Try getting into sports that the school offers. With practice, you can keep yourself fit while enjoying the sport too. You may also just jog or go for a walk around the park. That could also help you get fit and you can even enjoy the scenic views in your area. 

Final Thoughts

Planet Fitness usually does not have college discounts, but their membership fees are quite low and affordable. Also, there are ways to save on Planet Fitness fees or other gym memberships as well. You just have to creative and maybe follow a few tips we mentioned above.

Good luck!

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).