Does LA Fitness Have A Pool?

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A pool is an incredible addition to any gym. It’s such a great option to go for a swim after a solid workout, or to make the swim itself your workout!

But pools are expensive in terms of real estate and maintenance. No wonder most gyms don’t offer pools. 

Does LA Fitness have a pool?

Yes, LA Fitness locations frequently have a pool or pools in their gym! Sweet, and at a much lower price point than, for example, Equinox

We say most because there are some locations that do not have a pool. To make sure they do, you can go and visit your local gym. Most of those found in cities usually have pools in their facility. 


Does LA Fitness Have A Pool?

LA Fitness is known to be an affordable gym with a varied selection of gym equipment. But aside from that, they are also known to provide unique amenities in their gyms. 

Such amenities would include basketball courts, volleyball courts, hot tubs, saunas, and of course, a pool. 

It is very likely for you to find a pool at any LA Fitness gym, although there are still some that don’t have them. That’s because LA Fitness usually offers Aquatic Classes to its members. 

Aquatic classes are great for everyone, as they come in a variety of levels too. The good thing about working out on the pool is that you get to work multiple areas of the body without it being high impact. 

The low-impact full-body workouts are great for beginners, older adults, or those who simply want something that’s of lower intensity. 

Having a pool is a great way to attract more members.

Even whole families can become members here and simply have some fun and bond over the pool. That’s what a lot of people do. 

The Pools At LA Fitness

As we’ve mentioned, most of the LA Fitness gyms have a pool or pools in their facility. However, there are some that don’t, so be sure to check in with your local LA Fitness to confirm.

Also, there are different types of pools that may be present at your local LA Fitness gym. 

The Community Pool

Some of the LA Fitness gyms have a recreational community pool that is often located outdoors. This pool is great not only for adults but for kids too. 

The pool may be a community pool where you can simply have fun but it is still not accessible to the public.

It is only available for members. 

However, they are quite similar to the community or shared pools that are usually built for recreational purposes or just for fun. 

In some locations, the outdoor pool could also have lap lanes that are roped off. 

Nonetheless, the community pool is meant to help members enjoy time bonding with their fellow members or family. 

Just remember that these types of pools could be busy and full of people at times. This usually happens during the weekends or during summer. 

Lap Swimming Pools

The other type of swimming pool that you can find at LA Fitness is the lap swimming pool. Most often than not, lap swimming pools are found indoors. 

As a member, you can use these to swim laps or they could also be used for the aquatic classes. Most often than not, these are narrow pools. They typically have 3-4 swimming lanes. 

Aquatic Classes At LA Fitness

One of the best things that LA Fitness has to offer is the Aquatic Classes. Swimming is a really good workout for the body. It’s low impact, but water movement is a full-body workout. 

You can also take the classes depending on your level or goal so that you can work out your whole body in the pool. Here are some of the Aquatic Classes they offer:

  • Aqua Basic – This is the class best for beginners. This usually focuses on the basic movements of the legs, arms, and torso.
  • Aqua Total Body – This aquatic class combines strength training and cardio. This is a great class to take if your goal is to lose weight faster. 
  • Interval Training – This is another aquatic class that can help you burn more calories. As the name implies you’d be working out in intervals. You could be floating on your back then be instructed to roll forward. 
  • Aqua Combo – With this class, the Aqua Interval Training and Aqua Basic class are combined.
  • Aqua Fit – This class is unique because it makes use of weights. It is a great introduction for those people who are new to circuit training and water fitness.
  • Aqua RPM – This training feels like you are on a spin class, but there are no bikes in sight.
  • Aqua Sculpt – This is another class that uses tools like weights and tubes to focus on different muscle groups to work out.
  • Aqua Yoga – For those who prefer low-impact strength training, this class should be your choice. It combines yoga poses with water support. 

The classes found above are only examples of what a LA Fitness might offer. Certain locations and instructors will vary, but these are a pretty common spread of options.

Do All LA Fitness Have Pools?

Not every branch of LA fitness offers a pool to its members, however most branches do. There may be some legacy branches that don’t offer pools, or branches is locations with a very small footprint that can’t fit a pool. But the vast majority of LA Fitness locations have pools.

That said, as we described above, there are many different classes and activities that use the pools. These will vary from location to location.

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