LA Fitness Kids Klub Guide: LA Fitness Childcare!

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Once you have kids, finding the time to get to the gym gets difficult. And what do you do with your kids while you’re working out? Although you can work out at home, it’s not a substitute for a fully-outfitted gym.

Sure, you can find a sitter, but that can cost as much as a gym membership!

The best scenario would be for your gym to offer childcare. Does LA Fitness have daycare?

The good news is that LA Fitness does have childcare. It is known as the LA Fitness Kids Klub. In this article, we’ll discuss the Kid’s Klub, and break down all the details.


Why Does LA Fitness Have Childcare?

LA Fitness is a popular gym solidly hitting the middle of the market. It’s not a newbie gym, and it’s not an absurdly expensive high-status gym. LA Fitness has a solid selection of equipment and some great amenities, often including pools, saunas, racquetball courts, etc.

As a fully-featured gym with customer-friendly policies, they’ve decided to provide a childcare option for their members. 

Not all gyms offer daycare, so it can be a big help for parents!

And many parents will certainly be impressed with gyms providing childcare options while they work out. 

There are many LA Fitness clubs all over the country and most of them have a childcare facility on site.

However, not all locations provide childcare. Be sure to check your local LA Fitness to confirm before you show up with your toddler!

Apart from providing the members with what they need, childcare at LA Fitness is a revenue source.

LA Fitness Kids Klub Costs

The membership to LA Fitness doesn’t include the use of the childcare facility. You will still be charged an additional if you use the Kids Klub at LA Fitness. 

You could either pay for a monthly pass which allows you to drop off your child at the childcare facility as often as you want for the whole month. The monthly pass may vary in price but will usually be in the range of $10-$15.

Then there is also the single-visit option which would cost in the range of $5 for a single visit. This is great for those who don’t think that they’ll be bringing the kids to childcare often. 

These costs will vary by location and time.

Not all locations provide childcare. Be sure to check your local LA Fitness to confirm before you show up with your toddler!

The LA Fitness Kids Klub

Childcare at LA Fitness is known as Kids Klub.

What do your kids get out of this? Is it worth paying up to $15 a month or $5 for a single visit while you work out?

Of course, the LA Fitness Kids Klub offers convenience for you as you work out. Kids aren’t usually allowed at LA Fitness unless they participate in the mother and baby classes. 

There is also a minimum age requirement of 13 years old before the kids can work out in the gym under the full supervision of an adult. 

One good option for them while you are working out at LA Fitness is the Kids Klub. In their childcare facility, kids will have access to a variety of activities.

Those activities will vary from one location to another. 

Although they vary, you can still expect that the kids will have fun. The staff can help them with arts and crafts, play with them, or read them stories. There are also different age-appropriate activities in the Kids Klub.

Age Requirement At The Kids Klub

It’s great that there is a place where you could leave your children while you workout at LA Fitness. But is there a minimum age requirement?

The age requirement may depend on the activities that are available in the childcare facility. This will also vary from one location to another. 

Generally, they accept kids as young as 3 months old to those up to 12 years of age. In some locations, they may not be able to accept babies, especially when their facilities and staff are lacking.

How Long Can Your Kids Be In the Kids Klub Daycare?

Apart from the age, there may also be a time limit. You can only leave your kids in childcare for a maximum of two hours at a time.

This limit helps prevent parents from simply dropping off their children at the childcare facility for the day to do errands or go elsewhere. Don’t be tempted to just leave your kids there.

Here’s a story of people getting arrested for leaving their kids at the Kids Klub for four hours while the parents went out drinking. Sigh.

The two-hour limit is more than enough time for the parents to warm up, work out, shower, and then pick their kids up at the childcare facility. 

LA Fitness Daycare Hours

The schedule for LA Fitness Kids Klub may vary from location to location, but it is generally something like this:

  • Weekdays: 8am-Noon, 4pm-8pm
  • Saturdays: 8am-Noon
  • Sundays: Closed

Holidays may impact the hours, so be sure to check in before you just show up!

Is LA Fitness Childcare Any Good?

Even if childcare is available at the gym, you could still be thinking twice about using it. Reviews and opinions from parents are mixed.

Some have reported bad experiences with the Kids Club LA Fitness, while others had a great experience with them. 

For you to be sure and comfortable in leaving your child in their childcare, it would be best to contact them and talk to them about your concerns. You should also figure out what activities they have for the children. 

Should you have any special requirements or instructions about your kids, you should first talk to the staff so that you would know if they could do it or not. 

Written by Kayla Young

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