Does LA Fitness Have Tanning?

Tanning Bed
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There are loads of gyms chains in the USA today at varying price points, quality levels, and cultiness. There’s a gym for any personality and any level of income!

Getting fit, or keeping fit is incredibly important. But a gym is more than that, and many gyms are sold on their amenities. Tanning is one of the most popular amenities offered by many gyms. 

Does LA Fitness have tanning? Unfortunately, LA Fitness doesn’t have any machines that can be used for tanning. You’ll have to choose a competing gym like Planet Fitness or Anytime Fitness for tanning.

However, they still have other amenities that are noteworthy like the pool and spa.


Tanning And Gyms

Many of us hit the gym because it makes us look better. Working out in the gym can do wonders for your body, musculature, posture, etc. It can help you achieve that physique you want! 

Apart from getting lean and losing some of your excess fat, you can do other things in gyms to make you look better.

Many of us know that some color will help our appearance, even if it comes from those glowing UV tanning bulbs. Though we would suggest that spray tanning a is better choice, tanning beds remaining a popular solution. Usually, these beds can be found at tanning salons.

But nowadays, there are several gyms that offer tanning to their members. 

Many of the gyms today have tanning beds available for their members for unlimited use (as long as they only use it once a day). This is being used by many gyms as a great amenity to try to lure people to sign up for membership. 

It’s super convenient to hit the tanning bed after a gym session, before heading home!

However, do note that although other gyms have tanning beds, they may be limited to one per location.

Additionally, you should also expect that there could be a queue in using the tanning bed so you may need to plan around that waiting line.

Does LA Fitness Have Tanning?

Although there are many gyms that offer tanning in their health and fitness facilities, LA Fitness does not. They do not have any tanning beds or booths in their gyms. 

If tanning is a big part of the gym membership decision, then you’ll be disappointed by LA Fitness. And it appears they have no intention to add tanning bed services any time soon.

So if tanning is a high priority, you may want to look for alternatives or plan your tanning elsewhere. 

That said, just because LA Fitness doesn’t have tanning doesn’t mean it’s a bad choice! There are many people who love LA Fitness because of the combination of affordable pricing and good choice of gym equipment. 

Most of the LA Fitness gyms are large in size and they come packed with lots of different gym equipment that you can use depending on your fitness goal. They have lots of cardio equipment as well as Smith machines for safety. 

If tanning is a big part of the gym membership decision, then you’ll be disappointed by LA Fitness. And it appears they have no intention to add tanning bed services any time soon.

You can also build muscle and improve strength through their fitness club using their resistance machines, power racks, free weights, cable machines, and other extras like balance balls and kettlebells. 

Apart from using the equipment, there islots of free space in LA Fitness. These are the areas where you can do yoga or other movement classes. There are many different types of classes offered here, including those provided to Silver Sneakers members.

Amenities At LA Fitness

Some people may be disappointed to find out that LA Fitness does not have any tanning machines. Even so, depending on location there may be notable amenities like a pool, something often not found at other gyms competing at this price level

Not all gyms may offer a pool but LA Fitness often does (as do some higher-end clubs like Equinox). They offer various aquatic classes so you can enroll in them. Working out in the water is great because although it isn’t as high impact, it still works out various and multiple parts of the body. 

Do you enjoy heat before or after working out? LA Fitness offers varys ways to get some heat!

First of all, they have a hot tub that you can use. The hot tub can help you relax and help relieve muscle pain. However, you should always make sure that you drink plenty of water. Remember a good workout plus hot tub can easily cause dehydration. 

Some LA Fitness gyms may also have a sauna or a steam room. This is quite similar to a hot tub, because the heat can be used to help soothe your muscles. 

The amenities that LA Fitness gyms offer will vary from one local club to another. To find out exactly what your local branch offers, you’ll need to stop into that branch or give them a call. 

Should I Still Go At LA Fitness, Even If There Is No Tanning?

It is understandable that many people consider tanning machines to be a great bonus at any gym. Some people even deliberately base their decision on the presence of the tanning bed or tanning booth in a gym. 

If you’re already paying the membership and get free tanning, too, it makes the monthly payment feel a little less painful.

Unfortunately, LA Fitness just doesn’t want to bother with tanning.

However, if you are more focused on working out, then LA Fitness is great! They have a great selection of gym equipment, have pretty friendly policies, and they offer other great amenities at a reasonable price.

Although they may not have tanning beds, the price of their membership is affordable compared to other gyms. You will find that even without the tanning bed, the equipment and amenities they do have still gives you great value for your money. 

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).