LA Fitness Silver Sneakers: Does LA Fitness Take Silver Sneakers?

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When it comes to improving your health, it’s best to start yesterday. If you can’t do that, then it’s best to start today! 

It’s great that there are programs like Silver Sneakers available, which are geared toward encouraging older adults to move. 

This program is accepted in many different gyms. Does LA Fitness Accept Silver Sneakers? Definitely yes, Silver Sneakers is accepted by LA Fitness. So if you are under that program, feel free to work out at the nearest LA Fitness for free


Does LA Fitness Accept Silver Sneakers?

LA Fitness is one of the more affordable gyms in the country today. They welcome people of various ages to work out in their gym and target a large portion of the population. That includes the older adults, whether they are part of the Silver Sneakers program or not. 

Apart from the gym equipment, they could also get access to the amenities and classes that they want.

There are also some classes that are specifically designed for older adults, which is specifically called Senior Fit

The Senior Fit classes really target seniors. The exercises taught there are simple and easy to follow.

The main goal of the classes is to improve the stamina and strength of their senior members. 

As you can see, LA Fitness does care for seniors. They also want to attract active adults to their gym. So if you are a senior, whether or not you belong to the Silver Sneakers program, you are welcome there. 

Senior Fitness Classes At LA Fitness

Many seniors feel their strength fading, and feel challenged when they are asked to move and exercise. This happens to all of us, and the only way to slow the decline is to keep on moving. 

If you are a senior or an older adult, you can still build strength in your body without thinking of pushing it too much. 

There’s nothing more inspirational than people in their twilight years doing outstanding feats of exercise and body training.

Attending the class and following the instructions of your instructor is a great way to improve your physical health. And if you want to go on to be a TikTok influencer, well good on you!

Along with the exercise, you get to improve your social wellness. That’s because you get to meet new friends roughly the same age category as you.

Through the classes, it is possible to improve your posture, your core, your balance, and your strength. All of these will improve your health.

How Does Silver Sneakers Work at LA Fitness?

There are several requirements for you to be eligible for the Silver Sneakers program. First off, you must be aged 65 or older.

You must also be living in the US and should be enrolled in a Medicare plan. Double-check your medicare plan. Usually, you are already a member of the Silver Sneakers without you knowing it.

With the Silver Sneakers program, you get free use of different gyms. Silver Sneakers is like multiple free memberships to multiple gym chains across the US!

Most of the time, the gyms included in the program will give you free access to their gym. That would include the gym equipment and various amenities they provide for their regular members.

Keep in mind that many of the gyms that are included honor the Silver Sneakers program also create classes designed specifically for seniors. You can join classes or simply work out using the different gym equipment available.

As long as they are exercising, moving, and improving their health, seniors are free to make use of the gym to the fullest. 

Silver Sneakers is like multiple free memberships to multiple gym chains across the US!

LA Fitness Alternatives

If you find that the LA Fitness in your area is too far, you can still enjoy the benefits of the Silver Sneakers by finding other gyms that accept them. Currently, there are about 15,000 locations that welcome those under the Silver Sneakers programs.

Most of those gyms are under the large chain gyms like Planet Fitness, YMCA, LA Fitness, Anytime Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, Gold’s Gym, and many others (sadly Equinox typically doesn’t).

If there is a gym near you and you’re unsure about accepting Silver Sneakers, all you have to do is ask the staff. Most likely they are participants! 

Written by Kayla Young

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