Does Planet Fitness Have Personal Trainers?

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Planet Fitness is a great place for those who are looking for the not so traditional gyms. They have taken steps into making sure that those who go there feel that it is a judgment-free zone. Most of their members are beginners and as beginners, it is understandable beginners may need assistance in using the machines, practicing their form, and planning their workouts. 

A personal trainer can help beginners. But does Planet Fitness have personal trainers?

Yes, Planet Fitness does provide personal training services, but they don’t offer one-on-one training.

In this article, we’ll tell you more about the personal trainers at Planet Fitness, why they are there, and the class options you can attend to.


Does Planet Fitness Have Personal Trainers?

The main reason why Planet Fitness has personal trainers is to help the members learn how to use the machines. Some of the machines at PF are pretty complicated, such as the Smith Machine that can do everything from bench press to squat rack, and other equipment properly.

Personal trainers are there to explain how to use them and what muscles are targeted when such machines are used.

In this way, the members become more comfortable and confident in using the machines or gym equipment that they aren’t familiar with. 

Trainers can also check the form, which is important for everything from free weights to simple calisthenics to rowing machines. You want to avoid injury!

Apart from teaching members how to use machines, they can also serve as guides to orient members to what the gym has to offer and to help the members create programs that they should follow. The programs would depend on the fitness goals of the members. They are very approachable and can give you advice when you as for them.

Additionally, the personal trainers are responsible for the PE@PF program that Planet Fitness offers. 

What Is PE@PF?

PE@PF stands for Physical Education at Planet Fitness. This is a program that involves a small group of members plus the personal trainer.

In this program, Planet Fitness offers different classes suitable for members with various levels of fitness, or the class will target a specific muscle group.

Usually, every club would provide 11-14 training sessions each day. This is led by the personal trainer who is employed by Planet Fitness. 

The great thing about this program is that it is completely free for all members. You have unlimited access to the program so you can use it whenever you like. You simply have to register for sessions through their app ( with its helpful crowd meter) or register at the front desk of the club you are going to. 

In case you want a customized workout plan, there is also a Design Your Own Program session. With this, you’ll get a program that is specifically made for you. You’d have to meet with their certified professional trainers after registration so that you can tell them about your medical background, fitness goals, and exercise history. They need that information to come up with a customized program. 

On the other hand, you can just select and attend any of their scheduled training sessions. There is a limit to the number of participants in a session but you can pre-book the session to make sure you don’t miss them. 

What Classes Are Offered For The PE@PF?

Planet Fitness has different classes under the PE@PF program. The classes focus on different areas of the body and you can attend multiple classes for a full-body workout. You can also choose classes that target the muscle groups that you are trying to improve. Your options are as follows:

  • Orientation – This class teaches you about the different exercise equipment available and how to use them properly. 
  • 30 Minute Express Circuit – This is a full-body workout that lasts for 30 minutes. It combines cardio and strength exercises.
  • Chest & Biceps – This class mostly involves curls and presses to improve your upper body strength. 
  • Back & Triceps – This class is more focused on pushing and pulling to target the other muscle groups of the upper body.
  • Legs and Shoulders – This class focuses on both the upper and lower body to help improve function and build strength. 
  • Core – This class focuses on the abdominals, lower back as well as obliques. 
  • Stretch – This class is great as a post-workout session and it also helps with flexibility. 

One-on-One Training At Planet Fitness

Although Planet Fitness offers customized training programs for their members, they do not offer personal one-on-one training. They’d be able to help you create the training program but it is still up to you to follow through.

The personal trainers at Planet Fitness won’t be by your side the whole time while you go through your program. 

The Planet Fitness Personal Trainers are in charge of classes. And each class is made of multiple members.

Additionally, PF does not allow you to bring your own personal trainer. However, you can, of course, consult with your own personal trainer outside of Planet Fitness.

Final Thoughts

Planet Fitness provides is a basic gym offering the standard fare at a low price with no judgments. They have multiple perks like Free Wifi, and even have some strange perks like Tootsie Rolls and pizza.

Their personal trainers can give helpful advice to encourage you to meet your goals, and it is worthwhile to have a chat with a trainer to see what they can do for you.

It’s also worth checking out the SilverSneakers plan, if you’re of the appropriate age for it!

Written by Kayla Young

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